Prof. Takeda “Construction of reactor4 damaged the coolant system -reaches 100℃ on 7/5/2012”

Following up this article..[Reactor4] Back-up coolant system failed. Backup power is lost. 47 hours left.


Prof. Takeda [Link] estimates the coolant water of SFP4 will reache 100℃ in the evening of 7/5/2012.

Tepco was removing the upper part of reactor4 on 6/25/2012. [Link] He assumes it damaged the pipes of the coolant system.






  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Pr. Takeda :”Une construction du réacteur 4 a endommagé le système de refroidissement – il atteindra 100℃ le 5 juillet 2012.”
    Par Mochizuki le 30 juin 2012.

    Le Pr. Takeda [] estime que l’eau de refroidissement du SFP4 (piscine du 4) atteindra 100℃ dans la soirée du 5 juillet 2012.

    Tepco était en train d’enlever la partie supérieure du réacteur 4 le 25 juin 2012. [] Il suppose que ça a endommagé les tuyaux du système de refroidissement.

    ↓ Pr. Takeda a reçu cette photo de son correspondant. On dirait qu’il a été endommagé par des débris tombant dessus pendant la construction. Le tuyau endommagé ressemble à un tuyau flexible en plastique.×276.jpg

    Source :

  2. looks like a control panel on the right which is an outdoor weather proof box but probably not designed to get hosed with hot radioactive water.

    The issue is with the hose busted the whole area is saturated with high radiation.

    They need to either hose the area down or go in with leaf blowers to blow the area dry and try and get power restored.

  3. quote myself >”took the liberty of raising their temperature observations of spent fuel four by THREE DECIMAL POINTS.” I’m afraid it’s much higher than that, try taking thew temperature of “water” at 100 or above degrees celcius, you’ll see IT DOESN’T EXIST! Water ceases to be liquid above that, god, what the hell’s school for if this is said.

  4. Why bother going to school if you think water and the temperature of it exists above 100c, I guess education is completely pointless. This is so dumb*
    *yes, yes, liquid water will exist at higher temps than that when it’s under pressure! WHICH IT ISN’T, so let’s not be nitpicky.

  5. riot police moving in and replacing regular police at front lines, they seem to be unaware that they are traitors to their countrymen and seem to be emotionally mute with the exception of hatred, vengeance and power. They as a group will reinforce their own behavior, this could get ugly, I hope the riot police and others carry some semblance of humanity or they will face the wrath of their countrymen. www

  6. multi channel action/one page.

  7. that tepco camera is all kinda of fishy…the blur in the middle…the excuse they use for that reason that blur is there is retarded…look at the top image and the bottom image. expect a 30 second delay…why sure that gives them enough time to loop the feed or cut it off.

      1. intel Agent:I have been following your comments and understand your anger/frustration. I see you post a lot about this continuous nightmare.
        Do you have a website?
        where is this information coing from?

        1. Educated myself on MANY THINGS some time ago, I put a lot of time into knowing quite a bit about all powersystems, and nuclear I disagreed with. It is a nightmare and created an itch to see what’s behind the curtain, this was started over 15 years ago, ie; “yamamantau”. I needed to know everything about powersystems if I was going to best them, why just like you I might have knowledge that doesn’t even exist yet.

          1. This information comes direct from me 🙂 but it seems as though I’m more of a wacko than not, and that’s okay for me but not you guys, so don’t let it bother you too much.

  8. Your correct Susan – just checked it and nothing is displayed….. just a blank. Was it working earlier today , was it working Saturday ?

  9. BTW , if there is a big leak as displayed in the photo that is part of the post , that would speed up the heating process for the water remaining in the spent fuel pool , right ? Which would also explain why Tepco first reported the water temp rising at the rate of .26 C per hour , while later reporting reflected temp rising at the rate of .487 C per hour…. as the water diminishes by way of the leak , the temp spike should also increase in the rate of speed – which isn’t helpful at all.

  10. Hi, if you’re in JAPAN!!!!!!!! Put your geiger counter ON YOUR THYROID/THROAT OK, JUST TO SEE, most people have one or can borrow from a friend.

  11. こんにちは、あなたがにならジャパン!!!JUSTを確認するには、甲状腺スロート[OK]をONにしてガイガーカウンターを1個置いても、ほとんどの人は1を持っているか、友人から借りることができます。

  12. Intel – if you are going to post translations can you have someone proof read? This makes absolutely no sense, although I would say the same for your original comment as well. This diary is becoming more and more a place for doomsayers. Remember – be careful what you wish for, or in this case dwell on. How about a little positive energy (no pun intended) for a change?

  13. i think TEPCO was terrified reactor 4 was in progressive structural failure so they launched a crash weight trim
    and now they will try and bandaid the cooling system.

  14. Anyone who wants to send duct tape might mail it to:

    Kazuhiko Shimokobe, Chairman (and ally of the anti-Christ?)
    Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated
    1-1-3 Uchisaiwai-cho,
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0011 JAPAN

    They also have an office in Washington DC. Imagine that.

    Suite 720,1901 L Street, N.W.,Washington, D.C. 20036,U.S.A.
    Tel: +1-202-457-0790

    And in the UK
    Wing 7, Fourth Floor, Berkeley Square House,Berkeley Square London W1J 6BR, U.K.
    Tel: +44-20-7629-5271

    Have a nice day.

  15. How about we dial back the suspense and the crazy and the idiocy and the madcap hair raising hose bursting highjinx tepco, geez, cesium burdened hearts around the globe can’t take much more. /not the way to make a sentence I know.

  16. ex-skf posted an update about the status of the spent fuel pool #4-
    (UPDATE) TEPCO managed to bypass the UPS and restarted the cooling system at 3:07PM on July 1. At the time of the restart, the temperature of the water inside the Spent Fuel Pool was 42.9 degrees Celsius. TEPCO plans to replace the faulty UPS this week. (From the tweets of another independent journalist who receives TEPCO email.)

  17. you guys might want to check out this video, too – appears to show partial demolition of reactor 4 due to possible concerns about weight affecting structural integrity of the reactor. looks like it was a real emergency – look at the absolutely INSANE amount of dust flying in the air. things are surely getting serious; either 1) tepco took the right step to maintain what’s left of the reactor, or 2) the recent magnitude ~5 earthquake killed the cooling for good and they’re getting ready to entomb the reactor. either way, it appears a huge amount of radioactive particles contained in the concrete dust were dispersed in and around the daiichi plant. of course, this is just my speculation – PLEASE check the video out for yourself


    SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 2012
    #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Cooling System Update from TEPCO: UPS Broken

    (UPDATE) TEPCO managed to bypass the UPS and restarted the cooling system at 3:07PM on July 1. At the time of the restart, the temperature of the water inside the Spent Fuel Pool was 42.9 degrees Celsius. TEPCO plans to replace the faulty UPS this week. (From the tweets of another independent journalist who receives TEPCO email.)


    FWIW , cooling system seems to be back online for now – of course this comes from Tepco so take with appropriate caution…..

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