[LIVE] Tepco is removing the upper part of reactor4

Reactor4 is going through the difficult part of construction. They are removing the upper part of the reactor building seemingly.

There has been no notice in advance.

[LIVE] Tepco is removing the upper part of reactor4

I recommend people in Tokyo to wear mask. The wind is blowing toward Tokyo.[LINK]

[LIVE] Tepco is removing the upper part of reactor4 4

You can’t see anything on Tepco live camera.

[LIVE] Tepco is removing the upper part of reactor4 3

  1. After watching the demolition for a couple of hours I noticed that the ocean breaks were not occurring “normally.”

    The ocean seemed accelerated.

    When people started moving around when the demolition paused (or stopped) their activity seemed extraordinarily rapid, jus like the demolition.

    I don’t think we are watching this live.

    I think it was taped before hand–maybe yesterday–and we are now watching the taped version, slightly fast-forwarded.

    If I am correct, then this is a grand photo op for Tepco.

    Even if I’m wrong in my analysis, I learned one thing for sure and that is that the Tepco webcam is PURE FABRICATION during the day.

    1. I have noticed that as well, It is not something that Tepco would want posted live anyhow. This is most likely to appease the public who Tepco thinks we are all stupid.If they dropped something while handling the fragile building they can easily photoshop it.The line through the cam is intentional and the feed has never been live.

  2. By sheer chance I watched this from almost the very beginning – and was filled with multiple emotions. At first I thought it was exploding and then as time went by I realized that they were actually demolishing the structural hazards, and hopefully making Japan and the rest of the world safer.

    I felt tremendous admiration for the workers. The man in the crane and the others [were there 5?] must have nerves of steel. I couldn’t help feeling that they probably volunteered and must be men of heroic courage. I believe in Japan they used to say “old style” – a Samurai like Zatoichi! We are all fighting blind these days a bit. Wondering what will come of this and other reactors.

    As far as I could see the event while it was happening was a news blackout. Only Godlike Productions was talking about it. My thanks to Fukushima Diary for posting. Perhaps Tepco was afraid protestors would come and endanger themselves. One hopes for anything positive.

    As one poster at GLP said:
    “On 12 March, radioactive releases first reached a CTBTO monitoring station in Takasaki, Japan, around 200 km away from the troubled power plant. The dispersion of the radioactive isotopes could then be followed to eastern Russia on 14 March and to the west coast of the United States two days later. By day 15, traces of radioactivity were detectable all across the northern hemisphere. Within one month, radioactive particles were also picked up by CTBTO stations in the southern hemisphere, located for example in Australia, Fiji, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. etc, etc. it’s kept spewing all this time. Radiation is cumulative, etc.”

    We live is very sad dark times and we know not what lies in the future. God Bless these men who did this terrible job that must have exposed them to enormous radiation. Perhaps they have sacrificed to save us. God Bless our broken world and us all – we are going to need it.

  3. To the brave persons risking themselves trying to minimize the danger to others

    I thank you for all that you have done.

    1. It’s 2:30am PST and there is no chance of sleeping. Why? I am really angry. Angry that for whatever reasons they have – money, pride, extortion by potential enemies – there is simply no excuse to keep- the human beings of the entire world literally in the dark about what is going on in reactor 4 (or any of their severely damaged nuclear plants) when our lives are hanging by a thread?

      Maybe it’s OK in Japan to be treated like your are an idiot, a guinea pig, able to suck up huge amounts of radiation but not be considered worthy of the truth (and of course its not – its absolutely horrible – as bad as the Nazi’s telling the people of Germany the Jews were going to resorts instead of gas chambers) but JAPAN you do not have the right to hold the entire world hostage. You don’t. And worse you don’t get that and you don’t care. Humanity simply does not matter to you.

      Or you America. You block out our news as if we do not have the right or are not smart enough to make life altering decisions for ourselves or protect our bodies from the near certainty of the massive dose of radiation that will inevitably come our way. Your job is to PROTECT and DEFEND the citizens who put you in government – not play god with our lives. And that is what you are doing and I did not give you that right anymore than the people of Japan gave their government that right.

      Well listen up because I am not the only person getting angry at your silence. And I refuse to be a victim of it anymore. No matter what it takes I will learn and share the truth. No matter the cost to me I will unearth whatever is keeping you mute. And I will spread it far and wide in an attempt to do your jobs – save this precious planet we have all been graced to be able to spend a small amount of time on. And yes I feel better now.

      1. Muck – you should come to Japan for Friday’s demonstration. Book a flight on Delta (it’s usually the cheapest price). Book a hotel in central Tokyo through japanican.com. On friday afternoon, take the subway (Marunouchi Line) to Kokkai-Gijido-Mae (station M-14). Demonstrations have been taking place right at the station exit. You can’t miss it. Be civil but vocal, and you may get a TV interview and perhaps make some new lifelong friends among the 100,000+ that we hope will turn up this week.

        No excuses Muck. If you want to do something about Japan’s nuclear war on the world, Japan is the place to do it. Writing from the US is not going to bring you the satisfaction or results you’re seeking.

        1. Maybe you haven’t heard.
          GET THE HELL OUT OF JAPAN!!!!!!
          Benefits A)maybe you live, B) Govt/corporations will miss extorting! torturing! killing! you and yours./PROVEN, hurt them back, leave.

          1. N korea and Iran are starting to look like not such a bad place, by that I mean they are not engaging in killing their civilian population, unlike JAPAN!!!!!

            1. Iran could have remained nuke free. That, also seismically active, country has put a lot of effort into trying to be idiots like most of the rest of us. The government does come down hard on dissenters at all levels.

              North Korea merely starves those deemed extra. They use resources that could be used to help the population, what is left of it, but the government prefers to keep idiot face in the military arms arena.

              Japan has a great deal more personal freedom for citizens and visitors, even now. The USA, though it is being undermined constantly, has even more personal freedom for citizens and visitors.

              I live in the USA, and from here in Paradise, I say that I want all of the reactors in the entire world to be dismantled. Germany appears to be heading in the right direction, slowly.

              And I want; Australia to remain nuke free. Australia is planning to join the idiot crowd, too, just because they can. There is still time to stop, there. All countries that don’t have this idiot headache should look in other directions to fill their energy needs. None of us really need so overwhelmingly much power.

              I’m wondering if accidents are containable, if the whole sheebang is done in smaller sizes? Like the submarines. ????? Or if accidents are avoidable and or/containable only by not using the technology, at all.??????????

              1. I’m going to visit north korea after these reactors shut up, and they have/had an ocean you know, I lived on sugar and leaves at one time, they had fish and wildlife etc, I don’t believe the hype, this world is soooooo strange, and the great potato famine?< they had the ocean too, I did lots of recreational fishin' when I was a kid and I always managed to catch a lot of stuff. All I know is I don't want to be in my country anymore because they have a disease that I DO NOT WANT TO BE A RECIPIENT OF.
                The nuclear shenanigans are a form of self defence, m.a.d, the u.s and russia started it and the repercussions of conflict are so severe it prevents it "for now".

                1. furthermore, japan, usa, canada, engaged in killing their population /YES PROVEN. No information to mitigate the smallest to heaviest exposure plumes, = random thorough exposure, it will bankrupt americans paying the coming medical expenses, “thyroid surgery/removal’s likely 20-40k” and that’s for starters.
                  /fema coffins etc.

          2. Intel – In every struggle, someone must fight. Having lived in Japan for many years, I understand that there are parts of Japan life that can exist nowhere else in the world. It has never been a perfect country; nowhere on this earth is perfect. But there are people here, and aspects of the culture that are very much worth saving if we are able.

            I’m not ready to crawl into a hole and die.

            You and Muck seem to have a lot of passion; it would be great if you could join us in Japan. I can’t tell you what to do, but if you think this fight is worth your full commitment, then you would both be more effective on the streets in Japan than writing from a computer in the US.

  4. If any of you people from the press are attending TEPCO’s press conferences, please ask them (1) why now? (2) what other construction/deconstruction work is planned at Reactor 4 over the next six weeks, and (3) what are they doing to control the dust?

    1. How about pictures of spent fuel pools 1234 annnnnnnnnd the fuel, how about having 1234 stop steaming burning fissioning and polluting everything,”because they cant”, and how about pictures of daini, DAINI DAINI DAINI and reactors 5 and 6 fukushima, and this one also> google maps> 35.947938,140.691277 >1 REACTOR here WITH IT’S ROOF BLOWN OFF AND IT’S SPENT FUEL POOL
      pure lead melted into this crap can shut it all up.

  5. Thank you for keeping us updated, Mr. Mochizuki. Maybe the construction process you’ve observed is what led to this news:

    “The Tokyo Electric Power Company, or Tepco, said in a report on Monday to Japanese nuclear regulators that at least two of the walls of the No. 4 reactor building are bulging outward at various points and that the building is tilting. The biggest bulge measured about 1.8 inches about a third of the way up the building, the report said. “

  6. I wasn’t there but I can answer (1): Because they want to bring something else on top (already put a 60 tons cover over the SPF) and since the building is already damaged they have to reduce weight to prevent from further damages. The cantilevers also have bad influences in case of erath quake or stong winds. And of course they have to be removed in case of new construction above SPF or the whole unit.
    On (3) I think it they balanced between waterflow binding and doing nothing (maybe waiting for fitting wind direction). But this is only speculative of course.

  7. I suspect the building is failing and failing fast, that’s why they decided to cover the SFP#4 and then
    begin removing all the dead structure.

    they should have done this 15 months ago, but i guess it’s okay they are doing this now.

    They should remove the cap on the Reactor, and start taking the clean fuel out of SFP 4 and taking it away
    from the site and take the dirty fuel and move it into the reactor. Flood it with boron and water and hope the
    damned thing doesnt fail before they finish.

    the PV COntainment is likely the strongest part of the building, and will give them some time

  8. I think it turned into a giant open air nuclear reactor after the fire(s!), and the want to hide it, so they operate these remote control machines to make it disappear. Remember “corium falls”? that was on the fresh fuel storage side, and the spent fuel’s side there’s a big whole in the wall and no one wants to take a picture inside that hole where the spent fuel storage is supposed to be. They’ll take that building /material apart, crunch it up and put it in those lidded bins, then they’ll go somewhere, perhaps even stick around the plant/s.
    Recent photo of daini please or I will have to assume that it’s worse than fukushima.

  9. I finger this is where the sadism really takes off, now that the civilian population disagrees with nuclear and their government, they are going to be punished and scolded more than ever meaning MORE NUCLEAR BURNING, EMISSIONS, sort of “we’ll teach you to not want nuclear power or the govt”. Death was most certainly guaranteed before “don’t argue with me pls/tx”, now this will just further that and speed it up, the people are now the enemy of the state “yes, even infants” may you all leave japan FKNG NOW! NOW! NOW! LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The people are going to be punished, I firmly believe this. This is so twisted, I advocate elimination of the perpetrators when this becomes apparent, IN ANY WAY AT ANY COST. It is going to happen. GET OUT NOW>!

  10. I could not stand by while someone kills my child right in front of me…
    This is so F’d up!

  11. AND IT IS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S THE BEST PART.*
    *NOT OK TO ME!!!

    1. Intel – From the rants I’ve seen from you recently, I’m wondering if you might be able to file your own lawsuit against TEPCO, or against the makers of the containments (a US company I believe). Their negligence has caused you significant mental anguish. Suggest you contact an attorney. Hey, even if you lose the case, you will have made a strong statement by filing one.

      1. We’ll see who’s right and who’s rongg, btw I’m not the THE #$%’N BADGUY HERE!
        You think you’re smart, prove it. Also, try saving lives AFTER IT’S TOO LATE to save them, should humble you, shove your hubris and sideways condescencion, etc. I don’t want MR. MUCK TO DIE, PLEASE DON’T GO TO JAPAN FRIEND!

        1. Intel – I think you took my note the wrong way. No disrespect intended. I can see you are hurting. I can see that the TEPCO disaster has impacted you greatly. You should get an attorney and seek compensation. Take care brother.

          1. The horrors of nuclear are forever branded in the minds of those who have educated themselves in such arenas. The “gifts” it bears come at the extremest, ungodliest, most unbearable, unacceptable, ultimate price. It’s quite apparent to those that actually give a …. about things like that.
            /also I hate pro nukers and all their lies,BS, obfuscation, panny anny, pissy. miserable, smart mouth, know it all, selfish, IGNORANT, small minded, thoughtless, cruel, self absorbed, DIMINUATIVE, narcissistic, BLIND!!!!, confrontational, SS nazi child killing etc behavior, I wish to hell they’d go to a different planet and NUKE THEMSELVES/AHOLES, goes for the industry and all govts/corps/accomplices complacent with and/or involved in this whole FUDGING FIASCO/genocide/nuclear holocaust/purposeful exposure of people and everything else planet wide, games,secrets/lies, they LIVE TO HARM. DESPICABLE BEHAVIOR. They say, “well then we’d have to burn fossil fuels” not true, I even developed a few that can give nuclear no chance, no one needs to PAY THIS PRICE, BY ALL MEANS THE PRONUKERS CAN, GIVE THE PEOPLE BACK ALL THE NUCLEAR CONTAMINATED LAND and bring back the dead, you see, then the argument, oh you can’t prove they died from nuclear material/exposure etc fuk you! nothing should be exposed to any of this crap ever, throw your baby in the nuclear reactor bastard, yeah, didn’t think so. Just to hell with them choke that industry, choke and die. The braindead child killing idiots of the world only think there’s nuclear and fossil basically because they’re stupid, because their lackeys and followers and losers who piggyback nuclear and don’t think of better ways so they justify deaths, and killing, and exposure, and lies, and coverup, and contamination, and limitless death and destruction etc, amd when electricity flows down those long lines it ends up being a little over 10% efficient from generation point to source, yeah worse than your car.
            Merry christmas halelieujah amen.


          2. I most certainly did, apologies are in order, please accept my most heartfelt, humblest apologies/regards, I’d also appreciate if you’d come to canada so I can apologize personally.
            “tricky ;)”

        2. I really, really care about saving lives, and nuclear is the most horrendous way to go. 🙁 note> I have saved 3 human lives, and a number of animal’s.

  12. I was walking through downtown Hiroshima last month and saw a building being demolished. As usual, there was a worker there with a water hose spraying the area to keep the dust from escaping. Not in Fukushima, let it fly baby!

  13. I bet there’s no rods to remove. Reactor four looks that way for some reason. I seen 360 degrees of it, lots of times. Hell they even discussed and zoomed in on photos at abovetopsecret.com, and they even had many a name for it, eg; fubarium falls, corium falls, fukushima falls etc. south side, of four which was facing daini, I believe all the machines are remotely operated as the site is too radiologically hot to even visit for 5 minutes. and the great thing is theres no seriously real proof to the contrary, just BS from biased mental deficients with suicidal/genocidal tendencies.

    1. That’s right, I said mental deficients, I’d like them to prove they’re and take an IQ test or the opposite of one, I think they’re excelling in the latter one mind you, I would also like psychiatric diagnostic tests on all the individuals involved for obvious reasons, none of that will come to fruition of course because they’re afraid of the answers, but the opposite of an IQ test, well, the results of that are in full view and plain to see unless your excelling at one too /I hope not.

  14. abovetopsecrets discussions, media, and information was and is relevant. The debates and discussions and digging and investigating and examining answered many questions. The pictures told me the story.

  15. The whole situation is foolish. It is clear that nuclear energy is an outdated and dangerous endeavor. Human beings are simply are not able to handle this stuff. When a breach occurs, the whole world (potentially) is affected in negative ways and for many years to come. I truly believe that solar energy should be the wave of the future. Its source is constant and can utilized in ways that don’t damage the basic cell structures of living beings on the planet earth!
    I wish to thank the Fukushima Daiichi workers who risk their lives attempting to save those of others.
    ((((((((Fukushima Workers))))))))))!!!!!

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