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Fukushima radiation spread as far as Romania

Japan Triples Airborne Radiation Checks as ‘Hot Spots’ Spread

[Tweet of an Iitate mura citizen]

“”A kitten’s born.No hands”,email from my friend,yesterday’s mid-noon.”

昨日、正午ごろ、友人から一通のメールが届きました。 「猫が生まれました。手がない。」 あまりの衝撃に言葉がなかった。 #iitate #genpatsu

46 Bq/kg cesium found from rice.@Chiba

The 4th case of cesium rice,so far.

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War required Japanese government to take the “rational” safety standard for food contamination, though I don’t think nobody would read it in JP gov.

Intl Physicians for prevention of nuclear war let to Kan

[For Japanese readers]

Report of Dr.Kodama

Cesium-137 is already starting to cause cancer.

Essay by Dr. Kodama

[Tweet of a Fukushima farmer]

Agricultural products from Fukushima is already too cheap to bring benefit for the farmers.Most of the profit is exploited in distribution.

@Genpatsu_IRANE: 「福島県の野菜は今すごく買い叩かれてるので、食べて応援したと思って消費者が購入しても、中間業者が儲かるのみで、農家の支援になっていないと

Anti-nuc demonstration in Shibuya 8/27/2011

Fast breeder reactor Monju is going to be re-started.

It had re-started on 5/6/2010,but on the very day,it had a trouble and stopped.
They concealed the material about the accident,and the sub-chief of the concealment team died of undetermined manner.

They announced 45% of the children had their thyroid exposed,but this isn’t true.
The way of surveying was to put a counter around the thyroid for 3 times,if they didn’t detect Iodine,they defined it as “ok”.

However,the test was done in 3/30 and 3/26.Half life time of Iodine is 8 days.
Iodine was the highest in the air on 3/15,also,back ground radiation was extremely high when they conducted the survey.

“There is no statistics about low dose symptoms”,which is believed by everyone. but in the House of Councilors,Mr.Furukawa revealed that there is a statistics of 227,000 people about low dose symptoms.

This is a survey of nuc workers in Japan,2005~2009.
According to the data,even 5 mSv total exposure causes leukemia.

The truth is,most of the politician are ignorant.They determined most of the cancer was caused by smoking and alcohol.

[email of an office worker in Misato Saitama]

“There are 40 employees in our office.

5 of them having been suffering from severe coughing for 3 months.

2 had pneumonia.

1 had a terrible fever,called in sick for a week.

Another worker told me he was about to lose consciousness when he was stepping up the stairway.He needs to stop once on the stairway recently.He’s been suffering from fatigue,needs to lay down during the lunch break.I had 39C fever,called in sick for a week too.After the fever,I had rash from my knees to heels.”

Earthquake (bigger than scale 5)

England;0 times
France;2 times
Germany;2 times
USA;322 times
Japan;3954 times

武藤 真也子(Mayako Muto)
数字だと一目瞭然RT@pokepika2011困ったね。なんてこと!!! RT @housebeat0630“ @RyuichiSato: ですよね。 震度5以上の地震(1970〜2000)イギリス0回 フランス2回 ドイツ2回 アメリカ322回 日本3,954回

Stand up.

Internal exposure check !

They check your internal exposure level by uranalysis.
Children 0~6 years old from Minamisoma shi > Free.

Don’t trust their radiation check.
In case of rice,they check cesium-134 but they don’t check cesium-137.

For example,

Cesium-134= 21 Bq/Kg
Cesium-137= 9,000 Bq/kg
→They announce “It’s 21 Bq/kg

Cesium-134= 19 Bq/kg
Cesium-137= 90,000,000,000 Bq/kg
→They announce “ND(Not detectable)”

Radiation check from Shinkansen
Nasu > 0.45 uSv/h
Koriyama > 0.50 uSv/h
Around Fukushima > 0.75 uSv/h

Iraq with depleted uranium ammunition> 0.30 uSv/h

morimotosyuu Hideo Nakamura
これは実測値。郡山〜福島間の空間線量を新幹線の中にて計測。宇都宮を過ぎたあたりから上昇し、那須付近では 0.45 μSV/h となり、郡山に入ると0.5μSV/hとなった後、福島に近づくにつれて上昇。最高値は、0.75 μSV/h だった。今でも劣化ウラン弾に苦しむあの地は 0.3μSV/h

IAEA is at least smart enough to use a video camera.
Video of Fukushima plant,5/27/2011

[Comment on a Japanese forum]

Weed grows extremely fast this year.can’t keep them mowed.

投稿日:2011/08/25(木) 00:03:12.92 ID:RLekrRMu0

750 名前:地震雷火事名無し(内モンゴル自治区)[sage]
投稿日:2011/08/25(木) 06:27:13.53 ID:2jN+NV8rO [1/2]

→ @hiropiii: うちの親はいわきにいるが畑に小玉スイカを植えたら大玉になったそうな

My parents are in Iwaki shi.They planted small type of water melon but it grew to be a large water melon.

→ 肥料の成分でカリウムは根と実を大きくすることから、作用が似た物質が有るのでは?

Kalium makes roots and fruits large as fertilizer. Cesium-137 acts like Kalium.(a comment of a gardener.) (I think this is supposed to be POTASSIUM – Nika)

Fukushima has been(is?) in critical state.

Cesium beef was served for school lunch at 5 schools in Chigasaki too.

Don’t eat school lunch!

Kokuhu jitsugen toh,a stupid political party supported by a cult group distributes flier.
“Don’t be afraid of radiation”

“None of the minami soma citizens will have thyroid cancer.”

A movie made by a cult group,kofukuno kagaku

Nadeshiko Japan,Japanese female national soccer team is suffering from fatigue after playing a game in the black rain of last week.

Estimation of the child death rate because of cancer

Estimation of the child death rate because of cancer (If children are raised in this situation for 10 years.)

Based on ICRP>0.16% of the increase.

Based on ECRR>100% of “increase”.

ICRP was made in 1952.DNA was found in 1953. ICRP underestimate internal exposure risk.
Based on ECRR,all of the children will die of cancer in 10 years.

This estimation doesn’t mention the death rate after they become adult.

In Misato shi,Saitama, 0.30~0.50 uSv/h.On a windy day,it’s 1.00 uSv/h.
School will start in September.

shinchann2008 しんちゃん
@kuchinashi321 @KinositaKouta 埼玉県三郷市でも平気で2学期が開始されようとしている。0.30〜0.50マイクロシーベルト/時。風が吹くと1.00マイクロシーベルト/時のところで、学校を始めていいわけがない。学校閉鎖して、除染をすべき。

so far,168 times much radiation as Hiroshima bomb has been emit.

In Hiroshima,40,000 people died of cancer.

40,000×168 = 6,720,000 people may die of cancer.

Now it’s estimated that 8000 times much radiation as Hiroshima bomb will be emit in total.

40,000×8,000 = 320,000,000 people may die of cancer in total.

Currently,Japanese population is 120,000,000.

National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan will be abandoned.

3km area people were allowed to go back home temporarily.


Hosono minister of nuc>
(full armer.)

In Tama,Kawasaki shi,beside the admin building of a public pool for children, 1.70 uSv/h.
Mud around there = 16,500 Bq/kg.

kaneko2525 金子慈教
多摩川沿いに要注意でしょうか。@KinositaKouta 川崎市多摩区の稲田公園。市が調査。園内児童プール管理棟脇で、1.7マイクロシーベルトを検出。さらに、この場所の泥から、16,500Bq/kg検出。

A young Japanese journalist,Obara Shinichi sneaked into Fukushima plant,where none of the journalists are allowed to go.
He stayed there for 6 hours in Total.

First,he went into the “radiation shielded shelter”,where nuc workers take rests.
Nuc workers were smoking and taking rests without mask but his Geiger counter started beeping immediately.It was 18uSv/h.

Some of the nuc workers passed out on the floor because of over working or fatigue or both of them. He also met a lot of the workers who have been to near 10 Sv/h point.

Workers work for 1 hour and rest for 1 hour.Repeat this cycle for 3 times and they go back to the shelter.

In the second working cycle,at 9:30AM,he felt sticking ache in his nose though he was wearing the mask. The mask made it difficult for him to breathe.

After 11:00AM,workers come back to the resting room finishing the second working cycle. They are all exhausted. They fall off to the mats made of silver,which shields radiation.Young workers who couldn’t get the mats started sleeping in the aisle.

8/1,they detected 10 Sv/h,but none of them were informed.

[Tweet of a mother]

“Nursery school gave me a booklet about how to get rid of radioactive material [as much as possible]”

May_Roma Mayumi Tanimoto
((((;゜Д゜))))))) RT @kondo_aki: 保育園から、放射性物質を食材から少しでも取り除く調理方法のプリントが配られた。そういう時代。おはようございます。

Don’t trust anyone involved in nuclear power.

They found radioactive waste underground near the nuclear lab in Tokaimura.

They are steal can,pieces of plastic,cases of some medicine.
They detected cesium and uranium and the can was printed radiation mark.
They assume they were used in 1960s.
Now they shut down the area around and seek for more radioactive waste in the ground.

Retired employees of nuc makers such as Toshiba or Hitachi were re-hired by The Nuclear Agency to check the safety of the nuc plants.
36 people were re-hired in these 10 years.

Japan is dominated by nuclear mafia.

Domination of the gov,bureaucracy,and mass media.

Points of what he said,

1) Cesium beef is their information spin.Pork,rice,all the other kinds of food are polluted.
2) Do never trust their radiation check for sea food. Though cesium is concentrated in head and strontium is concentrated in bones of fish,they take away the organs,head,and bone to conduct radiation check.
3) Countries about Pacific ocean will sue Japan for sea contamination.The compensation will be hundreds of trillion yen. Taking the compensation for potential cancer patients into consideration,Japan will be like Germany after WWW1.(If Japan pays compensation.)
4) Melted out fuel rods sink into the ground by 17m annually. so now it must be about 9m deep in the ground.When it touches the underground water vein,it will explode,as we already know.
5) According to the check of greenpeace,ALL KINDS OF SEA FOOD are already contaminated.Do not eat any.

[Needs translation!]

Radiation check result of food.
Tea from Tochigi ; 320
Tea from Kanagawa ; 450,350,218
Madara (fish) from Hokkaido ; 43

Survey of radiation in Japanese foodstuffs

[Needs translation!]

Effect of cesium-137.
Men are more sensitive for cesium-137.
Cesium-137 causes disorder related to heart,vein,and kidney.

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