Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare banned staff from researching Fukushima contamination

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5/15 of last year, ETV (NHK) reported Japanese government prohibited their own staff from researching Fukushima contamination situation without a permission of directors.

Associate professor Kimura from Dokkyo Medical University researched Tokai village nuclear accident as staff of National Institute of Radiological Sciences.
After moving to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, he researched Chernobyl spontaneously.
However, directors of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare banned him from researching Fukushima contamination after 311. He resigned.
He regrets he couldn’t make the most of his experience in Tokai village nuclear accident and Chernobyl.


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  1. Dougie –

    Yes we are reading and we are acting.

    Please take the pledge to do at least one thing every day to stop nuclear power. Talk to someone. Encourage a fighter like Mochizuki san by donating. Present Arnie’s new Japanese book to a METI worker to educate them. Send a postcard to your Senator. Just try to do at least one thing every day. If we all do one thing each day, we will become like the wind, a wind so powerful that even the nuclear village will not be able to stand against us.

    There’s no future in nuclear power. None. Not for anyone. Get the word out!

  2. Denial is ugly.

    Criticism against nuclear power is always ignored by weak-minded sheep who dismiss everything as “fear-mongering”. They only want to feel as good as they can before they die, and don’t care about anyone else or what happens outside of their time. It’s because of their lackadaisical, selfish, ignorant attitude and miniscule scope of reality that we all end up in these kinds of messes.

  3. Imagine a country, where journalist were actually craftsmen, in the essence of Bushido, and actually went out and investigated stories, cross-checked them and published their findings in a free, fair and unbiased way.
    That would be great.

  4. En français :

    FUKUSHIMA DIARY – Le ministre de la Santé, du Travail et de l’Aide Sociale a interdit à ses équipes de faire des recherches sur la contamination de Fukushima.
    Par Mochizuki le 21 mai 2012

    Le 15 mai l’an dernier, ETV (NHK) rapportait que le gouvernement japonais interdisait à son propre personnel d’étudier l’état de la contamination de Fukushima sans avoir la permission des directeurs.

    Le professeur Kimura de la Dokkyo Medical University a étudié dans le village de Tokai les effets de l’accident nucléaire en tant que membre d’une équipe du National Institute of Radiological Sciences.

    Après être entré au ministère de la Santé, du Travail et de l’Aide Sociale, il s’est spontanément consacré à Tchernobyl. Toutefois, les directeurs du ministère de la Santé, du Travail et de l’Aide Sociale, lui ont interdit de faire des études sur la contamination de Fukushima après le 11 mars. Il a démissionné.

    Il regrette de ne pas pouvoir consacrer son expérience et son savoir au village de Tokai et à Tchernobyl.

  5. This is brain numbing. What is wrong with these people? In my country it seems the brain dead have taken over. Unfortunately Japan seems to be no different.

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