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[Column] Being hated and attacked is one of my jobs

I can’t say who it is, but I sometimes receive emails from American/European musicians. They ask me if it’s safe to go to Japan though they plan to hold concerts


A park in Nasushiobara city Tochigi “(Official) 0.42μSv/h → (Actual) 1.82 μSv/h”

A citizen radiation researcher posted the measurement video on Youtube. The location is Nasunogahara park Tochigi. Measuring date was 7/6/2013. The board of the management office in the park posts


[Express] “Beer party and children’s festival in Kaiseizan park Kohriyama city”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> still can’t believe it.. they are holding the beer festival and also the children’s festival in Kaiseizan park Kohriyama Fukushima.


One of Ex JP PMs Kan filed a suit against current JP PM Abe for defamation of character

On 7/16/2013, one of the Ex Japanese Prime Ministers Kan wrote on his blog that he filed a suit against the current Japanese Prime Minister Abe for defamation of character.

Natural disasters

National institute “Mt. Fuji can erupt in next mega earthquake / same state as just before the last eruption in 1707”

According to the researching team of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (belongs to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), Mt. Fuji can erupt in the next large

Domestic and global Environment

Radiation level increased at all of the 18 points within 2 months in Yotsukura beach Fukushima

Following up this article..Iwaki city opened Yotsukura swimming beach / 3,200 Bq/kg from sand [URL] Having opened the swimming beach, the atmospheric dose increased at 18 of 18 points from

Domestic and global Environment

Iwaki city opened Yotsukura swimming beach / 3,200 Bq/kg from sand

Iwaki city Fukushima opens two swimming beaches from 7/15/2013 to 8/18/2013. Yotsukura swimming beach is newly open this year. It was closed due to 311 effect last year. However they