Settlement report 5/20/2012

Donation : 44.00USD

Expense : 0.00USD

Left in hat : 44.00USD


Goal : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan)

Current total : 884.50 USD

To go : 1,115.5USD


Thank you for your support !

I was analyzing the seismic information from 311 to May 2012. I was trying to find some pattern of the earthquake. I had some hypothesis.

1. Most of the earthquake might occur from 4AM to 6AM.

2. Frequency of the earthquake around Fukushima Nakadori, where is beside Fukushima plants have a different pattern from other aftershocks.

3. Average magnitude is different from epicenter to epicenter.


I took 6 hours and after all, none of my hypothesis was right.  I found no pattern in the historical earthquakes.

This is why I posted less than usual yesterday. Sorry.


Have a good new week.



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