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Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker Happy11311 leaving Fukushima plant, “Next job is not decided”

Fukushima Diary has been referring to the Fukushima worker “Happy11311” for a long time. On 3/30/2013, he announced on Twitter that he’s going to quit the job and leave Fukushima


[Express] “Sightseeing place possibly accumulates radiation from tourists’ shoes”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.     <Translate> Shockingly, the atmospheric dose was 0.09 μSv/h in the hotel room of Kyoto. I wonder if it’s carried by

Sea contamination

Test fishing of young lancefish restarted, “will be sold in Metropolitan area”

On 3/29/2013, the test fishing of young lancefish was restarted offshore Fukushima. Though it is supposed to be a test fishing, they are to fish 40 tones a week, which

Cover-ups Domestic and global Environment

[Concealment] J gov excluded Fukushima and Miyagi for tapwater test of Sr-90 in 2011

On 3/28/2013, Fukushima prefectural government announced they measured 0.0028 Bq/L of Strontium-90 from raw water. 0.0014 Bq/L was also measured from tapwater in Fukushima. The samples were taken at 3

Effects to be confirmed

Yamashita stated on NCRP “Obesity, hyperlipidemia, and liver dysfunction increasing, but it’s due to evacuation”

In NCRP The Tenth Annual Warren Sinclair Keynote Address of 3/11/2013, Yamashita Shunichi stated variety of health problems are already reported in Fukushima. He reported The 2011 Comprehensive Health Check

Domestic and global Environment

Radiation accumulating in lakes and rivers around Metropolitan area

According to MOE (Ministry of the Environment), radiation level of ground soil in rivers and lakes has been increased since last research in 9 ~ 11. 2012 around Metropolitan area.


Yokohama city gov to ask Tepco for 3 billion yen of compensation for 2012

Yokohama city government is going to ask Tepco for 2.7 billion yen of the compensation for 2012. It includes the cost of radiation monitoring, chemical material for garbage incineration facility,