Nuclear flounder bomb loaded

Following up this article..Plutonium measured from marine products fished offshore Fukushima

Having measured cesium and plutonium from various kinds of fish, Fukushima prefecture released 100,000 fry of flounders to  offshore of Soma on 7/10 and 12, where is only 43 km from Fukushima plant.

Sea-bottom fauna is known to concentrate radiation such as flounder.


Nuclear flounder bomb loaded


Currently the fry is 6cm, but when they grow to be over 30cm next year, they will be landed to sell.

The fry was bred in Niigata. They are breeding abalone in Shizuoka to release in Fukushima next Summer as well.





  1. Never some positive to tell?Those workers in Fukushima, they are fighters,respect them.Here in Finland we know what is radiation (got some Chernobyl radiation).You have now better information,we just got all that radiation without information.This area,many many deaths Chernobyl time.And still having.

    Sorry my english..

    Have a nice day.

  2. Yes you can do that, but what I can’t stand is when people, officials etc, PLAY DUMB AFTER THE REPERCUSSIONS HIT, practically all the information in the world is accessable, nom nom nom=derp/etc. Gag me w/a spoon. w w w

  3. My thyroid now feels noticibly swollen, we have been getting tremendous amounts of rain as of late, I don’t believe my crappy water filter removes radioactive iodine “:(” from my city water supply, and since the rain wouldn’t stop, I and many others HAVE had to go out in it. Sux man, I relly didn’t want a swollen thyroid, I tried to get iodine at the beginning of this from pharmacies “I don’t have a #$%^& credit card to go online” and they wouldn’t give me any or didn’t have any so I even though I had $$$ was SCREWED OUT OF PROPHYLACTIC MITIGATION MEASURES!!!!!COMMUNISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want iodine right mf’n NOW!, now now now, anybody tell me where I can get it without having to talk to communist pharmacists, pls/tx.

    1. Can I mail you some? Will you be able to get it? Let me know….I live in Upstate New York.

      1. sure, I just wanted a lil bit for supplementary measures to help me not uptake radioactive iodines “plural!!!!” like a sponge for when the municipal water supply is flooded with rainwater, and also just to have a little security in the case the whole site does something unprecedented like turns into an inferno or blows up I can take some for 3 or four days when the air is laden, and possibly live or possibly not have to get a “chernobyl” necklace :(, I know the stuff’s cheap and I’ll gladly pay,,, maybe if I was in N.Korea I could get some, but what do I know.
        For the reactors> dump tons of lead in them or into their holes in the ground ‘these coriums were just under 100 tons of nuclear fuel” just dump the lead on the fuel wherever it is, leave it alone, let the water boil away, let the relatively fluctuating corium cook the low melting point lead so that it melts into the mix, it will most surely give you a “cold shutdown level” solid corium mass in a short time* afterwards.
        Spent fuel pools- remove all fuel from this hellhole immediatly and if there is molten fissioning fuel “I seen steam from these reactors even recently” dump lead on it, hot or cold I don’t care and let it work it’s magic, so that you can get stable solid masses of non fissioning fuel, in a short time*.
        *Time is needed after integration of lead to allow the most highly active
        fission/heat generating isotopes to decay. Then put this puppy to bed, and do your contamination routine “33% reduction in contamination maximum or so it says in attempts”. This is what you do japan, stop the fission, gain ability to operate on these dangerous materials.

        1. lead is toxic, but lead “maybe some boron for flavor wouldn’t hurt” is the answer. The entire site will need to be completely excavated anyway, so lead is not a problem/quite the opposite 😉 hope it happens.

  4. FUKUSHIMA DIARY – Bombe nucléaire de frai chargée.
    Par Mochizuki le 27 juin 2012 · 8 Commentaires

    Ayant mesuré du césium et du plutonium dans différentes formes de vie marines, les 7 et 12 octobre, la préfecture de Fukushima avait largué en mer 100 000 frayes de flets au large de Soma, à 43 km seulement de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima.

    La faune des fonds marins est connue pour concentrer la radioactivité, les frayes en particulier.×362.png

    En général le fraye fait 6 cm mais dès qu’il dépasse les 30 cm l’année suivante il est retiré pour être vendu.

    Le fraye avait été produit à Niigata. Ils font aussi de l’ormeau à Shizuoka pour le lâcher en mer de Fukushima l’année suivante.

    Source :

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