All the pediatricians of Saitama Red Cross Hospital are going to leave

All the pediatricians of Saitama Red Cross Hospital are going to leave


All of the 4 Full-time pediatricians are going to leave red cross hospital in Saitama in this summer or autumn. The hospital is trying to persuade them not to quit but it is highly likely for all of them to quit. The reason is not announced. Currently the hospital is not accepting high risk pregnancy and outpatient of pediatrics.
In April of 2011, the hospital just obtained the licence of Perinatal Medical Center to serve advanced medical care for pregnant women in the severe condition or newborn babies. (10 hospitals have the licence in Saitama), but the medical department of prefectural government comments, the hospital is trying to hunt new doctors but if they keep having difficulties to find back-up doctors, the licence might be cancelled.

All of the 3 full-time doctors are leaving from Shiki city hospital of Saitama as well. They haven’t found back-up doctors after October yet.


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  1. Iori…welcome to America! I saw some hardworking Japanese refugees today in my city…they are welcome here with no prejudicial reservations and my city is a fairly typical Southwestern city. Not every city in America is so cosmopolitan, but most are filled with caring people like Japan.

    As for the doctors leaving in Saitama…are we surprised? This is the same place they forced the school kids to gargle radioactive Sayama tea in December. Madmen in charge!

    Have a nice flight…drink bottle water or mineral water in America…most tap water is as crappy as in Japan.



  2. Sounds like a labor dispute, with ALL of them leaving. But more investigation would be warranted if someone on the ground in Saitama has time to go and talk with a few of them.


    FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Tous les pédiatres de l’Hôpital de la Croix Rouge de Saitama vont partir
    Par Mochizuki le 13 juin 2012 · 3 Commentaires×611.png

    Les 4 pédiatres exerçant à plein temps vont quitter l’hôpital de la Croix Rouge de Saitama cet été ou cet automne. L’hôpital essaye de les persuader de rester mais ils sont bien décidés à partir. La raison n’en est pas donnée. Usuellement, l’hôpital ne reçoit pas les grossesses à hauts risques et ne donne pas de consultations externes en pédiatrie.
    En avril 2011, L’hôpital a obtenu seulement une habilitation pour que le Centre Médical de Périnatalité puisse fournir des soins médicaux aux femmes enceintes et en état sérieux ou aux nouveaux-nés. (10 hôpitaux sont habilités à Saitama) mais le département médical du gouvernement préfectoral commente, l’hôpital essaye de trouver d’autres médecins mais s’ils ont des difficultés à trouver des médecins en remplacement, l’habilitation pourrait en être retirée.

    Les trois médecins à temps complet de l’hôpital de Saitama de la ville de Shiki s’en vont également. Ils n’ont pas encore trouvé de remplaçants pour octobre.

    全小児科医が退職の意向 さいたま赤十字病院







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  4. It is now too late for them now. They ingested and inhaled their fatal doses months ago. They need to stay and help the remaining patients. They need to stay to educate the rest of the world about the magnitude of the ongoing disaster. They need to stay to chart the unprecedented levels of miscarriage, deformity, and cancer.

    They made a choice when they did not to speak up back when people were initially getting sick due to radiation poisoning.

    They took an oath to protect their patients and violated it for money,pride, and status. Let them stay in Japan and remain doctors to those they vowed to help or never again be doctors. I hope no other country allows them in as physicians. This would be condoning their part in the murders of children.

    As regular citizens they should be free to travel where they need to. As doctors they gave away their honor last year and thus should no longer be allowed to practice medicine if they do not practice in Japan.

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