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In Japan, there was a place no one can make a nuclear plant because of an old lady.

Her name is Kumagai Asako.

She owned her house and 12,000 m2 of the land, which is only 250m away from the proposed reactor.

She kept fighting against the Japanese power company, J-power, to block the nuclear plant and save the beautiful sea. She knew if she let them build the plant that the sea would be contaminated.

They threatened and tried to corrupt her but she didn’t move.

However, in May 2006, she died suddenly. They said that it was because of a venomous bug.

No one had died because of the bug for 40 years.

After her death, her daughter (Ogasawara Atsuko) and granddaughter took over the house and kept living there – to succeed Asako’s will.

Kumagai Asako, the old lady fighting against nuclear plant

Now J-power is trying to close the road to the house by saying too few people use it.

They have started counting people who use the street.

The house is called Asako house.

Asako’s daughter and granddaughter are asking you to send them letters so that the postman will use the road and then they can not close the street.

This is the message from the family.

If you sympathize, please send them a letter.


Against nuclear energy!!
No more Fukushima!!
Save Japan!!! And your country.
Do you know Asako House?
If you send a letter or a card,
You can stop to build the atomic power plant.
This house was build to stop to construct Oma atomic power plant ofAomori, north of Fukushima.
The house is near Oma genpatsu which is not in operation yet.
The road of photo that is almost blockaded.
The sign on the fence says “Keep out” but actually this road is for Asako House and her fields.
Why this road is watched by some atomic power plant?
We can’t understand.
They want to close the road and to break the house.
This state is serious violation of human rights, and Japanese constitution.
If you send some letter, this road will then be used by the postman and so the atomic power plant can’t shut it.
Pray for Japan, pray for Fukushima,
And now send your thoughts!

Asako House
Aomori Pref.





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41 Responses to “Send me a letter”

  1. MaryW says:

    Evacuate FUKUSHIMA – 福島の子供を守れ VIDEO The whole international press have blackout the worst catastrophe in modern history. So this is a humble reminder of what really is going on in Fukushima and beyond today ! There is a crime against humanity happening right under our nose and all we can hear is a deafening silence. Please spread this video as much as you can … in the name of humanity ! Thanks !

    PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION AND FORWARD TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. It will take a second … a second the children of Fukushima do not have ——>

  2. mc swiggan says:

    good evening, i am in france , and follow iori’s messages on fb.i will send you a card, and i passed the messages to others. tell me by mail if you need more letters , or more regularly. with pleasure. Mary.

  3. CaptD says:

    You are a HERO to the Japanese Irregulars and many World Wide!

    Thank You!

  4. Mimi says:

    Action needs to be taken!
    Mochizuki, we need to create more awareness of Kumagai Asako’s case, other than sending just letters.

    On January 14-15 2012 there’s a Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World in Japan. Anyone willing to go there and talk about this case and ask for help?
    Next, we all have to send emails to Greenpeace and talk about this too and ask for their assistance.
    Send out pamphlets (printed paper) and distribute it among those who are opposing and taking part of the demonstration against the nuclear industries.

    Other than that, send emails/letters to everyone present in the Diet and talk about this problem. Let them know we are knocking on everyone’s (national and international) doors to raise awareness and ask for assistance. We also need to contact their family members (wives, sons, daughters, uncles, etc), their friends and other relatives about this matter too.

    I know our words will fall on deaf ears for most people, but if we all together send just one letter or one email a day or even a week, there’s a chance it will lead to success.

    Come on, people, share your opinion and ideas to take action rather than doing nothing at all.
    There has to be something that we can do.

  5. Joyce says:

    I have seen this lady on TV and I really feel for her–
    I read your dairy every day here in Australia.

    I would like to send her a letter but do not read or understand Japanese.

    You are doing a very good job in telling it like it is.

    I thank you

    Best wishes and luck,


    • Send English Post Marked! – It Still Arrive.

      Do It! Anything! Just Don’t Sit There! Do It Anyway!

      Your Mind, Is Only Limit – Be Your True Mind.

    • Xanadu says:

      Joyce, it doesn’t matter if the postcard is written in English, the point is to keep the postman busy and the road in use. The old lady will be pleased with a nice Australian landscape, animal, Aborigine art, etc. picture on the postcard.

      P.S. LOVE is an international word.

  6. ken says:

    awful!! can they get roommates or boarders?

    this deserves “The Cove” treatment!!

    I’m writing right away…

    there must be a website for asako house too!! and donate page!

  7. We’re Gonna Save Japan And Then The World!

    All Right Boys And Girls Let’s Kick It Up Into High Gear! We Got To Save Asako House! Get That Ink Rolling And Postage Flying!

    - Free World Evolution Planetary Harmonic Revolution Here We Come!

  8. Rosieb says:

    I have seen a video of this woman and her story. I wish her family luck.

  9. Alex is a Wizard says:

    Protip: she should mail a bunch of letters to addresses that don’t exist so they have to be returned.

  10. xdrfox says:

    Saw a video on her a while back, a man had drove 500 klm to see her and brought her some peaches, he said the fruit may have radioactive isotope’s in it and she said no matter she would not live long enough to get cancer from it, she was old ! They talked about her fight,she also has a grown daughter whom comes to visit her !
    Wonderful Lady here !

  11. vamos-pra-casa says:

    Hi Mizukuchi-san.

    I really appreciate all the effort that you are potting in your blog and saving peoplles life.

    thanks very much and hope the best you all!!!


  12. frbr says:

    I translated th french blog article to german and published it in
    Hoping you will aggree I greet you from Germany.

  13. Yazeed ghoul says:

    Nous faisons des appels de très loin pour venir en aide à tout les malheureux qui subissent des souffrances inimaginables sans avoir le moindre moyen de se défendre! Nous souffrons avec eux et notre inquiétude est sans cesse grandissante! Le seul espoir qu’il nous reste repose sur votre décision humaine à soutenir une volonté politique par laquelle une sortie de crise sera envisageable! Nous savons combien il est compliqué de revenir sur des acquits économiques en période de crise, le souci de la crise humaine demeure plus important, tout simplement car l’humanité est seule garante d’un avenir qui aura la force du renouvellement, l’économie peut détruire cet atout majeur représentant d’un paradis sur terre à conserver pour le bien de l’humanité!

  14. Yazeed ghoul says:

    We call a long way to help all the poor who suffer unimaginable suffering without any means of defense! We suffer with them and our concern is constantly growing! The only hope we have left is your decision to support a human in which a political crisis will be possible! We know how complicated it is to return acknowledgments of economic crisis, concern for the human crisis is still more important, simply because humanity is the only guarantee of a future that will renew the strength of the economy can destroy this major asset representing a heaven on earth to keep it for the good of humanity!

  15. Kamijo says:


    〒039-4601 青森県下北郡大間町 大字大間 字小奥戸396

    google mapもちょっと違う。


  16. igor says:

    I’ve sent a letter and posted the clip on facebook. I hope a lot of letters will come.
    Greetings from Amsterdam.

  17. Matthias says:

    Mizukuchi-san he,

    hai, sonotori ima tegami wo okurimasu!
    Asako’s daughter and granddaughter ni yoroshiku o negai shimasu, ganbatte kudasai, genki de ne!
    Watashi no chiisai web-pegi mou mite kudasai (nihon-go de):

    Doitsu no Matthias yori – genpatsu hantai!

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  19. MaryW says:

    A Woman Who Is Refusing to Sell Her Land to A Nuclear Plant Operator – Asako House

  20. MaryW says:

    (Please Send Her A Letter/Postcard!) Campaign for a nuclear free Japan – Asako House

  21. clark says:

    Has anyone sent anything other than a postcard?

    Let’s post pictures of our postcards before sending them, up here!!

  22. clark says:

    Why not also write angry letters to J-Power.

    J-POWER/Electric Power Development Co.,LTD15-1,Ginza 6-Chome,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,104-8165 Japan
    TEL : 03-3546-2211
    FAX : 03-3546-9532
    Inquiry Form

  23. clark says:

    time for Anonymous Japan campaign.

  24. Just finished addressing a card.

  25. Toadvine says:

    My family and I evacuated from Fukushima (my wife was born there). We will send mail tomorrow!!!

  26. Toadvine says:

    Mochizuki-san. Thank you for all you are doing to inform the world. I lived in Fukushima Prefecture for 13 years. We left shortly after the meltdowns. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. Keep up the good work.

  27. Toadvine says:

    I will attempt to generate some interest in this story by the media here in Canada.

  28. noel audoin says:

    since AREVA is in fukushima nothing comes through it is a real disgrace ! their power is the complete obstruction of information !!! I hope you are still fighting against that human disaster I’m so sorry for all of you there but here in FRANCE we don’t have any serious information on what is happening

  29. [...] Send a letter to Asako House to support the struggle of an elderly woman against the construction of… Tweet(function() { var po = document.createElement('script'); po.type = 'text/javascript'; po.async = true; po.src = ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); « Just checkin to say thx for repostin' my work! all the best~! john f Next Post » [...]

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