Settlement report 5/21~5/22/2012

Donation : 304.00USD

Expense : 10.60USD

Left in hat : 293.40USD


Goal : 3,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan plus new server cost)

Current total : 1177.90 USD

To go : 1,822.10USD


I’m sorry for the confusion. The goal went so far. lol

Because the current server in US is 90% full, we are trying to get the new server. Some of the suporters kindly tried to raise fund but the fund / donation ended up coming to my paypal altogether. I can’t distinguish which is for server and which is for my lunch.

The goal of the server donation was 1,000USD for 2 years contract, so I simply added it to the original goal of 2,000USD.

I received a lot anyway. Thank you very much.


The radioactive debris finally went to Kyushu. Soon it will reach Okinawa too. Infinite stupidity prevails everywhere.

I think it will be worse than anyone can imagine. Less and less food remain uncontaminated.

For some reason, Japanese society is concentrating on spreading the contamination. It looks like Tsunami for me.

Nothing can be against it. The only thing we can do is to increase entropy. I mean, get out of the craziness, I think.

The Tsunami ness will not end until it consumes all of the energy. The energy is people themselves like Tsunami is made of molecular of H2O.

In my assumption, in 6 months from now, there will be only 2 types of people in Kanto area.

1. Blame it all on radiation to be sick. (Anti-nuke)

2. Blame it all on McDonald’s to be sick. (Pro-nuke)

but there won’t be anyone healthy.



  1. censored my comments after mention of the possiblity of psychotronics being used to control people in regards to information about Fukushima.

    This is apparently a big sore subject. Maybe this is how 98% of the news media doesn’t cover Fukushima and how nobody seems to care about it in the U.S..

    1. We do care in the United States. The people that look past the govt controlled media in the United States care. That radiation and radioactive particles are messing up everywhere. Look to the God of the Heavens and his Son Jesus Christ. HE WILL BE OUR ONLY SAVIOR FROM THE GREED AND FOLLY OF MANKIND. Those in control of this world and our money supply systems think that they are in charge and that all of this is within their control. It is not, they will learn in the end that it is only GOD that will save us from any of this.

    2. The powers that be do not need psychotronics. Long before the invention of psychotronics, Hitler took over Germany through a combination of efficient propaganda, economic crisis requiring change, bitterness of many Germans over the lost World War I, and the exploitation of the neuroses of many Germans. Most Germans did not rebel against his dictatorship. You should read the following book, written by a psychoanalyst who witnessed all this and fought against the rise of Nazism :

    3. I believe we in the U.S. would care if we knew. Most people here simply do not know. Yesterday I asked my sister if she and her husband, who are normally very mindful of current events and environmental issues, were aware of what is going on in Fukushima and got the response, “What do you mean?” She had absolutely no clue. It is simply amazing to me. The only way I found out about the seriousness of the situation is because of a somewhat obscure blog I follow on a daily basis (about all kinds of lesser-known situations going on in the world) and some additional looking around on the internet. I have read that our Senator Ron Wyden from the State of Oregon is desperately trying to get U.S. leaders’ attention following a trip to Japan a few weeks ago, but I have not seen anything in the meainstream news outlets about this or about any response.

  2. Maybe the few people aware are either resistant or being allowed by someone to be aware. It sounds crazy. Just try commenting about psychotronics, though, and see what happens.

    Re-interpret the words of the song by Simon and Garfunkel, “Sound of Silence”, with psychotronics in mind.

  3. In the face of this overwhelming unprecedented catastrophe it is hard to know what to do. One thing that the people of Japan and the world should consider is nutritional supplementation that greatly helped people at the Chernobyl disaster. Please look at my blog to find information on nutriceutical radiation immunity.

  4. The Indian gov’t is bringing in psychiatrists to help the people who are anti nuke and protesting the building of a NPP in their area. Soon the people will be on psychiatric meds and they won’t care about the NPP or anything else. A new method to control the masses…

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