Self-hypnosis model

People often call me brave to evacuate Japan, but I haven’t found myself brave. It was just a rational decision. No bravery is needed to make a right decision. I think they need to be more brave to stay in Japan.

Rationally think, the only solution is to get out of Japan. No matter how many times you measure radiation, the radionuclide does not decay. Also, most of the radiation measurement of food is about only cesium, but nobody has measured actinoid, strontium and tritium in food. The possible symptom is not even known.

However, I was in Japan for 9 months. Because I had a lot of chance to touch the soil and work in dust, I’m aware that I was irradiated too. I even had the heart pain since Autumn. I recognize that fact that I might die in a few years. Dead cells of my heart will never come back alive. Now I’m living on the assumption that I will live only for another few years. Maybe not, maybe yes. If I don’t die, I’m just lucky.
I want to do my best before I leave this world.

On the other hand, most of the people don’t share this feeling with me. They keep trying to ignore the fact and forcing their family to take radiation risk.
Why ? That’s what I have been thinking, and many people want to know as well. Now that everyone knows how terrible Fukushima accident was / is, the mysterious mentality of Japanese needs to be explained.
To get the right answer, we need to ask the right question. It’s ..Why don’t Japanese (Everyone in Japan regardless of the DNA type.) escape? It is not why mass media cover up or why government manipulates. Mass media report what people want to see. Government manipulates all through the history. The answer is in people.

I made this model below to explain why Japanese people don’t escape. It’s an interaction to demotivate people to evacuate which consists of 4 elements.


Self-hypnosis model



1. Bias to underestimate the radiation risk

One average Japanese person would want to think Fukushima accident was nothing because he can’t sense radiation by any means. He has not experienced a nuclear disaster either. It might affect his life in 2 years or 5 years, but at this moment, there is no problem seemingly. He has a job, house, car, family, everything. He can never imagine his life outside of Japan. He wants to think nothing’s gona change his world.

2. Group mind

Whether mass media affects or not, once the average Japanese goes out of his house, he meets his neighbors, other salary man on the train. Everyone lives like normal because everyone else lives like normal. If something bad is really going on, they must evacuate too. He can just follow them, like everyone else.

3. Faith in penance

This is a unique sense of value for Japanese. They like to tortue themselves. They make an imaginary reward for the penance whatever it is and feel content to tortue themselves somehow. Working until midnight even though the company is not making any profit, commuting by the busiest train, setting millions of social taboo to blame each other for breaking it etc.. You see this “faith in penance” in every generation from 5 to 100 years old. They like to imagine they are training themselves through penance so they will be rewarded for the pain. It is not based on reality. This is just their pattern of thinking. It comes out in this logic, they set an imaginary reward for the painful ceremony. It needs two elements of imaginary reward and painful ceremony.

4. Financial problem

House mortgage, education loan, car loan, and living expense for everyday life. This is the issue of money strongly connected to the emotion of “fear”.

<Connections among the elements>

From Financial problem to Bias to underestimate the radiation risk

Fear from financial problem provokes bias for the reality. The fear is overestimated and the reality is underestimated. It makes people see their property bigger than actual and harder to rebuild in their new country. People are more used to worrying about money from their everyday life, drama and movies than radiation effect so financial fear triggers this circulation sooner than radiation risk.

From Bias to underestimate the radiation risk to Group mind

Now they underestimate the radiation risk but they want to justify themselves. They look for someone to do the same. If someone does not do the same, they pressure this person to do the same, to kill the fear.
They end up building their virtual reality among themselves. They check each other to confirm “I’m not going wrong”, just like self hypnosis.

From Group mind to Faith in Penance

To make their virtual reality more concrete, they stick to their traditional custom, such as camping in the Fukushima mountain for training or going to a hot spot for school trip if it would change the actual reality. In the logic of Faith in Penance, they set imaginary reward for their painful ceremony.
In this case, the ceremony is to repeat their traditional custom. Imaginary reward is to remove the radiation risk by training their body to be stronger for radiation or impressing god or heaven to clean up the contaminated world. Obsessive radiation measurement is one of these cases. Reward is to remove radiation from food imaginarily. Ceremony is to measure radiation of thousands of the items at a supermarket. The more painful it is, the more content they feel. They hold these kinds of ceremony like group enchantment.

From Faith in Penance to Financial problem

Through the ceremony, they end up overestimating their corporation activity or school activity. As a result, they overestimate their property as the output of their corporation activity or school activity. By overestimating the property, they relatively underestimate the potential risk of radiation.
This is how they become more blind and exclusive for the advice of outsiders to evacuate.



  1. Maybe a secret government agency somewhere is writing songs that voices never share; i.e. psychotronic hypnosis.

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work in analyzing these processes and synthesizing them into a coherent theory; your theory matches my observations from afar.

    In the Anglo/Euro culture we had similar mental processes before Darwin’s Evolution attracted so much opposition from the Christian church authorities that they discredited themselves for ever.

    Our history here and then mirrors Japan’s here and now, as you describe. Unfortunately, for Japan, you now have the Science Engineering Consumer Finance complex in operation. In this model, we buy into “get credit now, work for ever” and both in America and Europe we can now see what happens when this ideology breaks down… suddenly there is no money aaaargh!

    In Japan, in contrast, due to the intelligent hard work and stamina of your society, the collapse of the money model has not yet been realised: the collapse of nuclear engineering happened first.

    I am impressed with your honest attempts to work things out and to follow your curiosity in trying to explain to yourself why the obvious has not resulted from the nuclear catastrophe in your country.

    I would like to commend to you that one day you will produce some serious writing, on the level of a book or similar, and devote such time as you may have to studying in all the relevant areas you can find in order to inform your arguments in depth and strength.

    Thanks once again for this great piece and very best wishes,
    your friend, Misitu.

  3. You forgot the other thing, ie, evacuate to where? Sadly, a lot of Japanese lost their passports during the tsunami but more importantly, like the experience of a group who went to Canada, their application for a visa to let them stay in another country is more often “denied” as there is no such category as ‘Radiation Refugee’ anywhere.. and more importantly, the fear of starting all over again in a different culture without much support and resources available to them – money to live by, skill set to get a new job with no references…. I have yet to see any Japanese government policy making it easier for voluntary evacuees to get expedited visas out of Japan nor any foreign government open their doors!!!

    Those unconfirmed reports of taking over Kuril Islands or the abandoned Chinese Satellite cities sound promising but surely not enough to house over 40 million Japanese!

  4. Mochizuki-san, please try to relax more. You’ve done everything you can. It is however still possible to kill yourself with anxiety. I don’t know enough about the sitution in Japan, nobody does, but from a health standpoint the effects of radiation exposure can differ drastically from person to person. Some people might get sick very quickly, equally there have been people in the same room as an unshielded criticality who survived for decades in fair health.

    The nuke apologists trade on the fact that people have the wrong idea about radiation. It doesn’t always kill you instantly, like being hit over the head or shot or something, most of the time it just sits there and it can even miss some people entirely. It is a cumulative poison, it kills you because it is there all the time; but it sounds like you got out in time, before the government really started spreading the waste around and before it got in so much of the food. You’re not being exposed now, though you might have to go on a special diet (maybe calcium-rich foods to wash out any strontium?) and should probably avoid air travel absolutely and try to avoid medical imaging such as X-rays and MRI scans as much as possible.

    We’re all rooting for you, dude, and we all care about you very much! Even your enemies consider you important enough to hassle – that’s a strange kind of compliment right there… Good luck! (((())))

  5. Another very insightful article. Your reflections on Japanese culture always seem to “fill in the gaps” in my understanding. I often think about your piece that talked about Japanese “housewives” educating themselves to the truth about Fukushima, but being unable to break themselves, or their husbands, out of their comfort zone and evacuate. Very poignant.

    Thank you very much.

  6. Thank you for your great site and for continuing to post. Where has everyone gone?

    The ability to deny reality is something I will never get used to. In the US we have skyscrapers that fall to the ground and even though one of them was never hit by a plane (and we didn’t see that much smoke from fire) it just fell down collapsed upon itself within 6.6 seconds on 9/11…and no one will ask questions even though it is all over Youtube. They make fun of you on the TV if you ask about it, and so people in the “real world” decide that if it was really a story, TV would have investigated it. Since they didn’t, it must mean that there is no story.

    Even though one can view videotapes of this steel-framed skyscraper falling down in one smooth motion, on the Internet at any time, and even though thes are real tapes of something that really happened that day, no one will talk about them.

    Because talking about them maybe would mean we have to completely re-evaluate reality. Maybe stop sending people to wars.

    Why? I don’t know.

    You don’t even want to know the extent of the apathy/incuriousness surrounding what is happening in Japan. People here think everything’s been cleaned up.

    I can bang my head against the wall when I go home at night, I can type till I’m blue in the fingers, I can ask and ask and ask myself why people are so Fing stupid when the survival of our world and the future of our kids is at stake, but it does no good.
    Unfortunately this is how frustrated I get and I think, there’s no way we can ever get people to deal with truth because they don’t want to know it. They would rather have the fantasy that they are safe. Look at how people refuse to acknowledge the science around cell phone safety.

    Keep posting. Hang in there.

  7. Hello,
    Thank you for this article – I appreaciate it. I had interest in Japanese people for quite some time and finally made it to visit your country few years ago. There’s probably nothing in there that hadn’t left me amazed – some things for good but some other for bad. I couldn’t understand some things which I considered to be wrong. But this article did helped me a lot with that.
    I have a friend in Osaka. We are both into certain Chinese martial arts and somewhat involved with spiritual issues. Just after 11.3.2011, he asked me for a help through prayers. I did that but I advised him to gather other Japanese people and give the joint prayers themselves, since that’d be much more effective. I directed him toward saint places I visited in Japan. Hovewer, he replied “I am not interested in religion”. I was very confused – he asked “a foreigner” for prayers but refuses to address his own spiritual tradition?
    The part of your article “3. Faith in penance” helped me a lot. I’d say that’s the revelation for me.
    But I disagree with you on few opinions. Most importantly, I think emigrating from Japan is not the answer. In my short lifetime I have witnessed this in my country: civil war, hiperinflation (millions of percent per month), economic sanctions for 42 months, uranium-rich bombing for 72 weeks, parts of the country forcedly separated, organized crime (imbecile politicans hand in hand with greedy “businessman”) and so on… I can tell you this: some can espace from that but the majority have to deal with the situation. The same goes for Japan. You don’t have the experience I do, but you face something bigger: the lessons you have to learn are of the nuclear type. Because you have learned everything else but still manage to make unbelievable mistakes. I cannot understand this: how can a nation who had suffered two nuclear bombs still embrace nuclear “power”so much? It seems like you choose the hardest way to learn about the radioactive consequences: through physical experience. If you all evacuate Japan – you will never this lesson. Just as my countrymen would never learn if they hadn’t been forced to stay here and learn the hard way about lies and greed.
    Please, don’t get me wrong, I know what’s it like to live in a radiation-polluted country – I do it for many years now. All I’m saying is: if the mankind fucks some part of the planet, it will just move elsewhere? When will mankind stop doing this? Those who refuse lessons will eventualy die. We won’t ever learn if all we do is skipping the classes or asking for another classroom (another planet).
    I appreacite your work and ask you to continue with this blog, please. Some of us are hoping that one day people will stop treating Kotoku-In, Byodo-In, Kiyomizu-Dera and Sanjuunsangendoo as touristic attractions. Those are the greatest Japanese achievements, far bigger then all electronic devices combined. If you all leave Japan some day, those achievements won’t follow you. They would left you as you did to them and then they will die, just as you will. So, now you know why I stayed in my country to fight all this shit, despite everything – and today I’m happier then ever.
    It’ beyond words for me to thank enough both Japan and Musashi Miyamoto (I treat his teachings as my personal guidance). Many countries donated help to my country, but Japanese donations are biggest by far. And personally, if Japan cease to exist part of me would go with it.
    Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu, Mochizuki-san.

  8. Thank you for this thorough and well structured article. I can now understand how a japanese person can be reflected on as a traitor if he leaves Japan. Now I can actually empathise with the ones staying, and I never thought it was possible. It is a worthy insight for a westerner, and we appreciate the work you put into writing it.

  9. For you personally I only wish you had followed the likes of “Alex a Tokyo” on youtube, a french man married to a Japanese woman, who got out ASAP after 311.

    though the way things are going, for the worse, it’s not just Japan that will be affected to an “ecocidal” degree.

    I appreciate your analysis of the Japanese psyche and its brearing on the passive accepting nature, though like Brahman cattle, gentle mostly, but once pissed off furious.

    you might like to consider Jim Stone’s take on the crisis, and that the Zionists have done this, like they did 911, as an act of war (and ecocide – it makes no sense). I think this scenario might explain both the effects of the occupation of Japan over the last 60 years (and the GE driven nuclear behemoth) , and the nonsense of the disaster response to date (control of the media, everybody mesmerised, almost everyone going for the money).

    and another thought, ok what you outline might be ok for the Japanese , but where in that is consideration for the rest of the world (including the natural world). It seems selfishness and evil (the banality of evil) dressed up in social responsibility and manners.
    As for saving face, if I were to be rude I would say in these circumstances “fuck you face” , this is serious business. but Im not rude.
    I hope this all somehow brings out the best in the people, that the truth comes out, and that something better emerges (never again, lest we forget, sort of thing).
    I hoe we don’t slydive into fascism , another variant of the same play, which plays into the hands of dark forces.

    1. One more very interesting analysis of what happens in the subconscious of people !

      @ Pierre
      I cannot understand illogical people like you who manage to convince themselves that there was a foreign conspiracy in Fukushima. Maybe you are too afraid of the chaotic side of nature to accept the reality that nature can kill us at any time, especially when we develop very dangerous and unstable technologies like nuclear reactors, which are an earthquake away from blowing up. Maybe unconsciously it soothes you to believe that such a disaster was man-made, that getting rid of a tiny minority of people would solve humanity’s problems. As if !

      1. @ Rich

        I see the limitaitons of all people and the hazards of technology in a fragile natural world. but isnt it also easy to see something like 911 (obviously a controlled demolition for anyone with 2 brain cells and the internet to find out), know that an elite have done it, and then say ” we are all sinners” . be open minded (and dont accuse me of being emphatic – its difficult to get the truth when the lies are so abundant). have a look at Jim Stone if you want to

        (and I am stil yet to see 9.0 quake damage done before the tsunami, I’d like to know Japanese peoples opinions of that – 100 times Kyoto).

  10. “but I advised him to gather other Japanese people and give the joint prayers themselves, since that’d be much more effective.”

    because group prayer is more effective than solo prayer? statistically speaking, the chances are both 0% of action from your prayer(s). in fact, in the last 2000 years of prayer, not 1 has come true. if you find evidence to suggest otherwise, then that would be the first evidence of it coming true.

    so please, if you want to think you are doing something good, while doing nothing, go ahead and pray.

    religion is polluting your rational brain, grow up.

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