Breaking News: detailed analysis of Tokyo soil

Today we are sharing work by some quite thorough people who took readings and soil samples from a Tokyo [Sagamihara] park (250 km from Fukushima) that the authorities had reported as safe. The document at the bottom of this post shows the “test results” provided by the authorities and also shows photos and graphics of the sampling paradigm used by these private citizens who are concerned for the kids playing in this park.

The site and soil samples were surveyed by dosimeter – results shown in the document below – and then sent to someone in Germany who then used more rigorous lab equipment to probe the soil samples for contamination, type, and level of contamination.

The video below is rather long but is shows how dosimeters read on the lower end and then how the lab equipment give much more alarming and higher readings.


The data shows substantial contamination with cesium-134 and cesium-137.

Cs-134 = 10,000 Bq/kg

Cs-137 = 14,000 Bq/kg


As mentioned above, the following document provides detail sampling information, please check it out, please share it.(It’s a draft,might be corrected later.It shows Am,but it seems to be an error./ 9/18/2011)

Tokyo Hotspot soil analysis

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