[Express] “Radiation level is roughly 50% higher in Sumida ku than west part of Tokyo”

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The geiger counter indicated o.12 μSv/h in the western part of Tokyo, but it increases to be 0.18 μSv/h near Tokyo Skytree (Sumida ku Tokyo). This geiger counter indicates the readings only roughly. We shall be aware of that even this geiger counter represented 0.06 μSv/h of the difference, which suggests there is a few tens of thousand Bq/Kg gap of soil contamination.




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[Express] “La radioactivité est en gros 50 % plus forte à Sumida ku qu’à l’ouest de Tokyo”
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Le compteur geiger indiquait o,12 μSv/h à l’ouest de Tokyo mais il est passé à 0,18 μSv/h près de Tokyo Skytree (Sumida ku Tokyo). Ce compteur geiger donne des relevés grossiers. On doit en tenir compte même lorsqu’il indique des 0,06 μSv/h de différence, ce qui suggère qu’il y a un petit millier de Bq/kg d’erreur sur la contamination des sols.
— 石川早生 (@blackmarmite) June 17, 2013

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  1. Hi, since when is the dose rate at that level? A single measuring point of that level doesn’t tell much. Can it be ensured that the radiation in that area was lower in the past? Are there historic data available that can help quantifying a change? Is there a change compared with past readings (prior the accident)?

    Again, I don’t want to downplay anything but I think a more scientific approach in evaluating the environmental radiation level would be helpful…

  2. Yeah who created Nuclear Energy to begin with… oh thats right it was Superman & his bandwagon of nerfherders.

    reminds me of the recent incident Tezuka Osamu’s daughter was harrassed by rightwing anti-nuke protestors claiming the main reason Japan allowed N.Energy is because of Tetsuwan Atomu aka the sold-out Astro Boy. these are the same ppl that burned his comics in the 70s all looking for some scapegoat to witchhunt their fears.. not knowing the reason this all occuring is cuz of Human Stupidity.. the one thing Einstien claimed was remarkably Infinite, even more than the Universe. Tezuka-sama fans are clearly aware he loved nature & life more than anything… perhaps the irony is his given Japanese name 治虫 which translates into ‘Healing Insect’.

    the most bitter irony is this whole ordeal occurred just as “Skytree” was being completed… Tower Of Babylon anyone? Human Stupidity wants to see how far it can go in the name of Science. still, humans flock to Skytree like some dumb birds.. its quite possible the tower itself is acting like a magnet for radiation creating wind currents like a whirlpool & becoming a tree of radiation.

    1. 一体誰が原子力を発明したと思ってるんだ? あ、そうだ、それは スーパーマン と彼のアホな仲間達でしたね・・・ 梅干食べて すっぱまん!

      最近 手塚治虫様の娘が 右翼的反原発運動者に「日本が原子力を認めた理由は 鉄腕アトムが原因だ」 という様な発想ですね。 こういう人は彼の魔法みたいな漫画を全て焼却して 贖罪(しよくざい)の魔女狩りを・・・自分の無知無関心愚かさが原因とも知らずに・・・あのアインシュタィンでさえ宇宙よりも無限だと云ったのはその「人間の愚かさ」です。手塚様のファンは彼は誰よりも自然と生命と愛し 科学の環境汚染を非常に憎んでました事を信じてます。

      最も皮肉なのは 震災事が丁度「スカイトリー」完成間もなくに起きた事実です。 キリスト教では昔から「バベルの塔」という物語があり 人間が態と神の怒りに触れて しかもそれでも懲りないというまたこの 「人間愚科」 ・・・ ようは今でもゴマンといる 神様を信じない人々だらか それを「科学」で解決、しかしもういくら次の科学発明で治そうと思っても間に合いません。汚れを穢れで解決してる厚意です。 それでも人間はアホな鳥のように スカイトリーに羽ばたき群がってるけど 案外その受信タワーの存在が放射能を招いてる可能性もあります・・・放射能磁石の様に働きその高さから巻き上げてる 気流が放射渦を作り 放射木になった上の倍率ガイガーでしょうね。

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