JP Gov considers to revise the decommissioning plan having the series of contaminated water problem

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Severe contaminated water leakage has been occurring frequently. Nuclear Regulatory Agency reprimanded Tepco’s president Hirose on 10/4/2013.

They required Tepco to submit the countermeasures plan by next week. The chief of Nuclear Regulatory Agency stated they can take administrative measure and revise the decommissioning plan of Fukushima nuclear plant. The details of the revision was not announced.


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When they finally announce the truth, it’ll be already too late.


Français :

Le gouvernement envisage de revoir le plan de démantèlement suite aux problèmes d’eaux extrêmement radioactives


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De graves fuites d’eau extrêmement radioactive se produisent fréquemment. La Nuclear Regulatory Agency a reprimandé le président de Tepco, M. Hirose, le 4 octobre 2013.
Ils ont exigé que Tepco leur soumette ses solutions la semaine prochaine. Le chef de la Nuclear Regulatory Agency a affirmé pouvoir prendre des mesures administratives et revoir le plan de démantèlement de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima. Les détails de la révision n’ont pas été communiqués.

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Quand ils disent enfin la vérité, il est déjà bien trop tard.

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Actually, nothing has progressed in the plant since 2011. We still don't even know what is going on inside. They must keep cooling the crippled reactors by water, but additionally groundwater keeps flowing into the reactor buildings from the broken parts. This is why highly contaminated water is always produced more than it can circulate. Tepco is planning to officially discharge this water to the Pacific but Tritium is still remaining in it. They dilute this with seawater so that it is legally safe, but scientifically the same amount of radioactive tritium is contained. They say it is safe to discharge, but none of them have drunk it.


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