Settlement report 6/14 ~ 6/19/2012

Settlement report 6/14 ~ 6/19/2012


Settlement report 6/14 ~ 6/19/2012 2


Finally getting used to this time zone.

I flew from EU to Canada on 6/14/2012, and moved from West coast to East coast on 6/15/2012. It’s 8 hours behind EU, and 15 hours behind JP. I didn’t suffer from the time lag when I came from Japan to EU, but this time, I almost fainted.

I was pressured about the custom office at the airport, but it was annoying as they told me. [LINK]

Maybe this is from the too rapid relief from stress and the time lag. Also, here it’s as high as Mt. Fuji.

I’m aware of the contamination in Canada too. will be extra careful about what I eat and stay away from mushroom etc too.

I should be 100% fine by tomorrow.. need some more rest..



  1. I am spreading the word about a nutrtional product that reversed nuclear poisoning near Chernobyl. People in Japan and elsewhere need this. Please do what you can to help others find information to gain immunity and healing from radiation at Thank You, Pahl Dixon

    1. There is no cure all. Trials for decorporation can help reduce the amount of Cesium in the body, but reduction is not a cure. Once in your lung, nothing can remove it.

      The only real protection is evacuation from contaminated areas… and that is getting hard to find in Japan. Incineration of radioactive debris and putting radioactive ash in concrete and using it to build apartment buildings, roads, bridges and pilings in Tokyo Bay condemns the nation.

      “Twenty-two years after the Chernobyl releases, the annual individual dose limit in heavily contaminated territories of Belarus, Ukraine,and EuropeanRussia exceed 1mSv/year just because of the unavoidable consumption of locally contaminated products. The 11-year experience of the BELRAD Institute shows that for effective radiation protection it is necessary to establish the interference level for children at 30% of the official dangerous limit (i.e., 15–20 Bq/kg). The direct whole body counting measurements of Cs-137 accumulation in the bodies of inhabitants of the heavily contaminated Belarussian region shows that the official Dose Catalogue underestimates the annual dose burdens by three to eight times. For practical reasons the curative-like use of apple-pectin food additives might be especially helpful for effective decorporation of Cs-137. From 1996 to 2007 a total of more than 160,000 Belarussian children received pectin food additives during 18 to 25 days of treatment (5 g twice a day). As a result, levels of Cs-137 in children’s organs decreased after each course of pectin additives by an average of 30 to 40%. Manufacture and application of various pectin-based food additives and drinks (using apples, currants, grapes, sea seaweed, etc.) is one of the most effective ways for individual radioprotection (through decorporation) under circumstances where consumption of radioactively contaminated food is unavoidable.”
      page 303, “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”
      Alexey Yablokov, Vasily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko
      Contributing Editor, Janette Sherman
      NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 1181, 2009.
      5,000 Slavic language studies reviews, over 1,400 cited.
      Yablokov authorized pdf; print Call 734-453-0341 $12.50 in USA

      1. “There is no cure all. Trials for decorporation can help reduce the amount of Cesium in the body, but reduction is not a cure. Once in your lung, nothing can remove it.”

        Not even the body itself? I find this hard to believe. I mean, sure, a deficient body might not be able to defend itself, and most people eat crap, so they are a less than reliable source of research information.

        Research done on radiation victims or heroic nuke workers shows that lots of things allow the body to re-normalize DNA. And if DNA can be repaired and overcome radiation, so can damaged alveoli cells.

        It probably happens that radiation gets removed from the lungs through cellular apoptosis and debris removal via the blood, just as it happens with other cells in the body which repair similar damages, which requires a healthy body and plenty of nutrition supporting normal ATP functions in the body.

        I realize I’m just a lay-person, but this just seems like common sense. Not everybody dies from radiation exposure and those who especially pay attention to their health requirements should come out on top.

        1. All the beagles in experiments died from internal radiological plutonium particle exposure within 18 months.

    2. You’re selling algae through a multi level marketing company that you directly benefit from. Your post is nothing less than a sales pitch.

    3. As Intel has said the air, earth and water have all been contaminated, it does not dissolve nor does radiation become diluted. If you are indeed trying to sell a product made from algae it has already become contaminated with the very same toxins that the product is claimed to remove. We should not be given “false hope” and unless you can document the claims of this product, people should avoid purchasing it or any supplement that comes from the ocean….fish oils too.

    4. Try traditional mexican salsa with a lot of cilantro and turmeric for heavy metal chelation.

      Most radioactive isotopes are heavy metals.

      Cilantro helps draw them to the blood stream and turmeric facilitates the liver to expell them from the body.

      Don’t take too much or you’ll get a toxic overload the next day and not feel so good.

      Lemonade (Vit. C) with honey (god’s universal cure) will helpx boost the immune system to combat radiation poisoning.

      I put honey on my burns, cuts, bee stings, etc. (low PH kills just about everything and creates an oxygen barrier as well).

      Has anyone tried putting honey on Radiation burns before?

      Colloidal Silver is used in skin grafts for burn victims….hmm….

      Food for Thought. Enjoy.

  2. guh, whatamess, nothing can be done, goodnight folx, that’ll be 6 reactors, 6 spent fuel pools, and a 7th spent fuel pool, the common spent fuel pool, all gone up fission/fire in the air water and land, I don’t want any part of it, radiation poisoning is no way to go, but what can you do when the decisions been made for you and your kids. zzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Come on, we don’t need your pessimism porn. The world is awash in enough trouble as it is. When people start talking like you, that’s when they get mowed down in life. You can’t just give up, it’s too stupid. Frankly, there’s a hell of a lot you can do. Start by growing in organic mulch and drinking pure well waters. Don’t be afraid of encountering a little short term damage as you switch to a healthier lifestyle but do everything you can to mitigate it. Over time you can get everything turned around if you really care to try.

      I want nothing to do with defeatism.

      1. I don’t like when lolgically forecasting the TRUTH IS CALLED PORN!!!!!
        You’re suffering from some kind of weird denial.

        1. You’re not alone, when they said “spent fuel pool four is on fire” way back when, many people told the japanese to get out of japan, and I personally witnessed those erring on the side of caution, righteousness, and safety called names, being discounted and told they are fear mongering, well, it can be seen that the soil for the whole of japan can be classified as nuclear waste and the soil just didn’t magically become radioactive by it self, it got there somehow through some mode of transport.

    2. Jessie, show me something’s being done to 1234 and common spent fuel pool, show me “all” the thousands of tons of fissionable materials “including the reactor cors each weighing in at 100 tons” are being removed and stored safely off site.

  3. Mochizuki-san,
    If your road takes you through Seattle and you need a place to ‘crash’ I have room to spare. Gambarimasu!

  4. If there was a global depopulation agenda through radiation, they would not want you to believe that there was a cure for exposure. They would want you to just roll over and give yourself up to it.

    1. Well I haven’t heard of any recent developments where they surgically remove thousands of microscopic plutonium oxide particles from your lung tissue wholly and completely, but I could be wrong, maybe it can happen.

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