Breaking News: A Tokyo citizen turned out to be internally exposed

A man from Tokyo went to Hokkaido for sightseeing.
He had a whole body counter check to see if he’s taken radioactive particles into his body.

The result was “positive”.

Cesium137 ; 868bq
Cesium134 ; 6373bq

The doctor asked him if he went to Fukushima,he replied no.

He normally spent days in Tokyo.

Now it’s pretty rational to think most of the other people are equally dosed.

The doctor added,
There are too little sample of low dose symptoms,so even if you have cancer in the future,
maybe it’s hard to prove it has something to do with Fukushima.

This is how “our” government is going to abandon us.

We are the people ,of the government,by the government,for the government.

  1. ??? Waw, I wonder how was that possible???? My husband always tells me everything is alright, and he takes me to all kinds of restaurants, mainly Japanese ones, 2, 3 times a week… I’ll be out from Japan for a while, but it seems that he wants to take me to a trip to Fukshima when I come back… Wish me luck!

    Anyway, this news is rather shocking…

    Thank you for doing “research” and sharing with us what you know

    1. Do not go to Fukushima. If you are well off enough to travel, I highly recommend that you first purchase a geiger counter of the highest quality and learn well how to use it. Start testing things around you. Learn about “internal emitters”. Learn about “dosimetry” from non-biased, peer-reviewed science based sources, NOT from industry publications, particularly not from industry or government public information, as this is normally useless for learning about dangerous realities, such as radionuclide contamination. Study deeply. It will take a lot of effort and is your duty as as citizen to undertake. You can do it. Learn and teach others.

      The above message is especially important if you or anyone in your family or community have children as they are from 20x – 100x more vulnerable to genetic damage, cancers, and other horrible damage of LOW-level internalized radionuclide contamination. There are NOT just one, two or three radionuclides, there are dozens from Fukushima contaminating Tohoku AND the Tokyo metro area, and to somewhat lesser degrees, but increasingly now, the entire Northern Hemisphere. Cesium-137 is like potassium to biological organisms and will contaminate all cells. Plutonium, the most toxic substance known to man, breathed in will lodge in the lung, ingested otherwise tends to go to bone, liver or kidneys, or will cause leukemia. Strontium-90 mimics calcium and can be measured with a properly calibrated geiger counter adjusted to this element’s range by scanning the bone in the forehead.

      1. Frank,

        I ordinarily live in Iwaki Shi, Fukushima Ken, but I happened to be in the US on business when all the problems began in Tohoku. I am an American citizen who lives and works as a Christian missionary in Japan. Right now I am planning on returning to Japan on October 12, 2011. I expect to return temporarily to Iwaki to dispose of all our possessions in our rented home. When we returned to the States on January 25, we left the vent screens in our windows open to facilitate air flow to reduce the growth of mold, but I fear that this means the interior of the house and all our personal possessions are contaminated with radiation. I rent the house, but I do not plan on returning to live there; however, I must remove my stuff from the premises. I am concerned about being in the area at all since it is less than 30 miles from Fukushima Daiichi. I wonder first of all what your qualifications are to make any recommendations regarding being safe in this situation, and secondly what recommendations you might have for me. I have tried to contact companies here in the States to get a geiger counter, but so far no success in locating one that is available and affordable. I am wondering if I should use some sort of respirator as well as a special garment. Have you any suggestions. Thank you so much for your response.

        Rick Enterline

        1. Hello,Mr.Frank

          Thank you for your message. I strongly recommend you not to go back to Iwaki shi,no matter how short the stay will be. A lot of the journalists visit Fukushima for a short term,but they detect Cesium 134 and137 when they have WBC.Not to mention,Strontium 90 is detected too,which causes leukemia.
          Geiger counter is only useful when you check air dose,but plumes are always moving,so even if it’s 0.01uSv/h here,it might be 20mSv/h 50cm away from the first point.
          I deeply am sorry for you,but from my humanity,I think you should not go back to Iwaki. and your furniture is most likely to be polluted too. Your moving it means you carry radiation around.
          Fukushima residents are all sharing this problem and we are trying to force Tepco and the government to pay compensation. but I do want you to know,world has changed since 311.
          You saved your life instead of your furniture,and you can live outside of Japan. Please think you are lucky..

        2. Don’t go back to Japan if you are scared. Japanese people do not need Christanity, and surely they don’t need christian missionaries. Read about the history of Christianity and what bad things it brought to the world if you don’t believe me.

          I think the Fukushima incident is a blessing for Japan in the long run, because it will drive crazy people and bad people away from Japan, and Japan can become a stronger country with stronger immigrants this way. There have been too many bad foreigners in Japan until the incident who were diluting the great Japanese spirit with their inferior western / christian ideas and morals.

    2. It both saddens and amazes me that after other nuclear disaster so many people are in denial. It seems like the foreign community that has decided to stay in Japan is the most adament and defensive group out there for Fukushima. The anger towards those who expose any dangers about radiation seem to infuriate them, but from previous nuclear disasters we see that radiation does NOT stay in a tiny isolated area around the nuclear site. It travels thousands of miles. The thyroid cancer rate went up in Germany after Cherynobyl. And in other parts of Europe the food was contaminated. Yet somehow people want to believe in Japan`s case, the radiation simply cannot leave a 30KM radius.

      Tokyo is not 1000`s of miles away from Fukushima so it should be considered normal for radiation to be there after such a massive disaster as Fukushima has experienced and is continuing to experience.

      As for a geiger counter, it is good for some things but not everything. And another thing to consider is radiation is not fairly and evenly distributed so one area of Tokyo may not be heavily affected while another area could be a hot spot so if a test is done in Tokyo and it says “everything is fine”, that does not mean all of Tokyo is fine. And considering the plant is still not under control, is still leaking, and it is still being hit by earthquakes that could cause more damamge, it is very possible the area of Tokyo that got a clear reading today may not get a clear reading next week or even tomorrow.

      The stuff coming out of these nuclear power plants are not safe. There`s a huge difference between safe radiation from a banana and the poison coming out of Fukushima. It is a shame some scientists have stooped to the level of comparing the two. There is no comparing them. One IS safe and the other IS poison.

  2. where can you take the test? I am looking to find out how bad I am doing, so if you have any location please publish it, I think people will find it very useful now that things aren’t getting any better.

  3. normal man body concentration of cesium is about 50 bq more or less (more often less than that.
    7500 bq of cesium is high and he has lotery ticket to death due to cancer or illness from fukushima radionuclides absorbion.
    Everyone in Tokyo got free tickets.

    It will be easy to prove it is due to Fukushima since only the regions that were under the fallout clouds or the back rain area will show much higher rates of forcancer and illness (yes, Tokyo in that category).
    Similar to other lawsuits such as three miles island.

    I am looking for Chernobyl rates in people living near the nuclear plant after the explosion. Will report back after I found rates to commpare with.

  4. This is a sad and important story.

    Luckily, I believe you’re not correct on one point, when you say “most of the other people are similarly dosed. My impression from surveying data available on the internet is the contamination in the Tokyo region is random and spotty and mostly in the north and east areas. No doubt there are indeed __many__ others like this man, just don’t say “most” of a large geographical population.

    Unfortunately the same cannot be said for certain towns closer to Fukushima Daiichi.

    Also unfortunately, people with internal doses will also in most cases have inhaled ‘hot particles’ into their lungs, many of them containing alpha and beta emitting isotopes which are hard to detect but are suspected of being disproportionately harmful even in small quantities.

  5. It is VERY easy to determine where the radiologic contamination derives, based on known background radiation and medical facility reporting standards to rule out non-Fukushima related sources of radionuclides. Neither is making such a determination rocket science. We CAN hold the spineless scum at TEPCO and in the Japanese and U.S. governments to blame, factually.

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