Settlement report 6/13/2012

Settlement report 6/13/2012


Settlement report 6/13/2012 2


In a couple of hours, I will fly to North America. I must get out of Europe now. It’s sad but am excited to see the world too. can’t wait for my chronicle  to catch up with my evacuation life.

I’ll be occupied so I might not be able to update so much tomorrow. Please pray for me, I don’t want to be rejected at the custom office at the airport though I am legally ok totally.

About the last short message, I’m surprised to see a lot of the feedback. I appreciate so much but the focus was not my chest. It was about your heart. I wanted to focus on the importance to fight against media blackout because you can.

See you from the other side of the world..



  1. I pray for you that you make a safe and easy evacuation, thank you helping us see the world that we cannot see through your eyes!

    God bless you!


  2. Thank you so much for continuing to share all of this information. Thanks to you, I am aware of the dangers in my country (in B.C. Canada) and am finding mutations appearing here in plants (started near beginning of 2012, and became less common in summer) in mostly dandelions, daisies and leaves. I would be happy to show you some of them if you want. I don’t think people here realize what’s happening and how far the radiation can travel, I might not have even noticed if I didn’t see the pictures you post here

  3. Safe travels Sir.

    I shall hope that all works out well for you, don’t get addicted to donuts & coffee!

    Can’t wait to read more of your story, I have been collecting them, and pasting into a text file. Hope you feel good today and no chest pains.

    Ki wo tsukete kudasai (I googled that, hopefully it means safe travels!) <3

  4. Id like to share this from my Facebook Page and Before it is News…..

    At this moment, people in Osaka and Kobe are tweeting the color of Osaka bay looks strange. From the picture, it looks pale yellow. One follower on the site tweeted: “Moving from parents house to Mikage. Osaka bay looked yellowish when I saw from an eminence. Am afraid it’s a sign.” From local citizens, it became strange color before the great Hanshin earthquake (1995) as well. They might need to stay informed just in case. –Fukushima Diary

    love the fact they tagged Fukushima Diary. Maybe more people will come to read. 🙂

    1. To Randi,

      I am fairly new to this site and impressed by the information that lori is able to obtain. I am grateful for his reports because I feel more at ease knowing the facts than being kept from them. That may sound strange, knowing our own mortality is tied to a nuclear plant with deteriorating buildings and no logical resolution. However, I am trying to keep my family and friends informed and to encourage them to go to lori’s diary and ask them to share with others.

  5. While you are in America it is imperative you stay away from all non-organic foods. In the Wizard of Oz, there’s the line, “You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy” – Well – You are not in Europe anymore, Lori. You are going to the land ruled by wicked witch Monsanto, so watch out for yourself.

    Also, don’t drink from the municipal water supplies. Drink pure water, either distilled or well water, otherwise you might be drinking prozac, statins, or any number of other “yummy goodies” that are shown to cause endocrine disruption and nervous system damage, crap as bad as drinking radioactive water, essentially, because we like to pollute our rivers and drinking water with what we flush down the toilets, I guess. It’s gross.

    I bet otherwise you are pretty smart about travel, as you have been doing it so succesfully. As an American, I would say Americans can be narcissistic, flaky, immature and devious. Choose your American associations wisely.

  6. “About the last short message, I’m surprised to see a lot of the feedback. I appreciate so much but the focus was not my chest. It was about your heart. I wanted to focus on the importance to fight against media blackout because you can.”

    We will. You are a part of our heart. What we’ve come to realize is that each individual in this battle matters. That means that you matter to us – and not just that – you are a part of our threatened human family, so we care. You don’t have to succumb. We don’t want you to, it would be our collective loss.

    How are we going to have an alternative media if we let our media-men run themselves right into the ground? You think a married pregnant woman like me with 5 children already could ever come close to doing what you do? How many more of us have our own reasons why we count on people like YOU to carry the message; while we just support a little from the background as we can. Some of us have “the gift” and can focus our lives on this stuff, like you can, and some of us have to play other roles. So we don’t want to lose our precious few resources. That’s the practical side of the concern.

  7. Will you be meeting with any of your readers while on your trip to North America?

  8. Don’t forget–we got nuked here, too! but, if you have to be here, summer is probably the best time. The Fukushima Jet Stream stays higher in the N. hemisphere –it’s a nice reprieve, of sorts.

    You might want to check out the health food stores in the decent-sized urban areas. You can find a lot of things that might offset any heart issues. I know that I’ve felt heart pains a few times since this fallout disaster got started, specifically after eating some likely contaminated dairy foods (west coast). And then I took Bentonite clay and modified citrus pectin (from health food stores!) and all that pointed heart pressure & pain in my heart WAS GONE!! Yes, I think that is pretty telling!… :/

    Watch what you eat!!

    1. To add, I had a complete physical prior to this disaster and with full testing, my heart was in perfect condition. hmmmm.

      After taking those supplements and never eating slabs of cream cheese again, I am feeling fine. :/


  9. Hello,

    While you are in American, ,contact groups that are against nuclear radiation,,and they will help you organize a rally, or have a fund raiser.
    Americans love to help. I know I do too.

    Do something while you are here, we all want you too!
    We are with you, but our gov. lies to us too.

    Start a blog on wordpress, about being here.get it on Huffinton Post. If you contacted Huffingoton Post, I bet they would do a story about you.
    The place to be is New York, In USA.
    I am afraid the tsunamis will come to both coasts of the USA one day. I do not think linving on either coast is safe for anyone, long term.

    Make your voice heard here, it is easy to get others interested in your story.
    Contact time magazine, or the WAll Street Journal,ect
    How about the National Enqirer.

    Just ideas.

    Also, the food is NOT safe in America, try to buy food from central america or south america. safer.

    We are in trouble, all of us. The only solution is to escape, if you can, to the southern hemisphere, even though the radiation is there also.

    Live like there is no tomorrow, cause guess what,,their really is no tommorrow now.

    I think our future in USA is one of bullets, radiation, stavation, and civil war.

    Escape if you can.

    As you were,,,,

  10. good luck in customs, If you’re in or around boston i’d be glad to meet you and help you out with some cashflow, or at least some foods! stay easy friend

  11. FUKUSHIMA DIARY – Rapport du 13 juin 2012
    Par Mochizuki le 13 juin 2012 · 8 Commentaires

    Dons : 108$
    Frais : 0$
    Reste : 108$

    Objectif : 2 000$
    Total … : 572$
    Trouver : 1 428$

    Acquis = 28,6 %
    Manque = 71,4 %

    Dans une paire d’heures je m’envole pour les États Unis. Je dois partir d’Europe maintenant. C’est triste mais je suis excité de voir le monde aussi. Je suis impatient que ma chronique s’empare de ma vie d’évacué.

    Je vais être occupé alors il se peut que je ne sois pas en mesure de faire beaucoup de mises à jour demain. Priez pour moi, je ne veux pas être refoulé aux douanes de l’aéroport bien que je sois complètement en règle légalement.

    A propos de mon dernier court message, je suis étonné de la quantité des retours. J’apprécie mais l’essentiel n’était pas sur ma poitrine. Il était sur votre cœur. Je voulais centrer sur l’importance de se battre contre le blackout médiatique parce que vous le pouvez.

    A bientôt, de de l’autre côté du monde …

  12. Welcome to Amerika – the world’s biggest police state. In Amerika since 2011 the gov’t can simply kidnap you and kill you the same way the old soviet union did. And watch out for those TSA screeners and their perverted tendencies.

  13. I used to live in America.

    The horrible thing about America is that you can’t go anywhere without a car. If you need to do even the most minor thing, it is into the car first.

    Japan is not easy either now. Europe also. I don’t know where a good place could be.

    I am just as puzzled as everyone else.

    1. I live in a low-radiation fallout level spot northwest area. I tell you, I’ve decided at this point that I would not leave Amerika, no matter how crazy it seems to get. Once the Northern Continent goes under mega-radiation fallout, nobody will be able to run anywhere. Best thing you can do is brace for impact.

      I think being a refugee in some of the other places in SA where culture is alien and non-organic farming methods are used will be more dangerous to eat from and live in than a place where the culture is familiar and you can purchase organic foods. But I would have to move a family of 11 people if we were to try an exodus, with most being adorable vulnerable babies.

      Nevertheless, I feel glad for you that you like your expatriation move. I bet it’s easier for those with dual citizenship and no small children.

      1. Sorry about the bad writing – I meant – I live in a low-radiation level fallout spot in northwest area of the USA.

  14. may you have a giant pink bubble of protection for you on your travels , remember you are in gods favor you are safe welcome to america john lennon lol i would enjoy meeting you

  15. my buddy ,,, he is as cool as a cucumber lol dont let them bother you , they are not used to seeing your type kind hardworking honest you are like a shinny penny that stands out, thats all, let that shine out a bit more and you will be the one in control , be confident and proud you are a hero and a saint and in gods favor no need to worry

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