Fall-out level increasing in Fukushima city from 12/18/2012

According to Fukushima prefectural government, fall-out level (Cs-134/137) has been increasing since 9:00 of 12/18/2012.

It is measured in Fukushima city.

Fall-out level increasing in Fukushima city from 12/18/2012

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Français :

Le niveau des retombées augmente sur la ville de Fukushima depuis le 18 décembre 2012

selon la préfecture de Fukushima, le niveau des retombées (Cs-134/137) augmente depuis le 18 décembre 2012 à 09:00.

C’est relevé dans la ville de Fukushima.

Le niveau des retombées augmente sur la ville de Fukushima depuis le 18 décembre 2012

Article lié :[Graphique] Le niveau de radioactivité augmente depuis 180 jours dans la ville de Fukushima [Lien]






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4 Responses to “Fall-out level increasing in Fukushima city from 12/18/2012”

  1. pat b says:

    i guess the unit’s have gone recritical, no reason for this kind of increase.

    any data on iodine or krypton?

    i think the recent earthquake stirred up the reactions.

  2. I'm Not Here says:

    It is either earthquake agiating the melted fuel or nitrogen injections displacing hydrogen with falllout and sending it into the environment. Probably both contributing to higher reading.

    Be nice to see a chart listing quakes and nitrogen injection along with fallout readings from the surrounding areas.

    I guess the continious high fallout readings mean the melted cores are constantly releasing fallout, air or water borne, and the readings will never return to background levels.

    • secret squirrel says:

      and not just in the surrounding areas either! But then again it’s a small world after all and EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE can be considered the “surrounding area”! I hope the next “show” that has a crater-faced politician drinking Fukushima Daiichi “puddle” water is highlighted by changing the “script” a bit and televising the “collection” process including a neutral,objective member of the audience or press chosen randomly to collect the glass of water from the area it’s “claimed” to have come from and televised live without interruption or the chance to “switch” the liquid or food item for something else like we saw in the case of the clown who drank from a bottle that was labelled differently than what was shown when it was collected & transported to the PR “stunt” phony,waste of time press conference they TRIED to pull off! Even with their “dilution solution” thinking,it still would seem the volume of that which has been unleashed can’t possibly mix with clean air,soil,water and be considered “safe” or “insignificant” and they’re starting to change their tune now and say “they don’t know” now or “too difficult to analyze and provide accurate data”-which tells me that they’re TRYING to cover their ASSets!!

  3. lsd256 says:

    Tepco c’est quand même de sacrés menteurs : officiellement (selon les cartes du ministère déjà truquées), il y a au moins 300 000 Bq/m² (pour les 2 Césiums) dans la préfecture de Fukushima et là ils annoncent 30 Bq/m² (30 MBq/km²) : c’est ridicule ! Il manque au minimum 4 zéro !
    En réalité c’est probablement encore bien plus contaminé : grosso modo, le ddd dans la préfecture est de l’ordre du µSv/h, or pour faire un tel débit de dose (ddd) à 1 m du sol il faut de l’ordre de 60 Bq/cm² en Cs134+137 (soit 600 000 Bq/m², soit 20 000 fois plus que les chiffres de Tepco !!)

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