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Emotion is infectious.
Your emotion spreads among people like virus.
Movie, Disney land, they all use this mechanism.
It’s powerful and quick to spread.

The problem with emotion is it’s also quick to disappear.
You can’t have a certain emotion 24/7.

After you felt the right sort of emotion about the right thing, you feel guilty not to feel it anymore.

2 years ago, people got scared of 3 meltdowns and food/water contamination but they don’t seem to care about it anymore.

On the other hand, action is not so infectious.
Anti nuclear action is easily ignored by mass media and grass-roots movement is painful. Nobody takes your flyer.

However, action causes the next action.

In July of 2011, I started Fukushima Diary. It got me the first place to go in France, and now I’m in Romania and doing what I could never imagine 2 years ago.

Action doesn’t disappear.

Once you take a step, the next step is made from the previous step. It takes you to the new place.
Emotion takes your effort to recall but action lets you forget your past.

Emotion never take you anywhere, you never forget you felt something, but you cannot remember the taste. You are stuck in the jail of the memory.

Emotion is the matter only in your mind. Action is the matter in reality.

Let your action change your way.




Français :

[Édito] Action


L’émotion est contagieuse.
Vos émotions se transmettent aux autres gens comme un virus.
Le cinéma, Disney land, ils utilisent tous ce mécanisme.
Il est puissant et diffuse très vite.

Le problème avec les émotions est qu’elles disparaissent rapidement aussi.
On ne peut garder une certaine émotion 24/7.

Après avoir ressenti la bonne émotion sur une chose exacte, vous vous sentez coupable de ne plus la ressentir.

Il y a 2 ans, les gens étaient effrayés par 3 fusions de cœurs de réacteurs et par la contamination de l’eau et de la nourriture mais ils ne semblent plus y penser.

D’un autre côté, l’action n’est pas aussi contagieuse.
Les actions anti-nucléaires sont facilement ignorée par la grande presse et la base du mouvement est douloureuse. Personne ne prend vos tracts.

Cependant, l’action induit l’action suivante.

En juillet 2011, j’ai commencé le Fukushima Diary. Ça m’a donné la première place où aller en France et maintenant je suis en Roumanie et je fais des choses que je n’aurais jamais pu imaginer il y a 2 ans.

L’action ne disparaît pas.

Une fois qu’on a fait un pas, le pas suivant en découle. Ça vous porte à un nouvel endroit.
Les émotions demandent des efforts pour s’en rappeler mais l’action vous permet d’oublier votre passé.

Les émotion ne vous amènent jamais nulle part, vous n’oubliez jamais ce que vous avez ressenti mais vous ne pouvez pas vous en souvenir du goût. Vous êtes coincés dans la prison de la mémoire.

Les émotions n’ont d’importance que dans votre tête. L’action importe sur la réalité.

Laissez vos actes changer votre chemin.

  1. Thank you, for sharing. For some time I have been sharing your blog to inform other people. I understand what you are saying, or shall I say, I try. Fukushima is/was/will be a nightmare that existing & future generations will suffer for the greed and (sociological term of incompetence) “peter’s principle”.
    Earlier, today, you blogged, a professor wanted to turn “fukushima” into a tourist resort within 25 years, dear goodness, what is he thinking? let him into the zone, eat the “paradise fruit, fish, breathe the air and enjoy the ground he walks on”
    Thank you for sharing what you can, alot of people know & do care.
    best wishes & luck for good health, happieness, to you, Mr. yamamato & mom, & Oshidori with Ken. Love & Hugs from FL, USA

  2. Glad that you are safer, if not absolutely perfectly safe. Romania had to deal with a little Chernobyl fallout drift, too.. But, I really like Eastern Europe–so fresh and very authentic. It has a new energy & spark of independence, but also plenty of old souls and history… I know you will only help contribute to that fascinating, rich tapestry. Good luck!~

  3. Dear Iori,

    it is already 2 years…one year and a half ago I left Japan with my kid, reading your blog since then, it seems you are left alone in spreading the message (I mean no other blogs focusing only on this disaster…), your blog is so precious.
    It seems yesterday when I recall the emotions of those days, the guilty feeling for leaving, the sorrow for the kids left there and the many many doubts about governments (are they serving people?), science (can they raise the standard limit of acceptable radiation in food from 100 to 500 without questioning?! Then what is that limit for, if it can be so easily changed?!), people’s common sense (where had it gone?), the media (serving who?) and the lies I believed for decades.
    My life has changed in better, I don’t believe anymore to any of the above mentioned, I belive much much more in myself now.
    I just would like to do more for the people left there dealing with radiation with no help at all, and sometimes with no knowledge of it as well. I feel you are doing a great job in Romania with your plan for the future, I am sure you will see the rewards, you are a pioneer no doubt, and an inspiration for many.

    Thank you for all your efforts,


  4. My respect and prayers for all those afflicted by the Tohuku earthquake, following tsunami & the Fukushima Mega-Disaster two years ago.

    Thank you, again, Mochizuki for honorably relaying the truth of these things.
    Your words and actions have opened my eyes.

  5. I continue to read the news about Fukushima, from you and other sources. It is a classic example of money vs compassion. Why would anyone with compassion defend nuclear energy without even considering a doubt that there might be people suffering? But it isn’t about people, it is about money, so they can’t allow the cracks in thier arguments to form. But since the arguments are legit, they resort to propaganda (if you say it enough times, people will believe it; people are too lazy to look up references for themselves, unless it affects them directly and immediately). Therefore, please keep saying it; people need to hear what the actual people affected by Fukushima are dealing with — they don’t need to know how Tepco, government, and the nuclear industry are being affected. -kevin 🙂

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