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Contaminated water crisis

Another contaminated water tank found dripping / Tepco “It’s rainwater”

On 10/20/2013, a Tepco employee found a pipe connected to a contaminated water tank dripping from between the heat insulating material. The dripped water spread over in 30cm×30cm×1mm area, it

Contaminated water crisis

11 tank area dams overflowed due to the heavy rain / Radioactive density exceeded safety level in 6 of them

Even after the previous Typhoon, it rained heavily in Fukushima plant area on 10/20/2013. Tepco estimated it would be 30mm ~ 40mm / day but the actual amount of rainfall


Fallout level spiked in Fukushima city on 10/13/2013

Fukushima prefectural government observed the fallout level (Cesium-134/137) in Fukushima city spiked up on 10/13/2013. It had been lower than detectable level, but Cs-137 reading picked up to be 8.96

Contaminated water crisis

Fukushima plant area had collapse and subsidence due to the last Typhoon / No press release

Related to this article.. All β density of groundwater jumped up by 6557 times after the Typhoon / 400,000,000 Bq/m3 highest ever [URL]   Two Fukushima workers commented on Twitter

Contaminated water crisis

Next typhoon to hit eastern Japan this weekend / “Very strong” again

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, the next Typhoon “FRANCISCO” is going to hit eastern Japan this weekend, where Fukushima nuclear plant is situated. It will approach Okinawa on 10/24/2013, and


[Column] Sent the J family back home safely and reposting the Paypal button again

The Japanese family arrived at home a couple of hours ago. I saw them off at the airport at 5AM yesterday.   Everything went as planned (sometimes got to plan