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When I was in early 20s, I was only thinking about how to make myself look good, talented, and promised. but now I only think about what I could do to the world. I do not care about how I look at all. What was done is everything I would care about.

My lawyer told me I’d better declare the copyright on each article of mine and not let everybody copy it without my permission.
I’m completely against it. I believe all kinds of information should be free. If it has a meaning, it spreads like fire in the grass field, you can’t stop it anyway.
Furthermore, my posts can determine someone’s life. I shouldn’t take advantage of their situation.

This week, a 17 y.o Romanian boy was arrested for murder in Tokyo. I’m afraid it makes the Romanian impression even worse. Neither of Japan nor Romania has benefit from judging a country with just one case.
Actually, it’s Japan to have to apologize in the larger sense. Reactor1,2 and 3 still release 10 million Bq of cesium into the atmosphere every single hour. When it comes to the initial contamination to Pacific Ocean, you have even no idea. Additionally, Tepco is going to discharge contaminated water to the sea again.

Now the entire world is trying to look as if they noticed nothing, but sooner or later, the cheesy skit will end.
I want you to know this is not all Japan does. At least I don’t. I’m spreading information instead of cesium. You may take it my atonement of the country’s sin.

When the contamination is widely recognized, Japanese people may be given bad name.

Already people from “developing countries” including Romania are not fairly evaluated, counted, and given chances like other people even though they are equally (or sometimes even more) skilled than other people. (This is another reason why I’m here. I want to consume in those countries.
Maybe I tend to side with the “underdog”.)

Now I’m still making benefit from my Japanese passport but nationality will be like two-edged sword for Japanese too.

Even when the answer is yellow, if you are to choose black or white in an election, is that your responsibility that your country goes wrong ?
Nationality, it’s a sinful labeling. It is too much to make each citizen take responsibility of the mistake of his/her country.
I dream of the world where everyone gets free from borders.




Français :

[Édito] Qualificatif  sans fondement


Quand j’avais une vingtaine d’années, je pensais surtout à avoir l’air beau, talentueux et intéressant mais à présent je me demande surtout ce que je peux apporter au monde. Je me fiche complètement de mon apparence. La seule chose qui m’importe est ce qui est fait.

Mon avocat m’a dit que je ferais mieux de mettre un copyright sur chacun de mes articles et de ne pas permettre à tout le monde de le recopier sans ma permission. J’y suis totalement opposé. Je crois que toutes les formes d’information devraient être gratuites. Comme si ça voulait dire quelque chose, on ne peut pas l’arrêter de toute façon, ça se répand comme un incendie de prairie.
En plus, mes articles peuvent orienter des vies. Je ne vais pas profiter de cette situation.

Cette semaine à Tokyo un jeune roumain de 17 ans a été arrêté pour meurtre. Je crains que ça dégrade encore l’image des roumains. Ni le Japon,  ni la Roumanie n’ont intérêt à juger tout un pays sur un cas particulier.
En fait, c’est au Japon de s’excuser au sens le plus large : Les réacteurs 1,2 et 3 continuent de déverser 10 millions de Bq de césium toutes les heures dans l’atmosphère. Quand on en vient à la contamination initiale de l’océan Pacifique, vous n’avez pas idée. De plus, Tepco va encore déverser des eaux contaminées dans la mer.

En ce moment, le monde entier essaye de faire comme si rien ne se passait mais cette comédie minable finira tôt ou tard.
Je veux que vous sachiez que le Japon ne fait pas que ça. Au moins, moi non. Je donne de l’information à la place du césium. On peut prendre ça comme mon expiation des péchés de mon pays.

Les japonais pourraient se voir affubler de vilains surnoms lorsque la contamination sera largement reconnue.

Déjà, les gens des “pays en voie de développement” ne sont pas bien vus, bien respectés, et n’ont pas les même chances que les autres même s’ils sont aussi compétents (parfois plus). (C’est une autre des raisons qui font que je suis ici. Je veux consommer dans ces pays.
J’aime sans doute m’asseoir à côté des “sous-chiens”.)

En ce moment je profite de mon passeport mais cette nationalité sera, pour les japonais aussi, une lame à double tranchant.

Si, lors d’une élection, vous aviez à choisir entre noir et blanc, même lorsque la réponse est jaune, est-ce de votre faute si votre pays fait le mauvais choix ?
La nationalité, c’est un machin à mensonges. C’est trop facile de rendre chaque citoyen responsable des erreurs de son pays.
Je rêve d’un monde où chacun serait libéré des frontières.

  1. Copyright insures you get credit for your work/writings then others must do the common courtesy of linking to the source, in this case your site.

  2. Iori, There is a new documentary to be released by an American, Chris Noland (tv) called “311: Surviving Japan”. I have viewed the two trailers and recommend for you to watch it. It can, also, be viewed on YT. Chris was in Japan to help with the disaster clean-up and stayed to produce this film focused on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant after the tsunami destroyed so much of the area and caused the nuclear meltdowns.

    The documentary exposes the behavior of the Japanese government and TEPCO throughout the months since 311. It looks at the treatment of the Japanese people and the total disregard for the rest of the world community as it has covered-up and lied since day one.

    I do not know if he has included that both Japan and the US have blacked-out main street media, hopefully he has explained that the lack of information has left people clueless as to the events that impact our planet and the future of all living creatures.

    1. I’ve seen some of his work–very compelling!! It’s courageous (ok, maybe foolhardy) to keep going so close to the exclusion zone. He is definitely a man on a mission, who loves Japan and its people!!…

  3. why, is this a big issue in Japan?
    It looks like an isolated case and the blame is more on the Japanese guy as the ROmanian is underaged.

  4. iori, i for one appreciate what you’ve done with this website, yes two years have almost passed, but without you and enenews, who knows how much longer it would have been for people to start understanding the true dangers of nuclear. i have noticed more articles in the US main stream media about fukushima and believe this snowball (buckyball?) will continue to grow in momentum. TEPCO, the US Military Industrial Complex, General Electric and NRC (at the very least) are All criminals against humanity. we americans spend incredible amounts of our tax dollars to gather information and for one to think that those in the top positions did not understand the gravity of the situation at fukushima, is delusional. their level of contempt for the average citizen (cash cow), is enough to make one blind. and, although they are trying, i don’t believe they have succeeded in dumbing us down to their targeted point, yet. americans are decent people who will step up in situations like this and give all they can to help. but we need the information. we put agencies like the NRC in place to protect the citizens, and they failed. so long as we are healthy enough to work, sick enough to consume their meds and dumb enough not to question what they do, they are happy.
    we must, as a world community, first, evacuate the children in danger, second, we must have a world effort to fix the problems with the reactors and then we must take back all our governments and try as best we can to restore our planet to the beautiful ecosystem it once was, or as close as we can get. thank you for your work and the information. sincerely laurie

  5. Michele , where did you see those two trailers , on TV ? Because that’s part of the ‘main’ Media … or Internet ? , what website ? I would like to see the trailers , thank you !

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