90,500 Bq/Kg of cesium from the pollen of Japanese cedar in Fukushima

On 1/23/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Radiation level of Japanese cedar is 20 times much as back ground, Tokyo to have 5~6 times much as pollen this year” [URL 1].

According to the Forestry Agency, 90,500 Bq/Kg of cesium-134/137 was measured from the pollen of Japanese cedar. The sample was taken in Namie machi Fukushima.

They surveyed from 11/6/2012 to 12/26/2012.

The Forestry Agency comments the radiation level decreased to be about half of 2012, but they are still in high level to reach metropolitan area.


90,500 Bq/Kg of cesium from the pollen of Japanese cedar






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90 500 Bq/kg de césium dans le pollen des cèdres japonais de Fukushima


Le 23 février 2013, le Fukushima Diary rapportait que Le niveau de radioactivité de cèdres japonais est de 20 fois supérieur à celui qui l’entoure, Tokyo va avoir 5 à 6 fois plus de pollens cette année.

Selon la Forestry Agency, 90 500 Bq/kg de césium 134/137 ont été relevés dans du pollen de cèdres japonais. L’échantillon provient de Namie machi dans Fukushima.

Ils ont échantillonné entre le 6 novembre et le 12 décembre 2012.

La Forestry Agency dit que le niveau de radioactivité a diminue de moitié environ depuis à peu près mi-2012 mais il reste élevé jusqu’à la région métropolitaine.

90 500 Bq/kg de césium dans le pollen des cèdres japonais de Fukushima

Source : http://www.rinya.maff.go.jp/j/press/kenho/pdf/130208_2-01.pdf

  1. That’s a pretty heinous contamination level.

    I think you could take all sorts of things in fukushima and make radiographs of them now.

  2. So what does this mean? When you breathe the pollen particles go into your lungs? THerefore the radioactive particles go into your lungs? Do they stay there? All of them?

  3. It means, among other things, get a copy of or visit the website of World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B-17″ and figure out what foods you would like to eat that are high in B-17, and start incorporating the into your diet.

    And, learn what to do to chelate radioisotopes out of your body.

    And write/email your Congressman and Senators, state and federal, and tell them nuclear power is inherently evil because it threatens the very information of life contained in our DNA and the DNA of all living things, that it is too risky, too expensive, and creates catastrophes that impact the whole world on a regular basis. And that sooner or later the whole world is going to be severely damaged when there is a solar flare powerful enough to shut all the power off to NPPS and spent fuel pools.

  4. The “original” JB here!~ !!(?)~ 🙂 and NOT associated with any websites,offers or advertisements,just my usual angry rants & sometimes humorous ancedotes..(IMO of course!,lol) But back to the issue at hand-the discovery of such high levels of CS-137,or ANY isotopes associated with catastrophic failures of NPP’s is now able to be found EVERYWHERE thanks to the genius of the creeps in command of the nuclear fleet of tired,run-down “Fountains of Death” which defies logic that they would still exist in the same flawed configurations globally with plans to “expand” by adding new “prototype”(experimenjtal!!)generations/models planned to sprout up like dandelions if anti-nuke forces doesn’t focus on shutting down the old ones or keeping them from restarting and being relicensed causing delays because by the time new ones are built the full impacts of the Fukushima NPP Mega-nuclear Disaster will be known and the Atomic Age or at least the 1st and hopefully worst chapter of the story of nuclear power from its inception until its END,except it’s still poised to be the “END” of ALL of US if some very vain and stubborn supporters of this proven unsound technology don’t wake up soon and smell the reality of the dangers the foul products associated with the nuke industry with added emphasis & focus on nuclear power production!!(?) I hope somebody with power to change things and sway lawmakers & industry leaders comes to their senses and helps make up for lost time fast-tracking the phase-out of this senseless,LOSER technology from our lands & lives while there “might”still be time & hope to GET IT DONE!! **

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