Black substance keeps coming back

Following up this article..240,000 Bq/Kg at 5km from Imperial Palace

Mr. Ishikawa, who found this black substance finds the same substance at many other locations in Tokyo.

She tweeted like these below,


Black substance keeps coming back


found black substance near the entrance of an elementary school of Tokyo.(3/21) It was removed a few days later than I found it, but it came back around the end of April. We need to repeat decontamination for years.





Black substance keeps coming back2


Cesium concentration of the black substance (Surface dose : 1.295μSv/h) found in Kotoku Tokyo. (Measured by germanium semiconductor detector)

134Cs 37,596Bq/kg

137Cs 53,344Bq/kg

Total 90,940Bq/kg

The picture was taken on 4/24.



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