[Column] You won’t see where I am anymore

I’m still doing the variety of research and devoting myself into the plan.

I have been positively disclosing my location information so far so that I was introduced to the local readers or their friends.

I had a lot of merits.


but I’m thinking of quitting it for the security reason.

I will maybe report which region I am in but probably I shouldn’t be saying where I am anymore.


I’m just collecting the “public” information and analyzing it in my own way to post on the website.

I’m often surprised at the outcome of what I’m doing.


I’m trying to take it a positive feedback for my work such as the BBC incident.

I’m trying to think this is because I matter to the world.


Anyway, I will keep updating Fukushima Diary whatever happens.

Please don’t worry about that.



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

[Édito] Vous ne verrez plus jamais où je suis


Je fais toujours plein de recherches diverses et je me voue au plan.

J’ai clairement révélé jusqu’à présent où je me trouvais de façon à pouvoir rencontrer des lecteurs ou leurs amis.
J’en ai retiré beaucoup d’avantages.

mais je pense que je vais arrêter ça par sécurité.
Je continuerai sans doute à dire dans quelle région je me trouve mais je ne devrai sans doute plus jamais préciser où exactement.

Je récolte seulement des informations “publiques” et je les analyse à ma façon pour les publier sur le site .
Je suis souvent surpris des conséquences de ce que je fais.

J’essaye de le prendre comme un retour  positif  sur mon travail, comme avec l’incident avec la BBC.
J’essaye de penser ainsi parce que je compte pour le monde.

De toute façon, je vais continuer à tenir le Fukushima Diary à jour quoi qu’il arrive.
Ne vous en faites pas trop avec ça.

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. Fukushima Diary, we know wherever you are that you are trying to take care of us all wherever we are. Radiation knows no frontier, so shouldn’t you. If you are in trouble please contact us. Like “Le Petit Poucet” (Little Thumb), you can leave orignamis in your path instead of little white stones, and those who know you can follow. The blind giants will see nothing. Peace and take care, be careful and we will be following you.

  2. The region would be enough and probaly make you feel more comfortable. Its so wrong to have to be uncomfortable for speaking the truth and being informative. What you do is appreciated!

  3. Probably a prudent step. From time to time, the windmills strike back at El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de La Mancha (Alonso Quijano). Take care,


    Bill Duff

    1. A significant number of USA citizens have been targeted for extensive surveilance, harrassment, investigation, sabotage and/or arrest by ‘The Organs’ of Barack Obama. Several have been targeted and killed by drone strikes and other kill methods. There have been a rather significant number of death under suspicious circumstances such as sudden suicides.

      The USA citizenry are significantly more surveiled than the ‘beginners’ at the Gestapo, STASI and KGB. Barack Obama provably has death squads roving the world, for journalists, leakers, dissidents and others who may pose some political threat to his favored policies and companies.

      There is no question that Barack Obama has already caused the death and illness of innumerable Japanese citizens, by LYING and withholding Fukushima radiation information and anti-radiation drugs. Obama was just as directly implicated in the events leading up to the BP Macondo blowout, ship scuttling and subsequent coverups.

      It is not clear that Iori is a designated ‘target of opportunity’ by the USA, Japan, France, TEPCO and/or the nuclear power plant contractors and complicit International Nuclear Authorities. However it is CERTAIN that they would celebrate his silence.


      Bill Duff

  4. Good plan, sir.
    An ounce of prevention being worth more than a pound of cure.

    It is shameful that other organizations and real persons repetetively forget this important concept.

  5. 前から思っていることだけれど、地方どころか住んでる国もわざわざ伝える必要はないと思うよ。



  6. Thank you as always. You should be careful.
    If Abe can lie to the world about Fukushima, then who knows what such desperation will lead to.
    Already in Japan, i had trouble to access the Fukushima documentary, “2a-b-c” last week.
    If the government is spying on Okinawa protesters. Then being careful is wise.
    Good work.
    Thanks again.

  7. be careful iori, just remember what your doing is invaluable to those of us who seek truth.
    your actions are very much appreciated.
    thank you.

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