Google trend shows “Joint hurts” is searched increasingly since 2011 in Japan / Sr-90 accumulates in bone

Google trend shows “Joint hurts” is searched increasingly since 2011 in Japan / Sr-90 accumulates in bone

According to a google’s web service “Google trend”, the term “Joint hurts (関節が痛い)” is searched increasingly frequently in Japan since 2011 as shown in the graph below.

The statistic starts from 2006. It was stable until the early 2011, but it came into the increasing trend.

The latest result is over 4 times much as before 2011.

The reason is not identified.

However, as one of the possibilities, Strontium-90 has similarity to calcium in human body. It is known to accumulate in bone and cause bone related disease such as Leukemia.


Personally speaking, both of my parents suffered from severe joint pain from the summer of 2011, and the reason is not verified.


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You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Google Trend montre que “douleur articulaire” est de plus en plus recherché depuis 2011 au Japon / Le Sr 90 s’accumule dans les os


Selon le service Google “Google Trend” (= tendances Google), les termes “douleur articulaire (関節が痛い)” est de plus en plus recherché au Japon depuis 2011 comme le montre le graphique ci-dessous.
Les statistiques commencent en 2006. Elles ont été stables jusqu’à début 2011 et ça augmente depuis.
Les derniers résultats sont plus de 4 fois supérieurs à ceux d’avant 2011.
La cause n’en est pas établie.
Néanmoins, une des possibilités est que le strontium 90 est physiologiquement similaire au calcium. Il est connu pour s’accumuler dans les os et provoquer des maladies liées aux os, comme les leucémies.

Personnellement, mes deux parents souffrent de fortes douleurs articulaires  depuis l’été 2011 et la raison n’en est pas établie.

Article lié : Google Trends montre que depuis 2011 au Japon la recherche sur les mots-clés “perdre cheveux” augmente

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.


  1. VyseLegendaire
    VyseLegendaire 13 July, 2014, 16:05

    que sorpresa.

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  2. Bill Duff
    Bill Duff 13 July, 2014, 17:28

    Brutish Existence

    Add ‘Joint Pain’ to ‘Nose Bleed’ and ‘Swollen Throat (Thyroid, Goiter); and WELCOME to existence in a Nuclear Exclusion Zone.

    We must say existence, for this cannot be referred to as ‘LIFE’.

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  3. Niall
    Niall 15 July, 2014, 09:45

    Other search terms which show an increase since 2011:

    “lego dildo”
    “sex with chickens”
    “rubber mallet”
    “chocolate anus”
    “kermit the frog”

    Notice that “Ilnuminati plot” has shown a sharp decline, while “caused by radiation” shows an increasing trend.

    But of course, since 2011, the biggest trending for radiation induced problems is “bad grammar”.

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    • Dud
      Dud 16 July, 2014, 00:06

      Wow, more sensationalism from “Nial” aka “Moe Foe” aka “MF.”
      So much for your claim of fibromyalgia, HPS, WA state, wife/kids, Sweden, Amnesty International employment ….

      Nobody believes anything you say any more Oak Ridge shill.

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  4. Bill Duff
    Bill Duff 16 July, 2014, 12:30

    Support by eating …

    https ://

    http ://

    Debris removal may have caused rice contamination

    Rice paddies located about 20 kilometers from the Fukushima Daiichi plant were found contaminated with radioactive cesium blown by the wind.

    Yum Yum

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    • Dud
      Dud 16 July, 2014, 14:45

      Debris removal may have contributed.
      Is that another excuse to avoid stating there are other sources of emissions though?
      Also, it would seem very timely for this news to have come out before they strip the cover off of Eunuch #1. What will TEmPCO do to prevent rice paddies (et al) from being further contaminated rice paddies (et al) this year?

      Oh, that is “paddies” not “patties”.
      “Would you like a crabby pattie, or a crabby paddie Squidward?” :)

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