JP Gov “There is no technology to remove Tritium from contaminated water”/Appeal international world for technology

On 9/12/2013, NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) reported there is no technology to remove Tritium from the significant volume of the contaminated water.

They held the working group meeting for the contaminated water in Fukushima nuclear plant on 9/12/2013. In this meeting, they stated Tepco is expecting the multiple nuclides removing system (ALPS) to purify the contaminated water clean enough to discharge.

However, even after the treatment by ALPS, radioactive water Tritium remains in the water. The density is approx. 100,000,000,000 Bq/m3.

The working group concluded it is impossible to remove Tritium with the existing technology, they decided to appeal the world for the new technology.



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


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Gouv. Jap. : “Il n’existe pas de technique pour retirer le tritium des eaux contaminées”/ Appel au monde international pour cette technique


Le 12 septembre 2013, la NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority= Autorité de Régulation Nucléaire) rapporte qu’il n’existe pas de technique permettant de retirer le tritium d’un volume aussi important que celui des eaux extrêmement radioactives.

Ils ont réuni le groupe de travail sur les eaux extrêmement radioactives de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima le 12 septembre 2013. Pendant cette réunion, ils ont affirmé que Tepco compte sur le système de filtrage multi-nucléides (ALPS) pour purifier suffisamment les eaux extrêmement radioactives  pour pouvoir les déverser en mer.
Cependant, même en passant à travers ALPS, le tritium reste dans les eaux radioactives. La radioactivité en est environ de 100 000 000 000 (100 milliards) Bq/m³.
Le groupe de travail a conclu qu’il est impossible de retirer le tritium avec les techniques existantes, ils ont décidé de lancer un appel au monde pour trouver une technique.

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. There are NATURAL processes that have worked for millions of years.
    Kelp and algae, all aquatic creatures take up tritium.
    Freshwater and seawater bivalves filter feed tritium.
    An enclosed aquaculture pond system can concentrate and removed the contaminants from the waste water at Fukushima.

    1. Sorry but I think what you say is wrong. Water containing tritium CANNOT be separated from water without tritium. In both cases, it is water. Tritium particles are so tiny and mobile that they infiltrate everything they can find that contains water : our body, our cells, plants, animals, etc… It permeates concrete, steel, etc… Tritium will attack DNA, and the full consequences on our health is not known by scientists. They know it is extremely dangerous but further studies, they say, will have to be carried to make sure….

  2. Try, you will be alarmed at the facts & how we all have screwed for more than decades, there is a fix but it will take the people to go against the most powerful families the world has been under control when the Rothschilds teamed up with a few more eveil families! I may be wrong but so many think the real evil is at their door steps!

    GOD be with all, We shall need his Strength to have our grand kids to make it!

  3. There are also ways to remove the water from the tritium, such as electrolysis, IIRC.

    Also, would tritiated water (steam) not be heavier than ordinary water and deuterium oxide (at the same temperature and pressure – PV=nRT)?
    One would figure that a special centrifuge would be able to sort the majority of wastes in water.

    Unfortunately, these technologies are very energy intensive.
    One might need employ a more sensible way of heating water, such as geothermal energy and/or solar cookers.

    There are probably over a dozen existing technologies that currently exist which could be brought to bear in these efforts.

    If only one could add gelatin and sugar to reclaimed tritiated water to turn it into “jello” for safer storage and handling.

    If only the remaining waste could be expended for such processes.
    “Use the waste to gather remaining waste”.

    The electrical conductivity of current tanks of waste water could be considered.

    Where is leadership? Why are we not hearing these kinds of things from them? Do they not even posses a high-school education (less than college/university) as these presented concepts require?

    PS: @Mark from Fraser Valley, BC
    . you were ripped-off in your education! No nuclear physics? Shameful of that educational district.

    1. When i hear it said that “no technology exists”, i don’t believe them.

      There is no “ideal” technology, yes. There is currently no way to transmute radiological isotopes to non radiating types.

      This world of man is an imperfect one.
      Surely some imperfect solutions would be far better than NO SOLUTION!

      Domo arigato, Iori-san.

  4. Entirely wrong question (diversion): So we shall answer the questions which were NOT asked.

    Place multiple redundant ALPS filtration systems in service at Fukushima. Some of these systems should be NON Electrical for redundancy and EMP/Solar Flare hardiness. Others should have redundant station battery backup.

    Filter the heavier radionuclides from the water with the ALPS systems arranged in parallel and series, for redundancy.

    Pump the FILTERED, tritated water into Multi-Wall, THICK, 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels to reduce emissions. (With skids and retrieval capability)

    Construct an undersea Tank Farm in approximately 30 Meters water depth. Monitor the Tank Farm for 50 years (4 tritium half-lifes) for leakage, emissions and biologic effects.

    AND quit dithering about, with such minor, and easily solved matters! FOCUS like a LASER Beam on the CORIUM SLUGS and Spent Fuel Pools.


    Bill Duff

  5. Im am someone retarded claiming to be a shi-tzu and still I know that THIS is a trillion dollar industry.

    Ask Gregory Goble from

    Information and Technology can solve ALL our problem IF correctly applied on society.

    Capitalistic greedy short term decision making CANT.

    Please contact Gregory and he will break it down

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