Fukushima is going to start selling marine products

Fishery cooperative in Fukushima is going to start fish from 6/22/2012, after Typhoon 04 passes. [LINK]

6 chairmans and 50 staff from fishery cooperative held a meeting in Iwaki city [LINK] on 6/18 and decided to restart fishing for sale offshore of Minamisoma city. On 6/14, they fished North Pacific giant octopus, Octopus conispadiceus, and whelk and no radiation was measured from all those samples.
They haven’t fished for one year and 3 months since 311.
They state they prepared the proper radiation measurement system and confirmed the safety of those fishery products, will start selling those 3 kinds of the marine products.

Mr. Nanbu, the chairman of Soma Futaba fishery cooperative comments, “we are looking forward to restarting to fish. This is our first step. We are sure that consumers can be reassured with our marine products.” Mr. Nozaki, the chairman of Fukushima fishery cooperation talks, “this is an experimental fishing, which is not profitable yet, but we are going to try to restart it step by step.”


Fukushima is going to start selling marine products



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