Decontamination propaganda

Decontamination propaganda


A park in Koriyama Fukushima.

The notification reads,

This place is decontaminated.

Before decontamination ; 1.27μSv/h

After decontamination (4/19/2012) ; 0.21μSv/h

50cm from the ground.


The dose meter indicates 0.59 μSv/h ~



  1. I will not denegrate those that effort in dilligence and long-suffering in their solemn duty to the Public. I know that, as an outsider, i am not familiar with Japanese culture.

    How likely is it that the maintenance department has not been able to keep up cleaning, inspection & regular calibration of the public-service equipment. Spare parts/replacement stores; unknown. Toss in a little human-error in handling (oops) &/or training/inadequate standard-procedures, perhaps. Then again, you can see that ‘standard procedure’ likely don’t apply in a meaningful way, compared to the Public needs and the unprecidented (AFWK) nature of the disaster. Are they in a manner, instructed to fail in their measurements?

    There may be some that are unhappy that they are not allowed to work baseing decisions upon investigation, fact & good counsel as well as good-conscience. Not to looking to only find a desired data-set range, then verbally hallucinating “Below limits. Nothing to see here. Move along.”

    Arnie Gundersen was recently labelled in north america as “Truthers”.

    What does it mean to stand in opposition to a “Truther”; would that be to be known as a “falsifier”, “illusionist”, “remote-viewing ventriloquists”, or simply the ventrilloquist’s “dummy”?

    If you are not at least a “Truther” sympathiser; how could one be a credible witness in a court of Law?

    Organized with good counsel & competent implimentation. Appropriate foundations. Not being built upon an antique garbage dump, for starters; bedrock. Earthquakes on beadrock can feel 2 orders of magnitude lower than alluvial deposits. No more containment “flip-top” lids with the “stretchy-bolts” @ 100psi !!!

    Nuclear Power, maybe.

    * “Nucular” Power, NO!!! 😮

    * Shameless G.W.B. idiom.

  2. as the radiation continues to fall, the work of decontamination becomes a mute point – and exposure rises again. And Iori, where has all the soils gone? It is radioactive was needing disposal, yes?

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