Breaking News: What is happening at unit 5 and 6

Breaking news. “What is happening at unit 5 and 6.”

We have been thinking unit 5 and 6 are settled.

However,a whistle-blower,who is an actual Fukushima worker told his neighbor in Fukushima,

“Something is happening at unit 5 and 6.Please be careful.”

The person is not given the right to get into the area.

This is from only based on a tweet.

Actually,recently we can also see a lot of steam is coming out from over unit 4.

The major source of an actual Fukushima worker used to the tweets of someone called Happy.

but now that he has more than 30,000 followers,it is hard to think he is not censored either.

Also,he claims he has never seen the steam from the cracks of the ground though it is obvious from Fukuichi camera.

Honestly,we are confused. We are not sure if we can trust Mr.Happy anymore.

Now there is ZERO concrete course about Fukushima.

We can never trust tepco,nor governemnt.

When we cross check the tweet and the recent videos of Fukushima,

it may be rational to think “something” is also happening at unit 5 and 6.

I will update about this later.

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