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[Column] Publishing all the articles for free is my philosophy

About the severe deficit of Fukushima Diary corporation, I seem able to clear it in the next term. Some of the readers thankfully supported the company. Paypal commission was annoying


[Timely] 2 of the 2 dust radiation monitoring systems down in reactor2

A few minutes ago, Tepco reported they measured 2.2 Sv/h from the top of reactor3. (cf, [Breaking] 2.2 Sv/h from the top of reactor3, 562 mSv/h from the steam [URL])


[Reluctant media] Press conference of NRA about sea contamination is nearly empty

On 7/22/2013, Tepco officially admitted the contaminated groundwater is flowing to the sea, and also the seawater comes up to the ground. (cf, [Breaking] Tepco officially admitted contaminated water is

Core removing struggle

[Breaking] 2.2 Sv/h from the top of reactor3, 562 mSv/h from the steam

Following up this article..[Nothing settled] Steam from reactor3 again [URL] According to Tepco, they measured extremely high level of radiation on the top of reactor3. On 7/23/2013, Tepco measured the

Domestic and global Environment

70 dead sea turtles cast ashore in Chigasaki Kanagawa / Environmental group “Unusually many but don’t know why”

According to Kanagawa Coastal Environmental Foundation, unusual number of dead sea turtles are cast ashore in Chigasaki Kanagawa. By the morning of 7/4/2013, 70 dead bodies of the sea turtles


[Nothing settled] Steam from reactor3 again

Following up this article..Thermography shows 50℃ on operation floor of “steaming” reactor3 [URL] On 7/23/2013, Tepco announced they observed the “steam” coming out from the same location of reactor3 again.

Natural disasters

M5.2 and M3.2 hit Fukushima nuclear plant

On 7/23/2013, two major quakes hit Fukushima nuclear plant. Tepco hasn’t announced any abnormality in the plant. At 12:02 JST 23 Jul 2013 M5.2, at 13:47 JST 23 Jul 2013