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Cobalt 58 was detected in Gunma, half-life is 71days, “Possibile recriticality around after April”

  Cobalt 58 was detected from the black substance in Gunma. (cf. Black substance found at Harajuku station in Tokyo, “21,346 Bq/Kg”) Co-58 is produced from neutron ray, the half-life

Food contamination

Cesium concentration reached mountains of Nagano

  Japan is small. Fukushima fall out has reached most secluded areas far from Tokyo. Even if you feel like it is far, it’s not far for radiation at all.


Settlement report and apology for sudden shut-down

Fukushima Diary has been down for 24 ~ 48 hours in these few days. I hope everyone can see it now.(though if you can’t see it, you can’t read this

Export from Japan Food contamination

US keeps importing fishery food from Japan even after 311

Some of the east Asian countries are rejecting Japanese products to import, such as fishery products or dairy products. (cf. JP exports of dairy products dropped half since 311, HK


Fukushima Diary is back

Fukushima Diary is finally back ! I apologize you for all the inconvenience and unposting for the longest ever since this blog started. Fukushima Diary has rented the server from

Natural disasters Spent Fuel Pools

Settlement report 7/6~7/8

    Thank you very much for your support as always. I’m a little worried because it’s been slow since the beginning of this month. Please don’t forget me !


Settlement report 6/25 ~ 7/5/2012

6/25 ~ 6/30/2012     7/1~7/5/2012       Thank you very much for your support !! I almost completed the goal in June. I have been very very very


Settlement report 6/14 ~ 6/19/2012

    Finally getting used to this time zone. I flew from EU to Canada on 6/14/2012, and moved from West coast to East coast on 6/15/2012. It’s 8 hours


Settlement report 6/4/2012

    I received a lot of good feedbacks for my previous report [Link], and I received a lot of donations. Thank you very much. I still don’t know what