[Column] The difference between western and eastern culture I learnt

I’ve been in this western culture for longer than a year 24/7.
Not to mention, Europe and North America have so much difference. (and European culture is more like eastern one.)

However, I have noticed numbers of difference between east and west, but the biggest one is how leadership is evaluated.

In the simplest put, leadership is evaluated almost above everything in western countries, even higher than courtesy.
On the other hand, leadership is not so evaluated in eastern countries.

I’m not meant to say which is better or right. (but I personally like the western way.)

I think this is one of the reasons why Fukushima Diary is better known in western area (including AU and NZ for sure.)
If you think you are right, take initiative and lead everyone. Surprisingly, no one is going to criticize you even if you say what’s in your mind.

If it was in the eastern culture, I would have to show my courtesy to all the victims, Fukushima workers etc etc etc etc.. would never have a chance to take my leadership. Sometimes taking a leadership is even thought to be egoistic. This is one of the reasons why Japan has had so many Prime ministers too.

Now what Japan needs the most would be the leadership, which is rational, fair, and logical. However there was no one to take the leadership in the queue due to their cultural feature. This is fatal for their society. Japan is going in the circle with full of courtesy.




Français :

[Édito] La différence que j’ai apprise entre les cultures orientale et occidentale

Je baigne dans cette culture occidentale depuis plus d’un an 24h/7j.
Cela va sans dire, l’Europe et l’Amérique du Nord sont très différentes. (et la culture européenne est plus orientalisée.)

Ceci étant, j’ai remarqué beaucoup de différences entre l’Est et l’Ouest mais la plus grande est sur la façon d’évaluer les dirigeants.

Pour faire au plus simple, dans les pays occidentaux la fonction de dirigeant est placée au-dessus de pratiquement tout le reste, même au-dessus de la politesse.
De l’autre côté, dans les pays orientaux cette fonction n’a pas un statut aussi privilégié.

Je ne suis pas censé dire ce qui est mieux ou plus correct. (mais personnellement je préfère le côté occidental).

Je pense que c’est une des raisons qui fait que le Fukushima Diary est mieux connu en occident (AU et NZ évidemment inclus).
Si vous pensez que vous avez raison, prenez l’initiative et tirez tout le monde. De façon surprenante, personne ne va vous critiquer même quand vous dites ce que vous pensez.

Si on était dans la culture orientale, j’aurais à montrer ma courtoisie à toutes les victimes, aux travailleurs de Fukushima, etc, etc, etc, etc.. je n’aurais jamais la moindre chance de prendre ma direction. Parfois, prendre la direction est même considéré comme égoïste. C’est aussi une des raisons qui fait que le Japon a eu tellement de premiers ministres.

A présent, ce dont le Japon aurait le plus besoin serait d’un dirigeant, ce qui serait rationnel, justifié et logique. Cependant, il n’y a eu personne pour prendre la direction dans la queue à cause de leur particularité culturelle. C’est fatal pour leur société. Le Japon entre de toute sa courtoisie dans le cercle vicieux.

  1. True, but no society lasts forever. War comes always eventually. At least while we live, Japan is very pleasant.

    Too much bickering in the west. And too many lies.

    It is better to live a short, but good and enjoyable life than a long one full of strife and lies.

    Quality matters, not quantitiy since we all die someday anyway.

  2. Hum. It’s kinda true,
    In France, you are often rewarded to take the leadership,
    I think it’s more because not everyone is able to handle the risk of failing. And most of the people are grateful not to have to deal with it.
    Sometimes, you have to crush some knees and enforce your opinion if you want to make things change. I’m learning Japanese and I learned that you can’t put yourself too much forward without being disrespectful. In western cultures, if you do that well, you are pictured as someone confident and people will tend to follow you, and often foolishly even if you are totally wrong.
    IMHO both cultures have their drawbacks. Living in a courteous country tend to discipline you, and people tend to stay united, even in folly. In the other hand, In an western culture, you can go high by being a good talker but people will not hesitate to stab you in the back to be more recognized.

    I’m not aware enough about that to be really neutral =/.

  3. Iori , let’s not confuse ‘courtesy’ with ‘wanting to keep job/not be assassinated’ .

    Do you see any leader today surviving a policy of exposing & getting rid of nuclear power , pesticides , wars , Fiat money/banksters , etc. ?

    JFK wanted to close down the Federal Reserve ( owned by the Rothschilds ) and to deny nuclear weapons to Israel ( owned by the Rothschilds ) . Guess what happened to cocky JFK !

    Let’s not fool ourselfs , the ‘elite’ and assassins do exit , read the headlines .

    P.S. : the ‘elite’ chosed to eliminate five Iranian Scientists but zero Iranian Clerics/Ahmadinejad … Courtesy ?

    P.S.2 : the ‘scientists’ designed and Located those nuclear plants , not the politicians … leadership ??

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