Column of the Day: Why Japanese government is telling us lies

9/28,Japanese government is lifting the mandatory area in Fukushima.

Obviously nothing has been improved.

They say, the temperature of the reactors are going under 100C, so it is not the dangerous level any more.

However, they also admit all the inspectors are broken in reactor 1,2,3. Only God knows what is going on in reactor 4.

so, what do they measure ??

Since June,a lot of the heat stroke cases have been reported.

This summer was not specially hot.

and even in September, 13 students had heat stroke at once in Kofu.

It was only 26.2C, 9AM.

In September, in a kindergarten of Utsunomiya, 40 kids had cerebral meningitis at once.

5 were sent to a hospital, 1 of them is in a serious condition.

It can hardly happen at once.

And NOW,I received an email from my old friend of my university. He’s late 20s.

He traveled to Tateyama,Chiba. and he got a severe migraine, vomit,and numbness in the limbs.

It was the first time of him to be sent to an emergency hospital. Doctors could not detect the reason why.

Asking to the public officers personally, they clearly state they detect radiation from tap water everyday, but don’t disclose it all.

Why does government keep telling us lie ?

The answer is simple.

Once they disclose everything, everything will fall apart.

They can not keep the truth hidden forever, but they still trying to keep their “form” as it used to be for as long as possible.

Once they admit the truth to public, the concept of capital city of Tokyo will collapse.

30 million people will try to evacuate to the west or abroad.

Stock market will fall down vertically.

It will affect USA and EU, and the economic damage will be significant.

As a matter of fact,it’s already over.

Just Japanese government is not allowed to admit it or everything will fall apart in the world.

We must be aware of the fact in the gentleman way, and just walk off, to far as possible.

Rose, 5/29/2011 Fukushima

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Dahlia 6/9/2011 Fukushima Koriyama

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