[Inside Fukushima plant]

A young journalist went inside of the Fukushima plant getting disguised as an actual worker.

1) There is no ID check to get in.
2) They pay you 10,000JPY per 1mSv exposure. so if you are exposed to 10mSv in total,you are paid 100,000JPY.
3) The contract was 70,000JPY per day but it was actually about 13,000JPY.
4) Workers are really demotivated.Some of them are disaster refugees. They can’t help working there to earn the living.
5) He took pictures inside,he will publish them later.
6) There are at least 6 layers of sub-contract companies.The lowest level of the workers come and leave only for one day.However,nobody checks it.
7) Because of (6),workers don’t know each other.
8) There is no Geiger counter in the facility. They hang a sheet of paper to show “the current” radiation level ,which is hand writing,at cafeteria,but it was still “April”.(He went there in August.)


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