20,000 Bq/Kg from school pool


Communist Party of Japan reported 20,000 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from the water of school pool. A school teacher reported it to Communist Party of Japan.

According to the study of Pathological anatomist, Yury Bandazhevsky from Belarus, 90% of the children in Homyel to have 37 – 74Bq/kg of cesium measured from their cardiac muscle showed abnormal electrocardiogram.

Schools in Fukushima are going to have swimming class this summer.[Link]

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  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY – 20 000 Bq/Kg dans une piscine scolaire
    Par Mochizuki le 2 juin 2012

    Le Parti Communiste Japonais rapporte que 20 000 Bq/Kg de césium ont été mesurés dans une piscine scolaire. Un enseignant l’avait rapporté au Parti Communiste du Japon.

    Selon l’étude d’un anatomiste-pathologiste biélorusse, M. Yury Bandazhevsky, 90% des enfants de Homyel ayant de 37 à 74Bq/kg de césium mesurés dans leur muscle cardiaque présentent des électrocardiogrammes anormaux.

    Les écoles de Fukushima auront leurs cours de natation cet été.


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  2. Please people. If you see your government encouraging school kids to do things that are obviously harmful to their health, you must move away. Certainly the mothers and children must move away.

    There are plenty of swimming pools, schools, and apartments in West Japan. Don’t worry about a job. Just go.

    Here’s a plan to try: Arrive on a Saturday. Stay in a business hotel one night. Check out in the morning. Go to a Christian church for their first service of the day on Sunday. Tell the minister/preacher or his/her staff that you need help – a place to stay, food, and help in finding a job. If you do this, it will take you no more than two weeks for your life to restart. In the beginning, you might not have the same money you did in Fukushima, but you will have new trustworthy friends, a much healthier environment for your children, and peace of mind.

    You may have a different image about religious organizations, but I have never seen a more loving community that a community of Japanese Christians on a Sunday morning. They will help you. They must help you. They cannot turn you away. Jesus our saviour tells them that they must help you. (But you might need to tell them that you need their help by actually going to their church and asking).

    Please try. Please do not raise your children in a place with a 20,000 bq/kg swimming pool where the government wants to give swimming lessons. It’s not safe. And it will not get better in three months. It will not get better in a year. And in five years it will still not be better.

    TEPCO, the Japan government and the nuclear village have stolen your old life from you. In its place they have given sickness and death. You will probably not get back everything they stole from you. You must bury the past. The only thing you can do is take what you have left and start over – somewhere else, but not in Fukushima.

    Please move your children.

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