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Environmental contamination Sea contamination

[Pacific contamination] Cs-137 detected 1km offshore Fukushima plant for the first time

Cesium-137 was detected in seawater 1km offshore Fukushima nuclear plant port. The sampling date was 10/8/2013. The reading was 1,400 Bq/m3. Since they started sampling in this location on 8/14/2013,

Contaminated water crisis

[Collapsed groundwater bypass plan] Tritium detected in all of the 8 groundwater samples

Tepco is planning to lessen the contaminated water volume to stock by bypassing groundwater to discharge it to the Pacific. However radioactive water Tritium was detected in all of the

Contaminated water crisis Environmental contamination Sea contamination

Highest level of Cs-134/137 detected in seawater of Fukushima plant port entrance

Although Japanese Prime Minister Abe states contaminated water is blocked, the Cesium-134/137 density marked the highest level in seawater on 10/11/2013. The location is the port entrance. The reading was


Tepco decreased Nitrogen gas injection to reactor1 → (26 hours later) reactor temperature rose up by 8℃

For some reason, reactor1 gets heated up once Tepco stops nitrogen gas injection. In order to purge hydrogen gas that may cause hydrogen gas explosion, Tepco is injecting nitrogen gas

Contaminated water crisis

Another Typhoon coming toward Fukushima plant area again / 16th Oct to hit Fukushima

Related to this article.. [Column] Tropical cyclone may blow out Tepco for the further contaminated water problem [URL]   Fortunately the tropical cyclone after Typhoon DANAS didn’t cause the significant


[Column] We can change our future

When I left Japan, I was told I was just going to be starve and die on the street. 2 years have passed. Now I’m guiding the Japanese family in