[Column] I want Fukushima Diary to be a monster / Make a hole on the information great wall


The asian face reflected on the screen is being covered with the alphabets as I write articles.
This is the best thing I can do to the world.

Sometimes I suddenly stop and think what the hell I’m doing. Shouldn’t I go back to my land and die together ?
and then I remember.
Everyone says I must miss my land. In movies and TV drama, that’s likely. but actually I’m scared of it. All the good memories end with 311. Everything was on the path to Fukushima accident.
I know my past life was a lie. I used to feel like it was lie but didn’t do anything lazily. I was thinking questioning was immature. I hate myself having thought so.

It may be the difficult feeling to share.

I’m not doing Fukushima Diary for everyone. It’s just for the people who want to know the truth.
For some people, my presence is a disaster. However actually they are in the worse disaster.

There is a huge gap between inside and outside of Japan. Inside of Japan, you can sometimes get information about Fukushima. but in the rest of the world, you’d not hear anything about Fukushima even if you keep the TV turned on around the clock.
They think TV programs are made by the best educated people. There might be some flaws but still TV news is the best trustworthy source.

The scary thing is the gap is getting bigger and bigger. In the rest of the world, still <Japan> is the most trusted country. It’s believed to be the most democratic country. Even if you are Japanese, if you sound opposing THE Japan, you’d not be heard.

This is very dangerous.
Fukushima Diary is trying to be one the few open-holes on the huge wall.
This is why it’s always the target of all kinds of the attacks.

However, the attacks are becoming more and more personal recently. I have troubles to find the criticize about the credibility of source, logic, and analysis. Most of them are like the writer of Fukushima Diary is crazy etc..
It’s because the reports of Fukushima Diary are becoming too confirmed to refute.

Fukushima Diary must be read by more people.
For me, it is “overestimated” to be called a disaster. It needs to be a monster so that nobody can ignore.

I believe it has the power to change the world.
The wall is huge and it’s growing bigger and bigger. I want to be the last vulnerability of the great wall of the concealment.



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Français :

[Édito] Je veux que le Fukushima Diary soit un monstre / Faire un trou dans le grand mur de l’information


La tête asiatique se reflète sur l’écran couvert de lettres pendant que j’écris les articles.
C’est la meilleure chose que je puisse faire pour le monde.

Je m’arrête parfois soudainement en me demandant ce que je peux bien foutre. Dois-je rentrer sur mes terres et y mourir avec eux ?
et je me souviens alors.
Tout le monde me dit que mon pays doit me manquer. Dans les drames du cinéma ou à la télé, peut-être mais j’en ai peur en fait. Tous mes bons souvenirs finissent sur le 11-3.  Tout menait à l’accident de Fukushima.
Je sais que ma vie passée était un mensonge. Je sentais qu’il y avait comme un mensonge mais je n’ai paresseusement rien fait. Je pensais que remettre en question était immature. Je m’en veux d’avoir pensé ça.

Ça doit être le sentiment difficile à partager.

Je ne fait pas le Fukushima Diary pour tout le monde. C’est seulement pour ceux qui veulent savoir la vérité.
Ma présence est une catastrophe pour certains. En fait, ils sont dans une catastrophe bien pire.

Il y a une grosse différence entre l’intérieur et l’extérieur du Japon. Dans le Japon, on peut parfois avoir l’information sur Fukushima mais dans le reste du monde on n’entend rien sur Fukushima même si on laisse la télé tout le temps allumée.
Ils pensent que les programmes télé sont fait par les gens les mieux éduqués. Il peut y avoir quelques défauts mais les informations de la télé sont toujours la source la plus fiable.

La chose effrayante est que l’écart devient de plus en plus important. Dans le reste du monde, le Japon est toujours le pays le plus fiable. On le croit être le plus démocratique des pays. Même si on est japonais, si on a l”air de s’opposer au VRAI Japon, personne n’écoute.

C’est très dangereux.
Le Fukushima Diary essaye d’être un des rares trous ouverts dans ce mur immense.
C’est pour ça qu’il est la cible de toutes sortes d’attaques.

Cependant, depuis peu les attaques deviennent de plus en plus personnelles. J’ai du mal à trouver des critiques sur la fiabilité des sources, de la logique et des analyses. La plupart d’entre eux disent que celui qui écrit le Fukushima Diary et cinglé, etc.
C’est parce que les publications du Fukushima Diary deviennent trop confirmées pour les réfuter.

Le Fukushima Diary doit être lu par plus de gens.
Pour moi, c’est “surestimé” de le qualifier de catastrophe. Il doit être un monstre que personne ne puisse ignorer.

Je crois qu’il a le pouvoir de changer le monde.
Le mur est haut et il s’élève de plus en plus. Je veux être la dernière vulnérabilité du grand mur de la censure.

Merci de votre soutien. Les virements mensuels sont aussi très utiles !

  1. As I’ve already said before, it’s my intention
    to go to Japan, so it’s important that I know
    all the facts before I go, which is why I’m
    here everyday.

  2. I hope that this accident does not deter you from reporting this event, but rather galvanize your pursuit of revealing the truth and having this website be the catalyst for justice to be served.

  3. It’s a hard way you choose. I often read the art of war from Sun Tzu.

    The only way it’s doing the same way as French resistance did during the WWII.

    But we need action too and multiply real holes in the propaganda wall.

  4. Don’t let the attackers get to you Mochizuki. You are doing a great job and day by day that hole in the wall is getting BIGGER.

  5. Keep strong. Never be defeated when you know you are doing what is right and needs badly to be done. It may be people from the nuke industry that are causing problems for you. If there is anything I can do to help, I want to. I will help if I can. Be free to contact me, I provide 2 ways for that.

  6. You are saving people’s lives you and you are helping save the world my friend. What you are doing is heroic and honorable that in the face of danger you rise and come to the peoples rescue. MSM is brain wash and you are single handedly fighting the biggest best this world has ever seen. Nobody has sacrificed as much as you and you will be credited for this one day. This is a hidden war on life and you are our leader trying to bring the reality of the situation to light. You’re a great writer and only you have the sources to bring the information to the surface. Please for the sake of humanity keep writing truth documenting, investigating your making such a difference in the world, you really are. Love you man keep strong friend your doing great work. With out you we would not know half of what we know thank you so much

  7. At one time in my life I hated myself. It’s like hitting one’s self on the head with a hammer. It feels very good to quit. Forgive yourself my friend. All of us are conditioned to accept the teachings of the society we live in. Some of learn and grow. I see this growth in you.
    Don’t let the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, ass scartchers get you down. They are not worth worrying about. It is true they have as much right to life as anyone else on the planet but their illogical speech makes no sense and is not logical in any way, shape or form. Most of them speak from a position of fear and have no inclination to think logically. One must respect their right to live but it is not required to respect their views.

  8. Don’t worry, the dam of ignorance holding back the floodwaters of the obvious has been breached in millions of spots and there is no holding back the tsunami.

  9. as u all know by now, trying to give this site some ‘educational value’ & not just spitting cynical in peoples faces.

    a few paradigms that persist in our modern interpretations :

    first we have to question why the word Tsunami has become so global, even before the Great Tohoku Catastrophe, yes, the incident everyone has forgotten about that killed well over 20,000 Japanese citizens on the fateful 3-11-11, but all for nothing because of Fukushima. i have no answers for this, sadly, but it must mean Japan is one of the most ‘tidal-wave’ prone areas on the planet. even in the ancient japan chronicles theres a significant Tsunami that tend to go hand-in-hand with an Earthquake every 100 years or so.. but still you dont hear the world calling that a “Ji-shin”. even so, modern japan aka TEPCONIANS failed to see any of this.. maybe cuz they thought modernized humans are somehow better than the above. tsu 津 is an old way of saying ‘port’ or coastal region & nami 波 is simply ‘wave’ so one would have to know the horror of seeing an actual wave the size of a coast to understand this.. obviously not a responsibility of scientists that spent their whole lives in buildings & classrooms. if u take ths ‘S’ out of tsunami u get tunami.. which means ‘a slice of tuna’ also well known for its great cartoon shows on cable television. so u could say japan was smacked in the groin with one large frozenass Maguro. no educational value here, indeed.

    second lets talk about Fukushima 福島, which in kanji literally means ‘prosperous land’. too much to say but will point out the strange unrelated bits.. most of us would read this as FUK-US-Hima right (ironically ‘hima’ means ‘boredom’) anyhow the kanji for Fuku is 福 which even from Chinese Dynasties somewhat symbolizes ‘fortune’, such as the famous 7 Gods of Fortune in japanese mythology ‘shichi-fuku-jin’ 七福神. anyhow wont go there either, but rather upon a more curious tradition i recently picked up from the Chinese which is about the infamous ‘upside-down 福’ or what is known as “Dao Fu” 倒福 which sorta means ‘the toppling of fortune’ luckily have found a blog that translated the japanese description of this Chinese tradition :

    It was said that Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋(founder of Ming dynasty) once used the character “fu 福” (luck) as a hidden signal to prepare killing someone. The kind-hearted empress Ma (马皇后)decided to eliminate the tragedy of killing, so she ordered everyone in the city to put a label with the character “fu 福” (luck) on the door of their house before the sun rises the next day. Everyone followed empress Ma’s order , but one family is illiterate and pasted the label with the character “fu 福” (luck) upside down. On the 2nd day, the emperor ordered his officer to go to the city and found that every family had pasted the label with the character “fu 福” (luck), and with one family having the character “fu 福” (luck) upside down. The emperor was very angry and ordered that family be executed. Empress Ma realized the incidence and told the emperor “that family knew you’re coming today, so purposely turn the label upside down. Isn’t that the same meaning as ‘Luck arrives’?” After hearing this, the emperor immediately released the family and a tragedy was averted. From then on, people began to paste the label with the character “fu 福” (luck) with the purpose of hoping for auspiciousness, and another to honor empress Ma.


    what was not included in the story above is the reason why the Empress became infuriated to just kill off commoners, & it apparently started when a painter whom was making some mural of a woman carrying a watermelon. the empress was not impressed cuz the painter made the legs of the woman ‘too fat’ and was obviously implying that upon her.. we all know this is quite a common ordeal among women. the interesting point tho that is kinda underlying in the text is this tradition is much like the ‘sheep blood’ paint on the doors of the Jewish in the infamous ‘raining frogs’ Biblical scene.

    an example of the dao-fuku can be seen here


    anyways, i only recently picked up on this as it was out in UK at a Chinese diner & the whole place was plastered with these upside-dao-n 福 seals.. just everywhere from the entrance to the kitchen & prolly even toilet doors. seeing that for the first i even began noticing the symbol, almost like a upside-down Satanic Cross in a sense, even in my local Chinese restaurants in Tokyo. its truly bewildering when u see it cuz it makes no sense, but to them, like a brainwashing tradition saying ‘nuclear is still safe’, its already pre-programmed into the modern psyche. but recently i thought “How Ironic” u kno, like 福 being toppled.. turned upside-down inside-out.. like the Nulcear Reactors of Daiichi.. its simply ominous.. like a prophecy this was bound to happen from human belief.. just cuz they believed the ‘opposite of fortune brings luck’. undoubtedly the power of suggestion.

    福島 Fukushima is also known as the land of the ‘last samurai’ & believe me, hes not Tom Cruise.


    1. heres a better link regarding the dao-fu the japanese page was not connected to this for some reason

      sorry for teh cut & paste links as rather not have stuff go into moderation limbo


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