[Column] Media should do something for what they get from Fukushima Diary

BBC called me today to ask if I know anyone working for Fukushima plant.

I was surprised to know they still have my phone number.


I was pleased not to be given a chance to talk on the radio show but still asked for something.


I’m aware that Fukushima Diary has a (influence wise, not quantitatively) significant part of the readers in mass media industry.


I know a French TV show referred to Fukushima Diary, and a major Russia channel also showed Fukushima Diary on its screen.

A Canadian newspaper’s article looked exactly like Fukushima Diary, and other media including radio often cite this site.


However, I have never been asked beforehand.

They may think they contribute to me by increasing my web traffic.

However, the web traffic of Fukushima Diary couldn’t increase anymore. It doesn’t help me for anything.


I re-started accepting donations 2 days ago but it’s been very little.

I don’t want to exploit ordinary readers, but I think those media should do something for what they get from Fukushima Diary as a source.


That would be so much easy if it’s just a simple translation. However actually it starts from analyzing the published data.


I hope my articles to be used freely but not the corporations. They should notify me at least beforehand.


From the next article, I will write this on the top. Also, I would be happy if you report whenever you find something when you browse the internet.



Because of the guiding of Japanese family and the next research, I decided to accept the donations temporarily again. Thank you for your consideration.


Français :

[Édito] La presse devrait faire quelque chose en échange de ce qu’ils prennent au Fukushima Diary


La BBC m’a appelé aujourd’hui pour me demander si je connaissais quelqu’un travaillant dans la centrale de Fukushima.
J’ai été surpris d’apprendre qu’ils ont toujours mon numéro de téléphone.

J’ai eu le plaisir non pas d’avoir une chance de parler dans une émission de radio mais qu’on me demande à nouveau quelque chose.

Je fais attention à ce que le Fukushima Diary puisse jouer un rôle significatif (en influence, pas en quantité) pour les lecteurs de la grande industrie de la presse.

Je sais qu’une émission de télé française s’est référée au Fukushima Diary et qu’une des grandes chaînes russes a aussi montré le Fukushima Diary sur ses écrans.
Un article d’un journal canadien avait exactement l’apparence du Fukushima Diary et d’autres médias dont des radios citent souvent ce site.

Or, on ne m’a jamais rien demandé avant.
Ils doivent penser qu’ils m’aident en faisant augmenter mon trafic Internet mais le trafic Internet du Fukushima Diary ne peut plus augmenter. Ça ne m’aide plus en rien.

J’ai recommencé à accepter les dons il y a 2 jours mais ça n’a pas beaucoup rendu.
Je ne veux pas exploiter les lecteurs habituels mais je pense que ces médias devraient faire quelque chose en retour de ce qu’ils prennent au Fukushima Diary en tant que source.

Ce serai tellement plus facile s’il s’agissait de simples traductions. En fait, ça commence par une analyse des données publiées.

J’espère que mes articles seront utilisés gratuitement sauf par les entreprises. Ils devraient au moins m’avertir avant.

Je le rappellerai en haut des articles à partir du prochain, je mettrai ça en haut. En outre, je vous serai très reconnaissant de me le signaler lorsque vous trouvez quelque chose comme ça en explorant internet.

J’ai décidé d’accepter temporairement les dons à nouveau à cause du guidage de la famille japonaise et de la prochaine recherche. Merci d’y penser.

  1. I’ll keep giving you something whenever I can.
    Your cause is worth enough my money. I never gave that much to others, but I guess it goes way further than Fukushima plant, despite it is a major issue. This media blackout in Japan, a country the whole world consider as the most advanced, with the greatest health conditions, the longest lifespan, … proves that even people there can be betrayed in order to protect private founds.

    You have all my sympathy!

  2. Lori,You lack self confidence.The way you talk about money and donations is self sabotage.
    Please be more proud of what you are doing.Don’t be so insecure when asking for donations. People will help you
    more if you display more confidence about what you are trying to do and by clearly explaining your situation.
    Most people that read your blog have a kind of “kawaii so” mentality. That feeling does very little for the donations you need to keep your site alive. Best

  3. Lori,
    Just a suggestion,if you have time, contact the Guardian (U.K) or The New York Times, or Washington Post and ask if they would like an article by you and ask how much they would pay. You have so much information that it wouldn’t take long to write. It would help people who don’t realise how bad things are to understand what is happening and it might give you a little money.
    I know that your research takes a lot of time and effort, so if this seems absurd, please forgive me.
    Thank you,

  4. Perhaps it would make more sense to ask the media to contact you before republishing your articles, rather than telling them not to read your site. One of your goals is to get accurate information to everyone, isn’t it? Mass media is definitely one way to spread the word but it is only as good s its sources.

    You are more accurate, more detailed, and usually less dramatic than most of the other sources I see. Your dedication to research and translation is admirable. It is no wonder that reporters and media seek you out for information. Please don’t turn them away.

  5. Press and mass media is spy agenda for corporations.They dont give a !@#$ about information for people but for themself.Happy people give information because they care for other people. Thanks for information and try to be more detailed than anybody on fukushima terrifying topic.

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