Column of the Day: Why Japanese government is telling us lies

9/28,Japanese government is lifting the mandatory area in Fukushima.

Obviously nothing has been improved.

They say, the temperature of the reactors are going under 100C, so it is not the dangerous level any more.

However, they also admit all the inspectors are broken in reactor 1,2,3. Only God knows what is going on in reactor 4.

so, what do they measure ??

Since June,a lot of the heat stroke cases have been reported.

This summer was not specially hot.

and even in September, 13 students had heat stroke at once in Kofu.

It was only 26.2C, 9AM.

In September, in a kindergarten of Utsunomiya, 40 kids had cerebral meningitis at once.

5 were sent to a hospital, 1 of them is in a serious condition.

It can hardly happen at once.

And NOW,I received an email from my old friend of my university. He’s late 20s.

He traveled to Tateyama,Chiba. and he got a severe migraine, vomit,and numbness in the limbs.

It was the first time of him to be sent to an emergency hospital. Doctors could not detect the reason why.

Asking to the public officers personally, they clearly state they detect radiation from tap water everyday, but don’t disclose it all.

Why does government keep telling us lie ?

The answer is simple.

Once they disclose everything, everything will fall apart.

They can not keep the truth hidden forever, but they still trying to keep their “form” as it used to be for as long as possible.

Once they admit the truth to public, the concept of capital city of Tokyo will collapse.

30 million people will try to evacuate to the west or abroad.

Stock market will fall down vertically.

It will affect USA and EU, and the economic damage will be significant.

As a matter of fact,it’s already over.

Just Japanese government is not allowed to admit it or everything will fall apart in the world.

We must be aware of the fact in the gentleman way, and just walk off, to far as possible.

Rose, 5/29/2011 Fukushima

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Dahlia 6/9/2011 Fukushima Koriyama

  1. “As a matter of fact,it’s already over”.

    Yes. I am a bit flippant that we don’t get to read economic articles on what the Japanese nuclear catastrophe mean. They keep babbling about the euro but a much more real problem is that the third economy by GDP (second until a few of years ago) collapses.

    “Just Japanese government is not allowed to admit it or everything will fall apart in the world”.

    Actually, if they would have faced adequately from day 1, then Japan would have suffered but fall on its feet probably. If they would have evacuated the damaged areas, at least the children, nationalized TEPCO, acknowledged this was a Chernobyl II (or worse)… put the nation to work to solve the problem… I’m sure that such a wealthy, hardworking, collaborative and ingenuous nation as Japan would have succeeded. Not without pain but at least with dignity.

    After all all the southern half of Honsu, plus the smaller islands were more or less intact before the government decided “radiation for all”. Bringing radiation to the supermarkets of Southern Japan is a conscious (and disastrous) choice by the authorities of Tokyo.

    Not keeping a strict control of radiation is the best way to make sure that others distrust you and your products and secure economic ruin.

    Facing your problems is the first step into solving them.

    Of course, solutions would have needed of a good deal of “socialism”, of state intervention, of planning, of help to relocate millions, including their jobs… Japan, the third economy on Earth, could have, still can, afford that. But time is running out.

    I keep watching documentaries on Japan, travel documentaries, nature documentaries… I do not chose them, they just pop up on my TV. In the past they would have been like any other place: today I can’t help thinking that some of the people or animals showing up may be in their last moments or facing unsurmountable obstacles because of a corrupt and negligent political system.

    I’m truly sorry.

  2. Mochizuki-san. I knew this was the reality back in March and fully believed that the public was being deceived. I quickly did everything I could and evacuated my family from Tokyo in the first week after 3-11 to the far south and then out of Japan completely by mid April.

    I completely agree with your assessment regarding why the truth is being withheld from the public of Japan and the world. If the people of Tokyo become aware of the extent of the contamination they will evacuate and it will be the end of the Japanese economy which will then have a domino effect on the global economy. It would be the end of the modern global society for the foreseeable future. This is why the people of Japan are being sacrificed.

    I am in North America to escape fallout in Tokyo and the food contamination but I have no illusions about the dangers. I am well aware that the jetstream has been and still is carrying the fallout over here but the news here is equally hiding the truth and people do not even want to know. I only take comfort in believe that at least I am further from the source of contamination but am still unsure of the long term risks. I found coming here almost as traumatic as leaving Japan because I felt I had been through a terrible disaster and escaped only to come here and have people think I am crazy and that there was not real danger. I have been cautious to avoid seafood and west coast produce but then again my family and friends think I am overreacting.

    Mochizuki-san がんばって下さい。I hope your job prospects are looking good. If I may ask, is your skill background in the IT field and also can you speak English well?

    1. @kintaman

      Just wanted to know you’re not alone.
      My story is strikingly similar to yours.

      My family and I were in living in Tokyo at the time the disasters struck. We evacuated to Kansai, and then to Seattle. The experience has caused so much stress and strain, especially since my spouse and her family thought I was over-reacting. I’m still trying to recover.

      And all that only to face similar risks here, and all the while having others thinking you’re crazy. These are not easy times…

  3. おはようございます。



    1. 格納容器内には確実にないでしょうね。計器も壊れてるのに、一体何で計測してるのか全く理解出来ません。

  4. Reality kicking back, and I am afraid its only going to be wurse.
    The future looks infact grim.
    Realy grim.
    This was predicted long time ago, all the goverment comisions knows this, hell they all know that its to late.
    This sending back children and women is insanity, plain madness and its noe even gambling with life, its certain deth.
    Its a capital chrime.
    And do notis, after weeks of babbiling about a “no danger from emition” drivel, nobody talks about the obvious fact, the hugh differences between Interla and External radiation.
    Rearly mentioned, if at all.

    If suing, this is the game.
    And the even wurse drivel is about the windspreading or whats goes up and how its stays there.
    A chart from the Iclandic vulcano eruption, the ash.

    This drivel about Plutonium cant travel hugh distances is just that, drivel. To condratdict that just check out Vulcanos.
    The MOX vas already as i undersands it, grinded to almoust dust, wrapped in a tubecasket, creating a “rodd”.
    Tonns of ths blew up in reactor 3 exlposion.
    Thats a fact, they found Plutonium on several sites outside the compound.
    Thats also a fact.

    This is a bad situation for the Japanes people and this will eventualy lead to disclousure, simply by the consequencess of the lack of propper handling.
    This will kick back, and as time goes on, the price to Pay for the Japanes people will be horrible.
    And my fears goes to just that, nothing will happened, before the results manifestes it self.
    Then its to late.

    And the spewing of radioactive isotops are still going on, thats a fact.

    Wake up, Japan. If you ever again will se the sun rise over the land of Japan, you are running out of time, people of Japan.
    Thats also a fact.

    There is just one other alternative to drilling a cave underneeth the And try to prcess it from that area.
    Its to drill explosives into the ground and blast the masses down its mother Earth, several miles down and the seal of the intire site, because Fukushima is going to be the best place to store all the radioactive matterials from the clean up. It has to be stored somwhere, and all the sourondings are the only logical place.

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

  5. We published an article a few months ago saying Tokyo needs to be evacuated, perhaps as far as the Australian continent. Looks as if our words were prophetic. It can be read in the archives section.

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  7. A few things you must understand; OPINION: The Japanese and U.S. government have many important “national security” reasons to provide misinformation and / or no information about the magnitude of on-going contamination from Fukushima. 1) Long-Term Political Pressure from the U.S.: The United States Government together with General Electric and several subsidiaries subsidized and financed the development of nuclear power plants in Japan. In return, General Electric and its subsidiaries were awarded exclusive contracts to provide 100% of the fuel supply to be used in all Japanese reactors in perpetuity. GE is also a senior partner in the development and design of all new nuclear power plants together with Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, etc…

    2) According to a new cooperative defense treaty signed between Japan and the U.S., with very little media exposure in 2008, each country agreed not to divulge to the others citizens any secrets deemed in the interest of either countries defense and / or “national security”. By so agreeing, the U.S. was able to move nuclear weapons into Japan without the Japanese government being able to tell its people. When the accident at Fukushima happened and U.S. media outlets came to Japan reporting massive discrepancies in the information and numbers being given by the Japanese government, the Japanese government evoked the terms of the new cooperative defense treaty to demand that the U.S. censor (control / issue orders to / etc…) media outlets (many owned by General Electric and other U.S. Nuclear Power Industry interests) in the name of “Japanese National Security”. Thus, approximately three weeks after the multiple core meltdowns at Fukushima, most U.S. media embargoed reporting about the subject. Only occasional updates from “officially controlled” Japanese media outlets such as Kyodo are allowed to be quoted.

    Should Japan abandon nuclear power, the negative impact on US GDP could only be worse if anti-nuclear sentiment in the US also reached critical mass following Japanese rejection of Nuclear Power. Therefore, the Japanese government and Japanese Industrial giants, who have already invested more than 50 years in nuclear power infrastructure are pressured into making every effort to cover up the catastrophic events that are unfolding right in front of us.

    85% of Japanese media (TV, Radio, Ad Agencies, etc…) is directly controlled (owned) by financial benefactors of the nuclear power industry. Through advertising budgets, grants, shareholdings, etc… This is why you will never see serious information from the Japanese media. Especially the fact that contaminated pollen is just now starting to explode after an entire years worth of vacuuming up radioactive material from the environment. The continuation of hiding these obvious facts, in my opinion, is a crime against humanity on par with the worst war crimes witnessed during the last century.

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