The purpose of nitrogen injection to reactor1 is “to confirm the impact of the radiolysis of water inside the PCV”

On 2/25/2013, Fukushima Diary reported Tepco was going to restart the nitrogen gas injection into PCV of reactor1. [URL 1]

On 2/26/2013, Tepco reported the purpose is to confirm the impact of the radiolysis of water inside of suppression chamber. 

From what they briefly reported, it is not clear what they are trying to confirm but they have been insisting the hydrogen gas retained in PCV is from the early stage of the accident. Because it is not supposed to increase, they only needed to push it out by injecting nitrogen gas. However, if they meant “hydrogen gas is still constantly produced from radiolysis of water”, it is admitted that water is still exposed to radiation in suppression chamber and Tepco needs the means to reduce hydrogen concentration until decommissioning.

If the density of hydrogen has goes over 2%, there is a possibility of hydrogen gas explosion.


The purpose of nitrogen injection to reactor1 is "to confirm the impact of the radiolysis of water inside the suppression chamber"




Français :

Le but des injections d’azote dans le réacteur 1 est de “confirmer les impacts des radiolyses de l’eau dans la PCV”


Le 25 février 2013, le Fukushima Diary rapportait que Tepco allait recommencer à injecter de l’azote gazeux dans la PCV du réacteur 1.

Le 26 février 2013, Tepco rapporte que Le but est de confirmer les impacts des radiolyses de l’eau dans la salle en surpression.

De ce qu’ils ont brièvement rapporté, ce qu’ils essayent de confirmer n’est pas clair mais ils insistent sur le fait que l’hydrogène encore retenu dans la PCV provient du tout début de l’accident. Ils ont seulement besoin de le pousser dehors en injectant de l’azote parce qu’il n’est pas supposé être en augmentation. Toutefois, s’ils veulent dire que “l’hydrogène gazeux est toujours produit de façon constante à partir de la radiolyse de l’eau”, c’est admettre que l’eau est toujours exposée à une forte radioactivité dans la chambre de surpression et que Tepco doit trouver le moyen de réduire la concentration en hydrogène jusqu’au démantèlement.

Si la concentration en hydrogène dépasse les 2 %, alors le risque d’explosion de l’hydrogène gazeux est réel.

Le but des injections d'azote dans le réacteur 1 est de confirmer les impacts des radiolyses de l'eau dans la PCV

  1. When they purge with nitrogen expect fallout readings to go up. If hydrogen returns they will have their answer about gamma rays still splitting H2O.

    Of course TEPCO takes daily are samples and knows the makeup of the off gassing and with harbor readings. TEPC worried?

  2. They DID purge with nitrogen(amongst “other” activities)lately and the monitoring data from Fuku NPP was,probably still is 3 or now 4 days old while the visible radiation anomalies on the TEPCO camera and TBS/JNN’s streaming video along with the massive increase in traffic as can be seen on the Tomioka traffic cam leading to & from the NPP all seem to indicate either something “BAD” happened(again) or they are conducting some kind of operations that would stir things up quite a bit and possibly be high-risk maneuvers that might not have gone as planned or will get worse before they even really get anything meaningful accomplished??!! There always seems to be a lot of activity and people being exposed to high-level radiation onsite with very little to show for the amount of resources & manpower we can be confident are there working behind the scenes & sometimes visible on the plant camera’s wearing tungsten vests and perhaps if they’re “connected” or “well-liked” by their handlers,they might be among the survivors who are sent away when they reach high,but not “hopelessly fatal” RAD doses-unlike those who might be stacked inside the beds of utility trucks under green tarps if they’re part of a “lowly” segment of society that Yakuza predators have conscripted as “expendables” historically sent to harsh environments on risky,often fatal assignments?!! 21st Century Hibakusha sent to Fukushima,etc. are probably in more jeopardy of being killed when their “usefulness” has run out though simply because “they might talk” about the things the despicable industry has shown it will stop at NOTHING to hide!! Maybe this post is a fairy tale and a ridiculous joke?! Of course it is but it’s still holds more truth and allegations that are closer to reality than anything the industry,govt.’s,or quack scientists and their cosmetically-enhanced,human appearing “Toshiba-Bots” aka “MSM Newscasters” who are programmed to pleasantly “obfuscate,discombobulate as the propagandize the data & facts that they propagate” to their dazed,drooling & numbed or just dumbed-down audience who claw their way back to a semi-conscious state as the waves of euphoric pleasure the MindSpoonMedia leaves them blissfully disconnected from the realities just ouside their door yet unaware that they’re bein”played” and only need to look out their back windows to see the world’s dying right before their eyes!! **They get their GE MindSpoonMeld breakfast fix and sprint off through the black rain doing “The Haldol Hop” before they get to their job and the cesium & strotium in their heart bones & tissues like Atomic Rice Krispies starts going “Snap,Crackle & POP”! It’s the Thorazine Shuffle from the work car to their home-it’s the same BS stories from Guatemala to Gnome,the MindSpoonMedia fix will tell them to ignore the truth found in this poem!!** p.s.,this is what happens to a brain on drugs! Imagine if I’d gotten hooked on the “HARD STUFF”??!!=”MindSpoonMedia” aka “MSM” or “MainStreamMedia or BS Inc”-same brand of poison,different crews “pushing” it on us from an early age on via different methods of attracting its victims and can be found in the slime oozing out of your TV set! That MediaSpoonMind meld’s addictive qualities lies(literally) in it’s ability to remove harmful realities by convincing you to reject it for theirs,and lulls victims into a false sense of security while injecting subliminal messages from their corporate sponsors(and YOURS too)to “BUY BUY BUY!! their radiation-tainted goods!!! BTW,”BYE,BYE,BYE!! 🙂 PEACE

    1. It would seem that a lot of us modern-day Hibakusha are familiar with their transparent modus-operandi. Realizing how it is applied throughout the corporate culture is a bit of a shock though, yet not so surprising, sadly.
      We are in a race to the bottom, after all.

      Cell.Cell.Cell…damn phones …. Sell! Sell! Sell! 🙂

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