Breaking News: Black Rain

Storm brought fallout to the Kanto area on 8/19/2011.

Since it started to rain,around 11:30AM ,radiation level spiked up around in Tokyo.

Like in Kanagawa,it was 0.055 uSv/h before the rain but it jumped up to 0.095 uSv/h.

This is almost the highest level since April.

This rain is highly likely to contain cesium,which caused the spike up.

0.095 uSv/h isn’t the problem.Hot particles coming out of the rain water when it’s dry matters when we breathe it to our lung.

In Kanto area,nobody should touch the rain either. Especially cesium is absorbed from hair too.

The night before the day,8/18/2011 22:00~23:00,massive steam splashed from Fukushima plants too.

and the wind blew from north on 8/19. It is rational to think the steam came to Tokyo.

On the internet,our grass rooted community had a consensus that the account called “Happy”is a whistle-blower of Tepco.

but we are starting to suspect it recently since he has been commenting the “steam” is a harmful rumor.

Now the steam and smoke is observed even on the Fukuichi camera.

Probably,radioactive steam is splashing out of the cracks in the ground actually.

Fallout will affect our tap water in 2~3 days from now.

Can’t we escape from the endless hell..





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5 Responses to “Breaking News: Black Rain”

  1. [...] “Black rain” in the Kanto area on 8/19/2011 Storm brought fallout to the Kanto area on 8/19/2011. Since it started to rain,around 11:30AM ,radiation level spiked up around in Tokyo. Like in Kanagawa,it was 0.055uSv/h before the rain but it jumped up to 0.095uSv/h. [...]

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  3. Angelica Skywolf says:

    Voi vitsi , mustaa sadetta kuten HIROSHIMASSA VUONNA 1945. On se nyt kumma kun ei Japanin halliutus pysty tarjoamaan omille kansalaisillelleen turvaa alueilla joissa ei ydinpaskan säteily arvot ylitä kansainvälisiä normeja!!!

    Hyi Japanin keisarelliselle ydinturva ja hallitukselliselle valtuutetuille kyun ette pysty kansalaisillenen paremmin järjestämään oloja!!

    Olen itse Samurai ja Iaidon harjoittaja … uskoin että Japanin hallitus ottaisi omien kansalaisten hyvinvoinnin ja terveyden huomioon ETUSIJASSA mutta totuuden tullessa esille on Japanin hallitus nainut Arevaa perään etupäässä kuin että olisi omia kansalaisia hoitanut sitten USA pommitusten jälkeen huollehtinut!!!

    Hyi Japanin Arevaa rukoileva hallitus!!! Ottakaa omasta maastanne huoli ja heittäkää Areva HELVETTIIN !

  4. Paul says:


    There is an answer, two answers.

    I know this isn’t mainstream. Either through the use of radiant energy, or prayer, the nuclear radiation can be eliminated.

    If enough concerned people give prayer WITH THANKS for something good to come from this (the only thing that I can think of is being grateful that so many people got together at the same time to make a world change).

    When I looked into the gulf (of Mexico) oil citizen attack, it would have taken 7.5 to 10 million people to stop it.

    Radiant energy – the energy of the universe, is different from the electricity that we use every day. Cold electricity is another term. Using the right frequencies, radio active materials can be neutralized. Probably planet wide, Tesla was building a global power transmitter out of his radiant energy technology before he got shut down.

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