Abandoned lives by the government

Abandoned lives by the government


Abandoned lives by the government2


Following up this article..Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare banned staff from researching Fukushima contamination

Mr Kimura entered Fukushima to research to with supports of citizens.

He found 4 couples and 4 singles living in Akogi town meeting place in Namie machi, where is only 27 km from Fukushima plants.

There was no signal of mobile phone, internet. TV was their only news source, and of course, they were not informed of the risk of staying there.

It was 80μSv/h in front of the building, it was 20μSv/h even in the building. They measured 4 million Bq/m2 of cesium 134/137 and 23.2 million Bq/m2 of iodine 131 from the soil. They measured 420,000 Bq/Kg of cesium from the mushroom growing beside the building.

The place was not admitted as an official shelter so government did not supply them with food and daily things. However, those people had to stay there to look after their cats, dogs, pets, and they thought it was safe there.

Near the meeting place, there was a poultry yard, run by Mr. Takagi. He had been running the yard since 1950. He survived detention in a Siberian labor camp.

He started with 50 chickens but bred 40,000 until 311. Because of radiation, he ran out of feed. 30,000 of chickens died.

Government stated they did not inform them of the radiation level because they needed to control harmful rumor.


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