The US Navy sailors’ complaint refers to Fukushima Diary

The complaint of the US Navy Sailors was published. (cf, [Bloomberg] Tepco Sued by U.S. Sailors Exposed to Radiation [Link])

The complaint referred to Fukushima Diary with Enenews.

On 12/27/2012, Fukushima Diary published the column, “[Column] 3 mysteries about the US Navy sailors’ suing Tepco [Link]“.

One of their evidence turned out to be this blog itself. As one of the victimes, I’m sincerely honored. I just hope that column did not sound offensive to the plaintiffs. I hope them for the best luck and wish to have a chance to talk to them directly.


The US Navy's complaint refers to Fukushima Diary





Français :

La plainte des marins de l’US Navy fait référence au Fukushima Diary

La plainte des marins de l’US Navy a été publiée. (cf. [Bloomberg] Tepco attaqué en justice par des marins américains exposés à la radioactivité [Lien])

La plainte cite nommément le Fukushima Diary avec Enenews.

Le 27 décembre 2012, le Fukushima Diary avait publié l’éditorial “[Édito] 3 mystères sur la plainte des marins américains contre Tepco [Lien]“.

Une de leurs évidences se révèle être ce blog lui-même. En tant qu’une des victimes, J’en suis sincèrement honoré. J’espère seulement que cet éditorial n’a pas paru être offensant pour les plaignants. Je leur souhaite les meilleures chances et je souhaite avoir la chance de pouvoir leur parler directement.

The US Navy's complaint refers to Fukushima Diary






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11 Responses to “The US Navy sailors’ complaint refers to Fukushima Diary”

  1. pilarkristine says:

    bravo!! work well done !! “)

  2. RJ says:

    Ride the wave Lori!!!!!!!!!

  3. Janna says:

    They spelled ENENEWS as “enews.”

    That’s like finally making it in Hollywood and seeing your name on a marquis in lights…with your name spelled incorrectly.

    Oh well, Kudos to Iori and ENENEWS.

    Well done!

  4. Grace says:

    Thank you Iori for your incredible dedication. The whole world will remember your service forever. It will go into all of the children’s school books. There will be movies, plays, and studies.

    No one will ever forget Fukushima now.
    Blessings to you. Namaste.

  5. CCC says:

    Shows how powerless EVERYONE is. Theres no truth in the news because of there’S noone who can make good the destruction of millions, or who can justify it in the name of economy. Theres only one way, the people have to die officially of norovirus, influenza, heart-attack, cancer or any other lie… They reclaim for money, whatever people will win from tepco is money. Can any money heal the world from this ultimative disaster? It’s just a matter of time. And fukushima was just the beginning. One day every brick and stone must break, no matter of all ignorance and greed.

  6. Doru says:

    When the government decides for and orders the reactors the last bastion of safety are the scientists . After all it was their assurance that the reactors can be built and operate safely , the final decision was theirs .
    TEPCO share holders are not scientists nor the politicians .

    The right aproach is to isolate the scientists who approved both the location and the construction/operations details and prosecute them , set an example to the scientific community .

    The charges should be approving the construction and operation of nuclear reactors in a highly earthquake and tsunami area plus impossible Safe Storage of radioactive waste in that environment .

    Let that wake up the scientific community , from pesticide engineers/chemists to chemotherapy designers , and any other toxic products .

  7. RealJapanrocks says:

    So what is the Japanese media doing now? Or is it just Japanese propaganda agencies?

  8. citizenperth says:


  9. xdrfox says:

    Many World Leaders lied through their teeth also, but many will claim that others in the fields they looked to said all was well !

  10. Seattle Resident says:

    I read that the US government leaders shortly after WWII forced Japan to build nuclear plants. Japanese officials were reluctant because the technology was new and unstable.

    Politics is so complicated and we, as innocent citizens, have been and will be forever controlled by handful of GREEDY leaders and people with more power. I live in the US, but well aware that the certain group of US government leaders want the mass to remain ignorant and easily swayed by Propaganda in order to achieve their selfish goals.

    It is time for every world citizens to participate and take actions to deter those handful of GREEDY people in your own environment. The no good people who want to take advantage of the fact that people are just so busy with everyday life and constantly being brain washed by media, government, etc., are using (hiding under) name of organizations, status, nationality, whatever, to disguise and avoid representing their identity as the source of disaster. We need to be aware of that – it’s not the country or name of corporations or organizations, BUT it the PEOPLE, the very individual who needs to be blamed for your sufferings!!!

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