Lake H. Barrett from NRC and DOE to join Tepco’s contaminated water task force

According to Tepco, Lake H. Barrett is going to join Tepco’s contaminated water task force as an expert outside of the corporation.

He was a former member of NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and DOE (United States Department of Energy) and has been involved in settling down Three Mile Island accident.

He is supposed to provide Tepco with the knowledge and advice about decommissioning technology.



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

M. Lake H. Barrett de la NRC et du DOE rejoint le groupe de travail de Tepco sur les eaux extrêmement radioactives


Selon Tepco, M. Lake H. Barrett va rejoindre le groupe de travail de Tepco sur les eaux extrêmement radioactives en tant qu’expert externe à l’entreprise.

C’est un ancien membre de la NRC américaine (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) et du DOE (United States Department of Energy) qui a participé au démantèlement après l’accident de Three Mile Island.
Il est supposé fournir à Tepco son savoir-faire et ses avis sur les techniques de démantèlement.

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. If Japan Gov’t. truly wants the public to believe that they really want to cleanup Fukushima, then they need to add some non Japanese nuclear Experts that are not captives of the japanese nuclear industry to this TEAM; until that happens everyone will expect just more of the same Nuclear Baloney (NB)* and for good reason, since TEPCO and their Regulators tract record for telling the truth to date, has been a public relations failure in trust!

    I suggest that Arnie Gundersen, Gregory Jaczko, the Former Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission plus Former Japanese PM Kan be made part of that TEAM; then it would have at least some international credibility…

  2. Now that I’ve realized WHO this Lake H. Barrett(orTEPCO’s “Parrot”if you will)is and his part in the harm that his NRC/DOE Three Mile Island promotion of nuclear foulness and the untold amount of suffering,death,cancers & harm to the environment well beyond the regions his own incompetence encompassed-I’m not surprised TEPCO dug this irradiated old road apple up out of retirement to convince the foolhardy to consume tainted foodstuffs and feed it to their children & grandkids too! TEPCO spends a lot of (tax/ratepayer) money on upper-management bonuses,shills like Barrett,Lady Judge and expensive,failed,garbage technology that they still profit from even when it doesn’t work as touted! After all,the bill for this disaster is paid for by the PEOPLE aka Big Nuke’s VICTIM’S and with the lives of those already succumbin g to cancers-NOT from their own pockets-so why not?!! Most of us who keep up to date on the REALTIME status of this disaster without equal will remember the Japanese politician who staged the PR stunt by “allegedly” drinking water they showed being collected from a puddle in a reactor building @ Fukushima Daiichi but the container he actually drank from was visibly DIFFERENT!! Then the news guy who DID eat Fukushima-grown produce on TV later in a different stunt wound up with acute Leukemia in short order and there were other similar events that ended badly for the participants-some who I actually felt sorry for because they’d only sought to help the recovery of NE Japan from the initial 311 event and they’d been sold the pack of lies people like this Barrett clown are paid to further Big Nuke & their little puke’s agenda’s & ambitions to continue nuclear expansion despite being exposed for the failed,untamed, loser technology that it represents and the impacts nuclear disasters like this one and the others that are well-known along with all that has been previously effectively covered-up which the victims still alive and the environment may NEVER recover from! Having nuclear WMD’s to counter the threat of attack from other nations possessing nuclear weapons does not justify the damage to life done in the process of creating more of them. I don’t even think they could come up with the answer to taming nuclear problems if every selfish party to this whole mess and all of the corporate profits seen to date since 1945 were thrown into solving the problems associated with their activities still building up just like the Cesium,etc. inside of every living thing on Earth right now-PERIOD! 🙁 Good Luck ALL!-We’re gonna need it!

  3. ” lies people like this Barrett clown are paid to further ”


    Abe set the course, everyone, even the IOC knew he was,
    lets say
    sugar coating shit on a stick

    Well now here comes the “international ” help

    TepGov would have nothing to do with a
    Arnie Gundersen, or Gregory Jaczko,
    they could endanger the games

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