[Column] Sent the J family back home safely and reposting the Paypal button again

The Japanese family arrived at home a couple of hours ago.

I saw them off at the airport at 5AM yesterday.


Everything went as planned (sometimes got to plan B, but not C) and my biggest mission was completed, which was to send them back home safely.


Going through the 10 days guiding, my posting pace needs some adjustment now but it was worth of doing.


The family is going to review what they experienced in Romania and will decide what to do and when.


My agenda in 2013


– Founding Fukushima Diary corporation

– Guiding the Japanese family in Romania

– Researching the Arctic Circle


Now I completed the second and getting to the last one.


I will go and do some research with the governor from November to December. will have no sunshine for a couple of weeks but I will have aurora instead. The Japanese family was also interested in the Arctic Circle but couldn’t go this time for the job schedule.


The apartment rent is expensive. On the other hand, legal cost / time / energy related to VISA are ignorable.

I need to compare the cost and benefit. Some people recommend me to go to Greenland or Latvia but both of them require us to have a VISA so there is no merit and the long stay permission in Latvia needs a lot of investment.


Nearly one year ago, I wrote this column in NY.


If I had my room. [URL]


I was imagining the Arctic Circle when I was writing it. (Indeed, I didn’t think I would be alive in one year from that time.)


As I declared, today I’m going to repost the one-time-donation button. The Japanese-guiding project and the Arctic Circle research are covered by my little saving. I just spontaneously did it. Nobody asked me to do it. So I think it’s not fair to ask anyone to pay for it. but if you kindly consider donation this time, it will be spent on these guiding and research projects.

Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary all the time.



Couldn’t make time to get the Donation button back on by 10/14/2013. It should be reposted NEXT MONDAY. I will try.


Français :

[Édito] La famille japonaise est retournée chez elle sans incident et j’ai remis les boutons Paypal


La famille japonaise est rentrée chez elle il y a une paire d’heures.
Je les ai laissés à l’aéroport hier à 05:00.

Tout s’est passé comme prévu (parfois avec plan B mais pas C) et ma plus grande mission est remplie, c’est à dire de les faire rentrer sans ennuis.

A cause de ces 10 jours de guidage, ma vitesse de publication demande quelques ajustements à présent mais ça valait le coup.

La famille va revoir ce qu’elle a vécu en Roumanie et décider ensuite quoi faire et quand.

Mon agenda 2013
– Financer la société Fukushima Diary
– Guider cette famille japonaise en Roumanie
– Explorer le Cercle Arctique

J’ai fini le second point et j’entame le dernier.

Je vais y aller et faire quelques recherches avec le gouverneur entre novembre et décembre. Je ne vais plus voir le soleil pendant une quinzaine mais j’aurai les aurores à la place. La famille japonaise était aussi intéressée par le cercle Arctique mais ne pouvait pas s’y rendre ce coup-ci à cause du planning de travail.

Les locations sont chères. D’un autre côté, les coûts / temps /énergies légaux liés aux VISAS sont négligeables.
J’ai besoin de pouvoir comparer les avantages et inconvénients financiers. Certains m’ont recommandé d’aller au Groenland ou à Latvia mais les deux nécessitent d’avoir un VISA donc il n’y a aucun avantage et un séjour longue durée à Latvia nécessite un lourd investissement.

Il y a presque un an, j’écrivais cet éditorial à New-York.

[Édito] Si j’avais ma chambre

Je pensais au cercle arctique en l’écrivant. (En fait, je ne pensais pas être encore vivant un an plus tard).

Comme je l’ai dit, je vais remettre les boutons des dons. Les projets de guidage-japonais et de recherche dans le cercle arctique ont engouffré mes petites économies. Je l’ai fait spontanément. Personne ne me l’a demandé. Donc je pense injuste de demander à d’autres de le payer mais si vous envisagez de donner cette fois-ci, ça sera dépensé pour ces guidages et recherches dans le cercle arctique.
Merci d’être fidèles au Fukushima Diary.

Pas eu le temps de remettre les boutons sur les dons pour le 14 octobre. Ils devraient être de retour LUNDI PROCHAIN. Je vais essayer.

  1. Greetings – Thank you for your great research. Just two questions: Why Romania? And why the Artic Circle? You obviously know that countries under the Northern Jet Stream(s) are becoming more contaminated from continual fallout, etc… Also, there are Pacific Ocean currents from Northern Japan which flow directly into the Artic Ocean. Would not Antarctica be the better direction?

  2. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant coordinates are: (37.4230° N, 141.0329° E). Typically the high altitude components (Jet Stream) of radionuclide fallout are concentrated within a band of approximately 10 degrees. This has been tracked in a number of atmospheric bomb tests. The Jet Stream was tracing its routine Vernal (Spring) northward movement, during the time period from the Ides of March (03/15/2011) to the Ides of April (04/15/2013).

    We would therefore probably expect the Fukushima fallout band to be concentrated well below the Arctic Circle.

    The travel time was about 6 days, to the West Coast USA, for the ORANGE colored (radio-iodine-stained) vast radionuclide storm. And about 3 or 4 days longer to reach the East Coast.


    Bill Duff

  3. Thanks Bill for your comment. Again, I must point out that ocean currents circulate from the Northern Pacific into the Arctic (see: Kuroshio Current. The majority towards Alaska, then South, etc… Regardless of specifics, I think you would agree, these oceans are far from closed systems. Furthermore, I observed Sulfur 35 clouds (completely yellow and at unusually high altitude for tropical regions) exactly five (5) days after 3/11, in Osa, Costa Rica. Soon after, urinating began to get both slightly painful, and strangely more yellow than normal. [It is possible that the intertropical convergence zone may end up with the least fallout, but then ocean currents carrying contaminated water is also a major factor.] I have been following jet streams (daily) since that same date, but was familar with what was usually considered normal JS patterns prior. What I can tell you is this: Jet streams coming over the Pacific seem very manipulated. “The Angels Don’t Play This HAARP.”

  4. TO: Iori Mochizuki

    I think it is quite bizarre that you deleted my last comment.

    Perhaps you are not the person I think you are.
    Perhaps you prefer to believe you have all info on this event,
    while the rest of us die slow death, and have the proof/evidence
    of what is killing us – now, not later.

    Could your politics be in the way of Truth?

    [Now go ahead, and delete this comment too. I am sure you will]

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