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Tepco “Suppression chamber of reactor2 is more deteriorated than expected”

Still it’s not known what happened in reactor2 when 311 took place. On 9/20 and 9/24/2013, Tepco attempted investigating the water level inside of suppression chamber by using the ultrasonic

Contaminated water crisis

Nearly half of 350 contaminated water tanks can’t even last for 5 years

According to the report that Tepco submitted to Nuclear Regulation Authority, about half of the flange type tanks can’t last for 5 years. Flange type tanks are easy to build.


120 Bq/Kg from 2 bags of rice in Minamisoma Fukushima / All the other bags are to be shipped

Fukushima prefecture measured Cesium-134/137 over the safety limit from 2 bags of rice produced in Minamisoma city Fukushima in 2013. The reading was equally 120 Bq/kg about both of the

Contaminated water crisis Environmental contamination

Cesium-134/137 density jumped up 13 times much as one day before in Fukushima plant port

On 10/9/2013, Cs-134/137 density in seawater increased to be 13 times much as one day before in Fukushima plant port. The sampling location is in front of reactor2 water intake.


[Column] A Japanese family is visiting Romania to look around

A Japanese family is arriving at Romania in 6 hours from now. I’m going to guide them in two cities for about 10 days. They are bringing a little child.

Column Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

[Column] ALPS and frozen water wall can be the performance before discharging contaminated water to the Pacific

A person inside of Japanese government said, “Everyone knows Japanese government will end up discharging the contaminated water to the sea.” Said, “It’s just obvious. There’s no even meaning to