[Column] Hope is in the persistent effort to invent the new technology

Though I can’t have much time to do something good for myself, Fukushima Diary is performing well apparently.


In both times of when something is way worse than expected and when way better than expected, we can’t easily see it as it is.

In the case of Fukushima Diary, it the latter.


They thought Fukushima Diary would be forgotten by the world by the summer of 2012.

In reality, the number and the ratio of new readers have been increasing since the beginning of 2013.


Over 2 years have passed. I seem to have managed to play the role as a “bridge” to keep people’s attention until the outcome of Fukushima accident comes out.


I’ve been saying Fukushima accident is the marine version of Chernobyl. and it hasn’t been settled. It was obvious from the beginning that Japan would have to take the responsibility of contamination in the entire Pacific.


What we need is the new technology.

The problem is not we don’t have a hope, it’s we have the false hope.

There is a hope. We haven’t seen it. It’s unborn, it’s in our persistent effort of developing and inventing the new technology, researching the fact, and courage to survive.



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

[Édito] L’espoir est dans la constance des efforts pour inventer une nouvelle technique


Bien que je ne peux pas avoir beaucoup de temps pour m’occuper de moi, le Fukushima Diary va apparemment bien.

On ne peut pas voir facilement les choses lorsque elles empirent au-delà de ce qu’on pensait ou lorsqu’elles s’améliorent mieux que ce qu’on pensait.
Pour le Fukushima Diary, on est dans ce dernier cas.

Ils pensaient que le Fukushima Diary serait oublié du monde vers l’été 2012.
En réalité, le nombre et la proportion de nouveaux lecteurs augmente depuis le début de 2013.

Plus de 2 ans sont passés. On dirait que j’ai joué un rôle de “pont” en maintenant l’attention des gens jusqu’à ce que les conséquences de l’accident de Fukushima accident commencent à se manifester.

J’ai dit que l’accident de Fukushima est une version maritime de Tchernobyl et il n’a pas été stabilisé. Il était évident depuis le début que le Japon allait devoir prendre la responsabilité de la contamination de tout le Pacifique.

Ce dont on a besoin, c’est d’une nouvelle technique.
Le problème n’est pas qu’on n’a pas d’espoir, il est qu’on a de faux espoirs.
Il y a un espoir. On ne l’a pas vu. Il n’est pas né, il est dans nos efforts continus de conception et d’invention d’une nouvelle technique. chercher les faits et le courage de survivre.

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. Unfortunately, and we all know this, no new technology will solve the problem : radioactivity will die out at its own pace and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Technology will only shift the effect of radioactivity somewhere else.

  2. Iori,

    I think this should be a regular focus of your site: new technologies to stop corium fission and extract to extract corium that has escaped primary and even secondary containment. I monitor many alternative news sites focused on Fukushima, but don’t find any discussions of this.

    If global governance functioned at all, we would have seen a panel of experts convened within a month or so of the disaster. Maybe, like so much valuable work now, the panel will create itself, and humanity will save itself through grassroots efforts.

    If you make new tech a regular feature of your column you will be the only person doing so. Even the proposed ice wall gets very little critical commentary — pro or con — on sites like this.

  3. It appears from the recently released TEPCO videos, that some melted UOX Fuel (corium) from FDU-1 melted its way below the concrete foundation and into a borehole. The corium trail tells the story.

    It is by now evident from the evidence, including the radioactive steam emissions and the recent TEPCO videao, that corium has flowed into the groundwater table. Our host, Iori Mochizuki, recently commented, if memory serves, that the uppermost permeable layer for the groundwater extends to about 16 meters in depth.

    I wonder if the corium from FDU-1 reached the impermeable layer below this upper permeable layer. It is also a matter of some importance, whether the corium melted its way THROUGH the impermeable layer, to the second permeable layer below.

    As discussed, boreholes through the impermeable layer would destroy that natural barrier. Casing and cement would not be likely to restore impermeability, once that natural barrier is breached. Thus some form of horizontal boring would be required, unless some vertical bore is already in place.


    Bill Duff

  4. Have anyone here heard of a GeNIE reactor?

    Actually there is several competing cold fusion technologies to transmute nuclear waste…

    Search on Google and thou shall find

    1. Net reduction,

      I suppose there are no limits to the expensive, dangerous and deceptive promises of the Nuclear Power Industry. So the USA already has 99 unnecessary, expensive, subsidized, brittle, corroded and superannuated nuclear power reactors. Japan has about 60 of these beasts shuttered, 2 operating and the largest oceanic radioactive disaster in recorded human history. Fukushima is already, probably the largest nuclear disaster and quite possibly the greatest man-made disaster unleashed on planet earth.

      However, I would support (subsidies for) one (1) MOX fueled reactor, one (1) Genie Reactor, (1) Thorium Reactor and one (1) undisclosed $10B reactor; on three (3) conditions.

      1) The remaining USA fleet of nuclear power plants is decommissioned.

      2) ALL of these new, taxpayer-subsidized, expensive and dangerous nuclear TOYS be located on land, within 25 Nautical miles of Washington, DC.

      3) The USA Permanent High Level Radioactive Waste Repository also be located on land, within 25 Nautical miles of Washington, DC.


      Bill Duff

  5. This is hope. Google Tech talk, 2011:




    This will happen:

    We will REMOVE atmospheric CO2 on net, because the power to run Air2Fuel becomes affordable

    We will REDUCE the cost of electricity to industry, commercial and residential users, greatly increasing economic efficiency.

    We will PRODUCE nuclearpharmecologiclal Bismuth-213, a killer of dispersed cancers, as a byproduct found nowhere on Earth today.

    We will REPROCESS material deemed nuclear waste today as fuel

    We will PROVIDE cheap abundant heat to desalinate water on an AGRICULTURAL SCALE.


  6. Communication & Motivation – Silence is Deadly

    Elections, national policy decisions and international treaties have consequences. The ALARMS were silenced by TEPCO, Japan, Barack Obama, CTBTO, NPP vendors, and the Washington Post. Thus, following the 311 earthquake the above worked together to SUPPRESS news, alarms and appropriate responses.

    The following Medical solutions are known: ‘duck & cover’, evacuation, decontamination, KI/Radiogardase, food safety precautions. WILLFUL lying by the above nuclear stakeholders, suppressed the KNOWN public health measures. Thus sickness and death are multiplied among the residents of Honshu Island, by means of SILENCED ALARMS. Time is of the essence. Now it is too late. The best that the medical community had to offer was not allowed.


    Bill Duff

  7. Silence is Deadly II

    The USA, Russia, China, Taiwan and other nations COULD HAVE air-lifted industrial batteries, motors, generators, fuel, boron, water tanks, fire hoses, radiation suits and pumps. The skies over the FDNPP could have been raining parachutes laiden with PREVENTION.

    But silence, stupidity, pride and lies, killed the response and WRECKED Japanese public health for generations if not eons.


    Bill Duff

  8. Tom Bearden … scalar waves … it’s a little hope, we must dig further. Google this…

    Might be that a lot of different solutions exist.

    Scalar Waves are emitted by our heart and Mother Earth.

    Natural radioactivity stays more or less profoundly in the soil, and in upper athmospheric layers where the temperature raises… protecting us from certain solar radiations.

    I see intimate relations of radioactivity with Mother(earth) and Father(sun and sky) as well as water and fire.

    I find your conclusion today quite good. The thing is comprehension or the right thought is way larger technology.


  9. I do not cry over spilt milk,

    I cry ‘Murder Most Foul’

    gutenberg org — /files/27761/27761-h/27761-h — htm



    Help withheld and lives unnecessarily wrecked by wicked and greedy men.


    Bill Duff

    1. Justice is Served

      It would be most personally gratifying to ‘frog march’ several thousand corrupt politicians (USA, Japan & UN) and equally corrupt corporate officers and board members (USA, Japan, France) to the gallows.

      And thence to confiscate all their worldly goods, to PARTIALLY COMPENSATE their victims. This has been done before and it is ‘high-time’ for a repeat; IMHO.


      Bill Duff

  10. I think it’s not clear whether Iori is interested in technology to deal with the disaster or with alternative sources of energy, or both. MY impression is that he is referring to cleanup and mitigation technology. I hope he will clarify.

  11. with all due respect to the most magnifecent lori-san, our solution isn’t
    technical, it’s psychological.

    we need people at the top to recognize there is trouble and to be willing to commit people
    and money to containing the situation.

    It may be cheaper to abandon the home islands for 100 years.

  12. I just wanted to say that I’ve been following your posts for a while now,
    and it is one of the best sources of info which I know.

    It is much appreciated !!!

    You might like to know that your website is refered to upon the Fukushima Updates which are handed out by activists from Kick Nuclear & JAN on the weekly picket of the Japanese embassy in London.

    The picket has taken place every friday since july of last year.

    It takes place for 4 hours outside of the embassy,
    & then continues for another half hour outside of the TEPCO London office.

    For more info see:


    Now with regards to your point about the need for new technology : –
    What is also needed is a few soil mechanics who can look at just what is going on at the plant, and come up with some new ideas.

    keep up the good work!


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