Settlement report 5/28 ~ 5/30/2012

Donation : 153.00USD

Expense : 23.00USD

Left in hat : 130.00USD


Goal : 3,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan plus new server cost)

Current total : 2,368.40 USD

To go : 631.60USD


Thank you for your support !  I still have one day to go.

The cesium measurement from Tuna is big news going around. [Link] eg. BBC

but that was obvious / inevitable since when they gave sea water to the reactors last March. There is nothing to surprise.

The point is, the samples were taken last August. It suggests two possibilities.

1. Latest results may be concealed by someone, just like in Japan.

2. Latest results may be worse than that.


Fukushima is going to contaminate the world.

It’s only the matter of time.



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