China rejected importing suntan cream from Japan for detecting cadmium, daughter nuclide of radioactive silver

On 3/2/2013, Chinese customs announced they rejected importing Japanese suntan cream.
The brand is Anessa of Shiseido. They detected Cadmium from the products. The amount is not reported.
The products were already returned or abandoned.

On 6/13/2012, Shandong China also refused Japanese frozen saury and sent 24 tones (4,560,000 JPY) back to Japan for detecting excessive level of cadmium.

Ag-110m turns to be cadmium (Cd-110) by beta-decay. Half-life of Ag-110m is 250 days, Ag-110m has been measured from fishery products at least offshore Fukushima.

(cf, China refused importing Japanese frozen saury for excessive cadmium [URL])



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