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[Column] Tepco literally “swamped” in sea contamination prevention

Tepco is building the impervious wall on the coastal line, but since they started the construction, the groundwater level is rising. On 7/31/2013, Tepco stated it may come up to

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco “In the worse scenario, groundwater may overflow to up-ground”

Following up this article..[Column] Accumulated groundwater may overflow to up-ground in early August [URL] In the press conference of 7/31/2013, Tepco announced there is a possibility that groundwater overflows to

Cover-ups Plant hazard

[Fukushima worker] April : 6,372 → June : 5,720 △ 652 workers

Following up this article..[Breaking] Impervious wall construction intermitted “due to the shortage of Fukushima workers” [URL] On 7/31/2013, Tepco released the report about the exposure dose of Fukushima workers. From

Confirmed effects

[Express] “My employer started thyroid test as physical examination from this year”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> (Anonymous in Tokyo, 7/30/2013) The company added “thyroid test” to the list of the checking points in physical examination from

Contaminated water crisis

Multiple nuclide removing system ALPS had leakage due to “corrosion” / Only 2 months after test operation started

Following up this article..Over 20 holes found on multiple nuclide removing system ALPS [URL]   On 7/29/2013, Tepco reported to Nuclear Regulation Authority that the holes were made by “corrosion”.


Tepco, “CO2 emission increased due to the shutdown of nuclear power stations”

On 7/30/2013, Tepco claimed shutting down of nuclear power plant is contributing to increase CO2 emission in their report of “Result of CO2 Emission and CO2 Emission Factor in FY

Contaminated water crisis

Cesium adsorption apparatus suspended for trouble / 7 days of margin to receive the accumulated water

On 7/30/2013, Tepco announced the Second Cesium Adsorption Apparatus (SARRY) was suspended for a trouble. They state they still have 7 days margin to received the contaminated accumulated water. Their